Bible Family Camp 2022

Contact - 4178491975 or [email protected]

We are super encouraged and excited about the prospect of the Family Bible Camp in Mount Vernon, Missouri, resurrected. Due to the death of Keith Daniel and Covid-19 restrictions, the family camp was nonexistent for two years.

Many were sad at missing the life-changing meetings and edifying fellowship. An older man with a young heart was praying about it. A small church said they would help as best they could, and the weekend was on.

Date: Fri 30 Sept – Sunday 02 Oct 2022

Where: Baptist Hill Campground, Mount Vernon, MO – 9519

Cost: The campground itself (i.e. organizers and preachers do not receive any of these charges) has a basic charge for rooms that are discounted for families and also complimentary for small children.

Rooms vs RV

Rooms Friday to Sunday = 2 nights. 

$20 per adult per night (12 and older)

$10 per child per night(7-12)

$0 i.e. free for children 6 and under’

If you have a large family (example 10 children there is a cap of $100 maximum per night charged)

RV is only $20.00 per night per RV (including water, electricity and sewerage). Example Family of 8 in RV will be $40.00 for weekend. There are only 12 RV spots.

Meals will be provided at camp! The cost of meals we are looking to God to provide in mercy.

For more info / to book: (limited rooms available): [email protected] / or text 4175543727
(a kind rep will phone back if requested)

Focus: Salvation, Spiritual Growth, Prayer, Soul Winning, Bible Concepts. Fellowship.
There will be time for family, fun activities, a campfire, singing, group prayer, and meals.

Support Christian Camp Costs

How can you be involved?

a) Pray for camp with your family and at your churches
(Ask to Join our monthly half-night of online prayer group). If you do not believe in prayer, you do not believe in God.
b) Tell people who may be interested
c) There has been prayer for laborers in the harvest to help with some admin (before and during camp).
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact