His servant was sick unto death. What can he do? He had heard of

a man, Jesus, who worked miracles and healed many.

   This captain of a group of Roman soldiers had lived with the Jews for

some time. He grew to love their nation. He even built them a building (synagogue) to meet in. The Jewish leaders considered him a friend.  He decided to see if the Jews would now help him with his great need.

    He asked them to send a delegation of elders to Jesus and ask him

to come and heal his servant. (His faith) The elders went to Jesus and said that this man was worthy and needed his servant healed. Jesus agreed to go with them.

    As Jesus was nearing the captain’s home, the captain sent some of his friends and very humbly said that as a Gentile he was not worthy to have Jesus come into his home; but just say the word and the servant would be healed. He explained that he knew about authority as he also directed men in whatever he wanted them to do.

    What does it take to make Jesus marvel at something? Great faith!

Jesus marveled at this man and explained that he had never seen such

great faith in all of Israel. Jesus speaks and the servant is healed.

   What about your faith? Have you stepped out in faith and believed the gospel? Christ has promised that those who repent and believe the gospel will have eternal life. He has the power and authority to keep his promises. Trust him for life.        


~Lewellyn Tewksbury, January 15



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