Distinction Between Spiritual Gifts And Supernatural Gifts

When Richard Baxter was first introduced to the Irvingite testimony in the early 19th century, his perspective on the work of the Holy Spirit was naive and unguarded, leaving the door wide open for him to be led astray by their Pentecostal errors and deception. The same kind of errors and deception are rife in […]

Darby and the Rapture Doctrine of the Irvingites

It is not honest scholarship that would trace the origin of the pretribulation rapture to the Irvingites, particularly to prophecies first communicated by a fallen spirit to Margaret McDonald, insisting that J. N. Darby obtained his understanding of prophecy from them this dubious source. First of all, Darby himself claims that he was convinced of […]

Christ Is the Way

When man thinks of salvation, he typically thinks of things that man must do. He thinks of the austerity of Buddhist monks, the rigor of Islam, and the narrow path advocated by different groups in Christendom. Man must be engaged in right religion, good works, and clean living. This is regarded as the way of […]

The Wages of Sin

The most common delusion indulged by man is the idea that he can sin and get away with it. He encourages himself with fairy tales which place a happy ending on his path of rebellion against the revealed will of God. “God is a nice guy and won’t cast me into hell.” “I am a […]

As the Body Without Breath Is Dead

One of the most shocking statements in the Bible is found in James 2:26, “As the body without breath is dead, so faith without works is dead.” What does this mean? Very simple. If you profess to be a Christian, yet your faith is not breathing — taking the Word of God in, speaking and […]