Today I watched the bubbles,
 That floated through the sky.

Today I watched the bubbles,
 That floated through the sky.
So gentle and so graceful,
 Their colors floated by.

An infant’s hand had blown them;
 A darling little boy;
So light at heart and cheerful,
 He found a moment’s joy.

So like the world’s brief pleasures,
 They won’t remain in hand.
They linger but a moment,
 And pop if e’er they land.

When all is still and quiet,
 No trouble in the air,
For just a little longer,
 Perhaps they’ll linger there.

Perhaps they’ll give some pleasure;
 Perhaps they’ll catch your eye,
And grant a brief diversion,
 Like bubbles in the sky.

But there is nothing in them
 To satisfy the heart.
As quick as they’re inflated;
 So quickly they depart.

There is a truer substance,
 Not seen with carnal eyes;
But faith has eyes to see it,
 And hands to grasp the prize.

Not like the bubbles, flashing,
 To only disappear,
Its hope is long enduring;
 Its joy, eternal cheer.

It is the hope of heaven,
 Which God for us has made;
Not blown for just a moment;
 Its joys will never fade.

~ Nita Brainard

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