Ah, what a dreary existance is mine —
Beds upon beds wait with linen in line,
Floors that need dusting, and food to be made,
Wish in another bright era I stayed.

Nobody listens or sees what I do.
Nobody hears my plans that are new.
Nobody shares my impossible goals.
Nobody cares me me — no not a soul!

I am the wife that’s perpetually tired,
Groaning, complaining, I wish that I’d died.
Where has the laughter and happiness gone?
Is it my fault that the home has gone wrong?

‘Old and decrepid’ I see it quite clear —
That is the view of the folks far and near.
When I would offer a word of advice,
People jump up and depart in a trice.

Quite in the middle of tales of my youth,
They interupt and depart — how uncouth.
Where is respect and the care that is due?
Is life worth living, for me, I ask you?

Child, youth, or adult, life should not be dark,
Filled with no purpose, the prospects all stark,
What is the remedy?  Let me tell you,
Find why you’re here — and you’ll face life anew.

~ Jenny Daniel