Alas, what hourly dangers rise!
   What snares beset my way!
To heaven O let me lift my eyes,
   And hourly watch and pray.

How oft my mournful thoughts complain,
   And melt in flowing tears!
My weak resistance, ah, how vain!
   How strong my foes and fears!

O gracious God, in whom I live,
   My feeble efforts aid;
Help me to watch, and pray, and strive,
   Though trembling and afraid.

Increase my faith, increase my hope,
   When foes and fears prevail!
And bear my fainting spirit up,
   Or soon my strength will fail.

Whene’er temptations fright my heart,
   Or lure my feet aside,
O God, thy powerful aid impart, –
   My guardian and my guide.

O keep me in the heavenly way,
   And bid the tempter flee;
And let me never, never stray,
   From happiness and thee.

~Anne Steel

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