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2 Tim 4 : 2 …Preach the Word

Audio Sermon is a free Christian media site with thousands of free Christian Media Files. It has audio, video and text sermons. Speakers include such men as Keith Daniel , Otto Koning, Peter Masters, W Vernon Higham, Charles Spurgeon, A W Tozer, Stanley Banks, Martin Lloyd Jones and many more. It also has Christian Poetry, Testimonies, Literature and Hymns. It is continuously being updated and added to so please visit again and again. Please also take time to Facebook comment your thoughts on this site. We really appreciate feedback of any form. May God bless you as you listen to Bible centred speakers through the ages! Amen If you have any problems with our content/ Sermons, please contact us. We do not remove everything for the sake of pleasing men, but if, while excusing minor doctrinal difference between godly men, you find content that is not biblical, please advise us, and we will prayerfully consider what you say. To learn more about us, click on the button below the text box. This which is about God working mercifully in answer to prayer.

Christian Literature, Illustrations & Hymns

The Audio Sermon group of sites focuses on quality free tracts books illustrations hymns, poems and much more. They also provide short sermons as well as testimonies for radio stations in South Africa. They have free soul winning training and tools. Their free messages are quality sought out from Bible in context preachers from across the world. A panel of men and women who love God help advise the site on which speakers from different churches we should use on the site. Jesus is the way, the Bible is our map and faith is our victory. We believe that Jesus died, rose again and that He ascended to Heaven. We believe that the only hope for sinful man is to enter a living relationship with God through repentance towards God and faith in Jesus ( i.e. God the Son)

We believe in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

We believe Jesus Christ is coming again and that we should be as a Bride preparing for it’s Groom. We should keep ourselves pure and not become spiritually adulterous in heart.  The free media we choose to put on this site are with this in mind. Jesus must become more and we must become less. The Audio Sermon group of sites otherwise known as the ASGOS consists of an English Christian Media site, an Afrikaans Christian Media site, a Radio Media Supply Site and a witness tools site s well as a Church Sermon Site. Most of the materials on these sites are free. For example – the expositions found in the preaching section of this site. The presentations come in audio video and text format and are mostly downloadable. The exception is the video section which as of now is only viewable.

We hope you come back to this site and that you tell others of the free tracts, books, poetry and hymns.

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