A Precious Stone

In a box in a jewelry store there were precious stones, sapphires, and diamonds; the beryl and the amethyst; and many others. Right in the center, according to the story, was a common looking pebble, and a man said to the clerk, “Why do you have that pebble there? If you saw it on the floor you would pick it up and throw it out the window.” The clerk took the stone out of the box and said, “You do not know the beauty of this stone”; he held it and in two or three minutes you could not see the stone, but instead, all the colors of the rainbow, moving in such rapid succession they would almost dazzle you; but when the stone got cold the colors would vanish. You might place that stone on the windowsill on the hottest day and it would have no effect on it, but it would respond to peculiar moisture of the human hand to bring out its beauty. That is what happens when we lie passively in the hand of God. All the beauty that is in us shows. Anonymous  

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