O the wealth of pearly blossom! O the woodland’s emerald gleam!
O the welcome, welcome sunshine on the diamond-sparkling stream!

O the wealth of pearly blossom! O the woodland’s emerald gleam!
O the welcome, welcome sunshine on the diamond-sparkling stream!
O the carol from the hawthorn, and the trill from dazzling blue!
O the glory of the spring-time, making all things bright and new!
O the rosy eve’s surrender
To the Easter moonlight tender!
O the early morning splendor,
Fresh and fragrant, cool and clear,
In the rising of the year!
O the gladness of the children, after all the dismal days,
In the freedom and the beauty, and the heart-rejoicing rays!
Do we chill the gleeful spirits, check the pulses bounding fast,
By the mournful doubt suggested, “Ah but, darling! will it last?”

Though we know there may be tempests, and we know there will be showers,
Yet we know they only hasten summer’s richer crown of flowers.
Blossom leads to golden fruitage, bursting bud to foliage soon,
April’s pleasant gleam shall strengthen to the glorious glow of June.
April leads to merry May-time,
With its ever-lengthening daytime;
This again to joyous hay-time,
When the harvest-home is near
In the zenith of the year.
So we only tell the children of the summer days in store,
Of the treasures and the beauties that shall open more and more.
So the silver carol rises, for the winter-tide is past!
When the summer days are coming, need we ask if spring shall last?

O the gladness of the spirit when the true and only light
Pours in radiant resplendence, making all things new and bright!
When the love of Jesus shineth in its overcoming power,
And the secret sweet communion hallows every passing hour.
O the calm and happy resting,
Free from every fear molesting!
O the Christ-victorious breasting
Of the tempter’s varied art,
In the spring-time of the heart!
O the fervor and the freedom after all the faithless days!
O the ever-new thanksgiving, and the ever-flowing praise!
Shall we tempt the gaze from Jesus, and a doubting shadow cast,
Satan’s own dark words suggesting by the whisper, “If it last?”

Though we know there must be trials and there will be tears below,
Yet we know his glorious purpose, and his promises we know.
Only ask, “What saith the Master?” and believe his word alone,
That “from glory unto glory” he will lead and change his own.
Ever more and more bestowing,
Love and joy in riper glowing,
Faith increasing, graces growing –
Such his promises to you.
He is faithful, he is true
Each amen becomes an anthem, for we know he shall fulfil
All the purpose of his goodness, all the splendor of his will.
Only trust the living Saviour, only trust him all the way,
And your spring-tide path shall brighten to the perfect summer day.

Frances Havergal