Jeremiah 9:1

Oh, that my tears for my people were flowing!
Oh, for a fountain of endless supply!
Oh, that the love in my heart would be growing!
Then for the sins of my people I’d cry.

Oh, that my weeping would be efficacious!
Oh, that revival would grip every hand!
Oh, that the people would find he is gracious!
Oh, that repentance would ring through the land!

Oh, that my head were an ocean of waters!
Oh, that mine eyes were a fountain of tears
That I might weep for the sons and the daughters —
Weep for the sins they have sinned through the years.

Oh, that my people would see their condition!
Oh, that conviction would grip every heart!
Oh, for a people whose every ambition
Honors their Saviour and sets them apart.

Oh, that my fountains would never cease weeping!
Oh, that my days and my nights would be spent
Praying that Christians would wake from their sleeping —
Praying that sinners would turn and repent.

~Ezra Brainard 6-1-12

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