O joyful sound of gospel grace!
Christ shall in me appear;

O joyful sound of gospel grace!
Christ shall in me appear;
I, even I, shall see his face,
I shall be holy here.

This heart shall be his constant home;
I hear his Spirit's cry,
"Surely," he saith, "I quickly come,"
He saith, who cannot lie.

The glorious crown of righteousness
To me reached out I view;
Conqueror through him, I soon shall seize,
And wear it as my due.

The promised land, from Pisgah's top,
I now exult to see;
My hope is full (O glorious hope!)
Of immortality.

He visits now the house of clay,
He shakes his future home;
O wouldst thou, Lord, on this glad day,
Into thy temple come!

With me, I know, I feel, thou art;
But this cannot suffice,
Unless thou plantest in my heart
A constant paradise.

My earth thou waterest from on high,
But make it all a pool;
Spring up, O well, I ever cry,
Spring up within my soul!

Come, O my God, thyself reveal,
Fill all this mighty void;
Thou only canst my spirit fill:
Come, O my God, my God!

Fulfil, fulfil my large desires,
Large as infinity;
Give, give me all my soul requires,
All, all that is in thee!


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