Isaiah 59:2

Beloved land,
Your God hath mighty Hand
With power to deliver
At His great might and power
All other forces quiver
No task too big for Him to deal
On wrong a deathly blow
Beloved land what then the cause
For this dire state below?

Beloved land your God hath ear
That never is too heavy
To hear from earth the fervent prayer
To hear–He’s ever ready
And swift in answer to the prayer
God’s Hand doth move in power
Beloved, what can be the cause
For this our midnight hour?

Iniquity, iniquity to Heaven her brazen cry
On high the wall, iniquity, doth mount up to the sky
Beloved land–INIQUITY–below the only cause
And ever on, iniquity, will close all Heaven’s door

Oh break this wall of sin dear land
Repent and change the way
Who knows the lateness of the hour?
Repent!–His wrath to stay.