Revival or Ruin

 A true story of revival coming to a small Baptist church in northwestern Nebraska By Donald P. Courville   Out of 21 civilizations that have perished in history, 20 have perished, not from outward enemy overthrow, but from inward moral decay.” –A noted historian   It really all began around the last part of 1984, […]

Are you ready?

When I was a small boy, a friend of mine committed suicide. I have cried thinking how different it could have been if he had known the contents of this booklet. – Roy Daniel  

Calling All Rebels

 CALLING ALL REBELS A rebel is some one who resists legitimate authority above him. This might be some one who rebels against his parents authority, or a person in a work situation who resists the authority of his/her boss(except if his/her boss asks him/her to sin or something like ordering you what to do at […]