Who is this gigantic foe
That proudly stalks along,

David and Goliath

1 Samuel xvii.


Who is this gigantic foe
That proudly stalks along,
Overlooks the crowd below,
In brazen armour strong?
Loudly of his strength he boasts,
On his sword and spear relies;
Meets the God of Israel's hosts,
And all their force defies.

Tallest of the earth-born race,
They tremble at his power,
Flee before the monster's face,
And own him conqueror.
Who this mighty champion is,
Nature answers from within;
He is my own wickedness,
My own besetting sin.

In the strength of Jesu's name,
I with the monster fight;
Feeble and unarmed I am,
But Jesus is my might;
Mindful of His mercies past,
Still I trust the same to prove,
Still my helpless soul I cast
On his redeeming love.

With my sling and stone I go
To fight the Philistine;
God hath said it shall be so,
And I shall conquer sin;
On his promise I rely,
Trust in an almighty Lord,
Sure to win the victory,
For he hath spoke the word.

In the strength of God I rise,
I run to meet my foe;
Faith the word of power applies,
And lays the giant low;
Faith in Jesu's conquering name
Slings the sin-destroying stone;
Points the word's unerring aim,
And brings the monster down.

Rise, ye men of Israel, rise,
Your routed foe pursue;
Shout his praises to the skies
Who conquers sin for you;
Jesus doth for you appear,
He his conquering grace affords,
Saves you, not with sword and spear,
The battle is the Lord's.

Every day the Lord of hosts
His mighty power displays;
Stills the proud Philistine's boast,
The threatening Gittite slays;
Israel's God let all below
Conqueror over sin proclaim;
O that all the earth might know
The power of Jesu's name!

~ Charles Wesley

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