Blessed be God, our God,
Who freely His beloved Son up gave
His enemies to reconcile and save:
      Blessed be God, our God.

      He spared not His Son:
'Tis this that bids the hard thought disappear,
'Tis this that silences each rising fear,
      He spared not His Son.

      Who shall condemn us now?
Since Christ has died, and risen, and gone above,
For us to plead at the right hand of love,
      Who shall condemn us now?

      'Tis God that justifies:
Who shall recall the pardon or the grace,
Or who the broken chain of guilt replace?
      'Tis God that justifies.

      The victory is ours:
For us in might came forth the Mighty One,
For us He fought the fight, the triumph won,
      The victory is ours.

      Blessed be God, our God,
Who gave for us His well-beloved Son,
His gifts of gifts, all other gifts in one,
      Blessed be God, our God.

~ Horatius Bonar