Roni Governder




A testimony of a devout Hindu lady who was forced to marry at 12 years old, and met Jesus about 20 years later.  There is also a text version of this testimony.



H. T. DeVilliers

One of South Africa‘s greatest preachers from yesteryear testifies how God mightily saved him! (Archive Audio)



Curtis Jantz

A riveting testimony of a man who went through phenomenal fires.  The best way I can now describe it is to share an excerpt from an entry in my journal immediately after listening to it: “My God! Just finished Curtis Jantz’s testimony … I am in utter shock – it is pure gold! The horror this man was made to taste – a glimpse of the dark night in Gethsemane if ever I heard one. Praise the Lord for his dealings with the sons of men.”

Curtis shared this testimony at Bethesda Christian Fellowship, Marshfield, MO. on 31 May, 2009.




Sean Morris

The personal testimony of a street preacher who currently travels across America witnessing.







Jannie Le Roux

This is the personal testimony of Jannie Le Roux, Keith Daniel’s Father in Law. He was saved in a simple way and later became a great soul winner and his life was consumed with getting  to tell the next person of Jesus. He used to smoke 60 cigarettes a day . He tried and tried to stop , but could not until one day God miraculously set him free. Thereafter he  could not even stand the smell of the smoke he once loved. Faced with another problem God showed him that it did not help to stop smoking if you still farmed tobacco. He took all his crop and risked ridicule and bankruptcy in burning all the tobacco ready to be sold in his store houses. God so honored him that a whole area of South Africa that used to be a great Tobacco area all stopped and to this day none of those old farmers have ever farmed tobacco again. An amazing Testimony. Really Challenging!