Again we lift our voice,
And shout our solemn joys;

Again we lift our voice,
And shout our solemn joys;
Cause of highest raptures this,
Raptures that shall never fail,
See a soul escaped to bliss,
Keep the Christian festival!

Our friend is gone before
To that celestial shore;
He hath left his mates behind,
He hath all the storms outrode;
Found the rest we toil to find,
Landed in the arms of God.

And shall we mourn to see
Our fellow-prisoner free?
Free from doubts, and griefs, and fears,
In the haven of the skies!
Can we weep to see the tears
Wiped for ever from his eyes?

No, dear companion, no!
We gladly let thee go,
From a suffering church beneath,
To a reigning church above:
Thou hast more than conquered death;
Thou art crowned with life and love.

Thou, in thy youthful prime,
Hast leaped the bounds of time,
Suddenly from earth released;
Lo! we now rejoice for thee,
Taken to an early rest,
Caught into eternity.

Thither may we repair
That glorious bliss to share!
We shall see the welcome day,
We shall to the summons bow;
Come, Redeemer, come away,
Now prepare, and take us now.

~ Wesley