“But they cried out away with Him …”
John 19:15

So the crowd came and the Jews cried on that day … crucify Him … Just the previous day the same crowd young and old cried Hosanna, blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD!! Staggering isn’t it? Now, what kind of a man or woman is this?? Who would sing Hosanna and the next day crucify Him!? Must have been bad people?? Oh no my friend it was not, was ordinary people, like me and you. And they wanted Jesus dead: Crucify Him!!

If Jesus would come today, they would crucify Him again. The only difference or what is making it worst is YOU and ME would be in the crowd too. So the question still remains, what kind of person would do such a thing? Plain and simple: sinners, even good sinners!! Sinners cried, Away with Him … they did not want a God to reign over them. Out of their youthful sinful ambitions they cried, “Away with Him!” Youthful rebellious sinners will sell out God – for a night of sinful pleasures.

Be honest in your heart … in that crowd was a face like you, just like you … and they cried, Crucify Him. Which sin reigns in your heart that you don’t want God to be the Judge over??

Say, Away with sins, wrong friends, wrong places, etc. and choose Christ!!!

They did not want a Saviour, our precious Lord Jesus to reign over them!! They wanted to stay in their sin and they loved it, and didn’t want Jesus to change it!! If you still say, Away with Him … one day Christ Jesus will say on the Day of Judgment … Away with you … and it will forever be too late ‘cause you will burn in the fire eternally – in hell that was created for Satan and his demons!! Is it worth it? To sell out God for a season of pleasures?? Saying Away with Him deep down in your sinful heart?? His own people did and they are paying the price … will it be worth it to hear Jesus say to you … Away with you …

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