That a refuge we need
 Is quite certain indeed

Psalm 62

    That a refuge we need
    Is quite certain indeed
In this age of such sorrow and strife.
    Every man has his way
    His own pain to allay,
And to bury the hurts in his life.

    There is nowhere to hide,
    Where my soul would abide,
But in Christ, who gives comfort and rest.
    Though men other ways try,
    Yet they cannot deny
That their efforts are vain at the best.

    Every other defense
    Is a tottering fence,
But the rock of my refuge is sure.
    A safe harbor He forms
    In the wildest of storms,
And I’m lodged where my soul is secure.

    They’ll be slain one and all
    Who would lean on the wall
That the world would provide for support,
    But my soul won’t be moved,
    For my Savior I’ve proved,
And to Him as my stay I resort.

    Though I’m frailer than frail,
    My God never will fail,
For His power will never grow dim,
    And His mercy is great
    To the ones who will wait,
And who anchor for refuge in Him.

~ Nita Brainard