(2.) Gal_1:24 : “They glorified God in me.-F.B.Meyer

Some young men belonging to the Salvation Army came to old Andrew Bonar, and they said:
” Dr. Bonar, we have been” all night with God. Can’t you see our faces shine? “
The old man said: “Moses wist not that his face shone,”
When you have got the real article you do not need to advertise it, the public will come for it; but the man who has got what we call in England, Brummagem ware, a sham, must puff it. If you have got Christ in you, people will not glorify you, they will glorify Christ in you, and they will say: “Teach us about Christ who has made you so fair.”
“They glorified God in me.” Dear brother ministers, when you get this, they will not glorify your sermons, they will not glorify your intellect, and they will not glorify your eloquence; but they will glorify God who shines through you as the Shekinah shone through the temple of old.