Beautiful words of Jesus,
Spoken so long ago,

Beautiful words of Jesus,
Spoken so long ago,
Yet, as we sing them over,
Dearer to us they grow,
Calling the heavy laden,
Calling to hearts oppressed,
“Come unto Me, ye weary;
Come, I will give you rest.”

Hear the call of His voice, so sweet;
Bring your load to the Savior’s feet;
Lean your heart on His loving breast;
Come, O come, and He will give you rest.

Beautiful words of Jesus,
Cheering us day by day;
Throwing a gleam of sunshine
Over a cloudy way;
Casting on Him the burden
We are too weak to bear;
He will give grace sufficient;
He will regard our prayer.


Beautiful words of Jesus,
Tokens of endless rest,
When, by and by, we enter
Into His presence blest;
There shall we see His beauty,
Meet with Him face to face;
There shall we sing His glory,
Praising His matchless grace.


~ Eliza Hewitt

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