FINDING GOD Horatius Bonar

FINDING GOD Horatius Bonar I stand upon the mount of God   With sunlight in my soul;I hear the storms in vales beneath,   I hear the thunders roll. But I am calm with Thee, my God,   Beneath these glorious skies;And to the height on which I stand,   N0 storms, nor clouds, can rise. O THIS is […]

SECURITY Lina Sandell

Children of the heav’nly FatherSafely to His bosom gather;Nestling bird nor star in HeavenSuch a refuge e’er was given. God His own doth tend and nourish,In His holy courts they flourish;Like a father kind He spares them,In His loving arms He bears them. Neither life nor death can ever From the Lord His children sever;Unto them […]

SELF OR CHRIST? Theodore Monod

Oh, the bitter shame and sorrowThat a time could ever beWhen I let the Saviour’s pityPlead in vain, and proudly answered,   “All of self, and none of Thee!” Yet He found me; I beheld HimBleeding on the accursed tree,Heard Him pray, “Forgive them, Father!”And my wistful heart said faintly,   “Some of self and some of […]


Jesus and shall it ever beA mortal man ashamed of Thee!Ashamed of Thee, whom angels praise,Whose glories shine thro’endless days? Ashamed of Jesus! sooner farLet evening blush to own a star:He sheds the beams of light divineO’er this benighted soul of mine. Ashamed of Jesus! that dear FriendOn whom my hopes of Heaven depend!No; when […]

ABIDING A. B. Simpson

ABIDING A. B. Simpson I have learned the wondrous secret   Of abiding in the Lord;I have found the strength and sweetness   Of confiding in His Word.I have tasted life’s pure fountain,   I am trusting in His blood;I have lost myself in Jesus,   I am sinking into God. I am crucified with Jesus,   And He lives […]

OTHERS Charles D. Meigs

Lord help me to live from day to day   In such a self-forgetful way,That even when I kneel to pray   My prayer shall be for others. Help me in all the work I do  To ever be sincere and true;And know that all I do for Thee  Must needs be done for others. Let self […]

GOD’S BEST A. B. Simpson

  God has His best things for the few   Who dare to stand the test;God has His second choice for those   Who will not have His best.It is not always open ill   That risks the Promised Rest;The better often is the foe   That keeps us from God’s best.Some seek the highest choice,   But, when by […]


I do not ask Thee, Lord, for outward sign,   For portents in the earth of flaming sky;It is enough to know that Thou art mine,   And not far off, but intimately nigh. No burning bush I need to speak Thy name,   Or call me forward to the newer task;Give me a burning heart, with love […]


A Texas cowboy lay down on a barroom floor, Having drunk so much he could drink no more; So he fell asleep with a troubled brain To dream that he rode on a hell-bound train. The engine with murderous blood was damp And was brilliantly lit with a brimstone lamp; An imp, for fuel, was […]


Make me a captive, Lord,      And then I shall be free;Force me to render up my sword,      And I shall conqueror be.I sink in life’s alarms      While by myself I stand;Imprison me witin Thine arms,And strong shall be my hand. George Matheson

HIMSELF A. B. Simpson

Once it was the blessing,       Now it is the Lord;Once it was the feeling,      Now it is His Word;Once HiIs figt I wanted,      Now, the Giver own;Once I sought for healing,      Now HImself alone. Once ’twas painful trying,      Now ’tis perfect trust;Once a half salvation,      Now the uttermost;Once ’twas ceaseless holding,      Now He holds […]

BY THY LIFE I LIVE Jeanne Marie Guyon

I love, my God, but with no love of mine,        For I have none to give;I love Thee, Lord, but all the love is Thine,       For by Thy life I live.I am as nothing, and rejoice to beEmptied and lost and swallowed up in Thee. Thou, Lord, alone art all Thy children need, […]

A BED IN MY HEART Martin Luther

Ah, dearest Jesus, holy Child, Make Thee a bed, soft, undefiled,      Within my heart, that it may be       A quiet chamber kept for Thee.My heart for very joy doth leap,My lips no more can silence keep.       I too must sin, with joyful tongue,       That sweetest ancient cradle song,Glory to God in highest […]

HE THOUGHT HE’D WON Velma Dawson Griffis

He thought he’d wonthe devil smiledAnd rubbed his hands with gleeThe maker of the world was deadHanging on a tree.“The world is mineI own it now,I finally won,” he cried.He didn’t know he’d lost it allThe day that Jesus died—Two days he smiledHis heart was lightNow man was his alone—Then words that echoed through the […]


Oh, my wicked, wayward heart—Not in paradise content!Though I had a perfect start,From the garden I’ve been sent.Why? Because I couldn’t stayFrom forbidden fruit away.   One command was all I had,One fruit only not to eat.How could I have failed so bad,Fully blinded by deceit?Now I suffer for the sinMy temptation got us in. […]

A Cradle Hymn

Hush!my dear, lie still and slumber,      Holy angels guard thy bed! Heavenly blessings without number       Gently falling on thy head. Sleep, my babe; thy food and raiment,       House and home, thy friends provide; All without thy care or payment:       All thy wants are well […]

Laid On Jesus

I lay my sins on Jesus,      The spotlessLamb of God;He bears them all and frees us      From the accursed load:I bring my guilt to Jesus,      To wash my crimson stainsWhite in His blood most precious,      TiIll not a stain remains. I lay my wants on Jesus;    […]

He Dies: He Lives!

He dies! the Friend of sinners dies!     Lo! Salem’s daughters weep around;A solemn darkness veils the skies,     A sudden trembling shakes the gournd.Come, saints, and drop a tear or two     For Him who groan’d beneath your load:He shed a thousand drops for you–     A thousand drops of richer blood. Here’s love […]


Sarah can’t conceive a baby     By the usual means of life,So she willingly suggested      I become a second wife. Being given to her husband,     Hopes in me materialized,And I’m hardly to be censured,     If my mistress is despised. I have always done her bidding,     Meekly served along her side.Who […]

Heaven at Last

Angel voices sweetly singing, Echoes through the blue dome ringing, News of wondrous gladness bringing…       Ah, ’tis heaven at last! Now beneath us all the grieving, All the wounded spirit’s heaving, All the woe of hopes deceiving…      Ah ’tis heaven at last! Sin for ever left behind us, Earthly visions […]


      Forever with the Lord!       Amen; so let it be, Life from the dead is in that word,     ‘Tis immortality.       Here in the body pent,     Absent from Him I roam, Yet nightly pitch my moving tent     A day’s march nearer home. […]

IMMANUEL – Charles Spurgeon

When once I mourned a load of sin,When conscience felt a wound within,When all my works were thrown away,When on my knees I knelt to pray,Then, blissful hour, remembered well,I learned Thy love, Immanuel ! When storms of sorrow toss my soul,When waves of care around me roll,When comforts sink, when joys shall flee,When hopeless […]

PREVAILING PRAYER Richard Chenevix Trench

Lord, what a change within us one short hourSpent in Thy presence will prevail to make!What heavy burdens from our bosoms take,What parched grounds revive as with a shower!We kneel, and all around us seems to lower;We rise, and all, the distnat and the nearStnads forth in sunny outline brave and clear;We kneel, how weak! […]


When I consider how my light is spentEre half my days in this dark world and wide,And that one talent which is death to hideLodged with me useless, though my soul more bentTo serve therewith my Maker, and presentMy true account, lest He returning chide,“Doth God exact day-labour, light denied?”I fondly ask. But Patience, to […]

The Shepherd Boy’s Song

He that is down needs fear no fall      He that is low, no pride;He that is humble ever shall      Have God to be his guide. I am content with that I have,      Little be it or much;And Lord, contentment still I crave,      Because Thou savest such. Fullness to such a burden is       That go on […]


On Thee my heart is resting!       Ah, this is rest indeed! What else, Almighty Saviour,        Can a poor sinner need? Thy light is all my wisdom,        Thy love is all my stay; Our Father’s home in glory,        Draws nearer every day. My guilt is great, but greater        The mercy Thou dost […]

He Is Near!

I know not in what watch He comes      Or at what hour He may appear,Whether at midnight or at morn,      Or in what season of the year;      I only know that He is near. The centuries have gone and come,      Dark centuries of absence drear;I dare not chide the long delay,      Nor ask when I  […]


Oh what is Jehovah El Shaddai to me?My Lord, God and Saviour, Immanuel, He;My Prophet, Priest, Sacrifice, Altar and Lamb;Judge, Advocate, Surety and Witness, I AM;My Peace and my Life, my Truth and my Way;My Leader, my Teacher, my Hope and my Stay;Redeemer and Ransom, Atonement and Friend;He’s Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End. Yea, more […]


If I gained the world, but lost the Saviour,      Were my life worth living for a day?Could my yearning heart find rest and comfort      In the things that soon must pass away?If I gained the world, but lost the Saviour,      Would my gain be worth the lifelong strife?Are all earthly pleasures worth comparing      For a […]

Peace on Earth

Here Peace alighted once,      But could not find a home,To Him who brought it, earth      Could give no room. Him and His peace man would not have,      And in this Child of peaceMan saw no heavenly excellence,      No grace, no comeliness. Peace in that cradle lay,      The Prince of Peace was there;The fulness of His […]


Shall I, for fear of feeble man,The Spirit’s course in me restrain?Or, undismay’d in deed and word,Be a true witness of my Lord? Awed by a mortal’s frown, shall IConceal the Word of God Most High!How then before Thee shall I dareTo stand, or how Thine anger bear? Shall I, to soothe th’unholy throng,Soften Thy […]


Resting on the faithfulness of Christ our Lord,Resting on the fulness of His own sure Word,Resting on His wisdom, on His love and power,Resting on His covenant from hour to hour.Resting in the fortress while the foe is nigh,Resting in the lifeboat while the waves roll high,Resting in His chariot for the swift, glad race,Resting, […]


We have nothing to fearThough the journey be long,Though our weakness be greatAnd our enemies strong. There is nothing to fear; Perfect love claims the right To direct us by day And defend us by night. He knoweth our frame, Counts it nothing but dust; But He calls us by name, And delights in our […]

The Barren Fig Tree

Within a vineyard’s sunny bound An ample fig tree shelter found,       Enjoying sun and showers – The boughs were graceful to the view, With spreading leaves of deep-green hue,       And gaily blushing flowers. When round the vintage season came, The blooming fig was still the same,       As promising and fair; But though the […]

THE BIBLE James M. Gray

Where childhood needs a standard      Or youth a beacon light,Where sorrow sighs for comfort      Or weakness longs for might,Bring forth the Holy Bible—     The Bible! Here it stands!Resolving all life’s problems      And meeting its demands. Though sophistry conceal it,      The Bible! There it sands!Though Parisees profane it,      Its influence expands.It fills the world with fragrance      […]

THE BIBLE John Greenleaf Whittier

We search the world for truth. We cullThe good, the true, the beautiful,From graven stone and written scroll,And all old flower fields of the soul;And, weary seekers of the best,We come back laden from our quest,To find that all the sages saidIs in the Book our mothers read. John Greenleaf Whittier  


Oh, how we thank Thee, our God, for the Bible,      Whose truth doth each century clearer reveal!The fountain of wisdom and source of all knowledge,      The court of humanity’s final appeal. Oh, here Thou revealest that Thou art our Father,      The hand that hath fashioned and caused us to be;Oh, “resident forces,” “electrons,” and “atoms”      […]


Forsake me not, my God,      Thou God of my salvation!Give me Thy light, to be      My sure illumination.My soul to folly turns,      Seeking she knows not what;Oh! lead her to Thyself–      My God, forsake me not! Forsake me not, my God!      Take not Thy Spirit from me;And suffer not the might      Of sin to overcome […]


Psalm 43:4 Early my spirit turned      From earthly things away,And agonized and yearned      For the eternal day;Dimly I saw, when but a boy,      God, my exceeding joy. In days of fiercer flame,      When passion urged me on,‘Twas only bliss in name–      The pleasure soon was gone.Compared with Thee, how all things cloy,      God my exceeding […]


Fly from self, and fly from sn,Fly the world’s tumultuous din;Fly its pleasures, fly its cares,Fly its freindhsip, fly its snares.Fly the sinner’s hast’ning doom,Fly and ‘scape the wrath to come.Fly to Jesus, He’s the road,Fly throu Him alone to God.Fly to mercy’s gracious seat,Fly, ’tis sorrow’s last retreat;Fly to Christ in deepest grief,Fly, and […]


‘Mid pleasure, plenty, and success,      Freely we take from Him who lends:We boast the blessing we possess,      Yet scarcely thank the One who sends. But let affliction pour its smart,      How soon we quail beneath the rod!With shattered pride, and prostrate heart,      We seek the long forgotten God. Eliza Cook

Israel–Beloved of God

O, Israel, thou shalt not be forgotten of me -Isa. 44:21 Forgotten! no; tht cannot be,      All other names may pass away;But thine, My Israel, shall remain      In everlasting memory. Forgotten! no; that cannot be,      Insribed upon My palms thou art,The name I gave in days of old     Is graven still upon My heart. Forgotten! […]

Cast it from Thee-Glenn Conjurske

  Cast It From Thee Abstract of a Sermon Preached on Ocober 11, 1998 by Glenn Conjurske In Matthew 5:29-30 we read, “And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole […]

GOD’S D.D. – C. T. Studd

Old Daniel was a Dreadnought!  If he was here to-day,He’d make it hot for the pious lot  Who don’t do as they say. He didn’t speak behind folks’ backs,  But met them face to face;He called spades spades, and dubbed knaves,  And always proved his case. He neither cared for place nor power,  Nor feared the lions’ den;A godly cause […]


Now Christ’s command is simple,  And meant to be obeyed,“Go ye and preach My Gospel  In every land,” He said. Christ hadn’t any favourites;  He lived and died for all!So all should know the Message,  And hear His gracious call. So I’ll go and face the music  In some dark far off land,Where no one’s ever been before  For Christ to […]

CHUTNEY – C. T. Studd

I want to be like Jesus,   Who left His throne on high For hell-deserving sinners   To live, and work, and die. Forsaking all His glory,    His power He laid aside, His entrée—lo! a manger!   His exit—crucified! We human fools rejected,   And left to stand alone, The only real Victor   This world has ever known. […]

JESUS ONLY – C. T. Studd

I’m going to live for Jesus,  And fling the world away,I’m going to give to Jesus  My life and all to-day. I’ve done it, Hallelujah!   And now I pray the prayerThat I may follow “Jesus  Only,” everywhere. I’m such a great big sinner,  And still a bigger fool;I must keep close to Jesus  And never leave His school. My heart’s […]


Our Saviour has given commandment      To such as believe, in their hearts, To publish the news of Salvation      On earth, to its uttermost parts. The doors of the world lie wide open;      Its lands have been duly explored; The sorrows and needs of the heathen      Can only […]

THE BIBLE – C. T. Studd

What could we do without the Book      That God gave us to read?No more than any farmer      Who hadn’t any seed! No other tells us of our Lord,      The God of grace and love,Who made the whole creation,      This world and those above. What could we do […]


Feelings come and feelings go, And feelings are deceiving; My warrant is the Word of God— Naught else is worth believing. Though all my heart should feel condemned For want of some sweet token, There is One greater than my heart Whose Word cannot be broken. I’ll trust in God’s unchanging Word Till soul and […]

The Violent

       Matthew 11:12 Yes, the Savior’s yoke is easy,       And His grace is free to all,But the careless don’t embrace it,        When they hear the gospel call. Though the will of man can’t birth it;        Cannot choose the kingdom’s course,Yet the violent—Scripture tells us—        Take it to themselves by force. If you’re […]

CARD OF THANKS Gunerius C. Lee

A living plant, full packed with blomArrived to help dispel the gloomThat somehow always hangs aroundWherever dread disease is found.Although the plant itself will dieIts fragrance will be in the skythus may the plant a symbol beOf humans just like you and me:The body dies, for die it mustAnd in the grave return to dust;The […]

LENTEN PILGRIMAGE Gunerius C. Lee 1871-1943

‘Tis well that Christians meet in LentA pilgrimage afar to make.To view again that world eventIn which they have so much at stake.To see the figure of the LordStretched out and nailed through hands and feet—Then pity flows with one accordFrom each sad heart with every beat. But fierce agony of soul,The spirit’s strife with […]


The surge of iniquity Rolls o’er the landLike the billows of ocean Upon the wide strand.Like the wave that oft follows The earthquakes dread shock,Like the Deluge of old Inundating the rock. All nations are sick From the ravage of sin:Nearly all are preparing for War’s savage din.Holy things are profaned In high places and […]

TRUST HIM Gunerius C. Lee

When Holy men like Peter, John, and PaulAt times have doubts and fear,Can we who are so very weak and smallBe always in the clear? When Peter walked the water in his prideHis doubts soon brought him griefBut when he sought the Master o’er the tideHe found a sure relief. There are so many “Fear […]

OLD AGE Gunerius C. Lee

Written for Joergen Dal’s 87th birthday Feb. 22, 1944 Old age doth have its troubles,Its weakness, aches and pains.But they are but as bubblesCompared to all the gainsThat faith in Christ will give usAt life’s hard journey’s end,For there He will revceive usIn glory. We dependOn Him, to draw us nearerOur heavenly home aboveWhere He […]

IN MEMORIAM Gunerius C. Lee

In memory of a loving wife and mother who was called home on December 21, 1937. Tho’ sudden was the callThat summoned thee,And shocking to us all,We still can see the Loving Savior’s careAnd tender grace.For in His mansion fair—That promised placeOf glorious joy and peaceHe did prepare—In that eternal home,With all the blestIs now […]

TO A FATHER Gunerius C. Lee

I would not dare in oral words to voiceThe thoughts so near the heart—A father’s thoughts—by father understood—Of fathers true such feelings are a part. A son whose ways seem foolish, wrong and wildWill create heartache, sorrow, fear;Advice seems futile, he will not be ledHe is so deaf, he will not hear. From earthly father’s […]

WHY? G. C. Lee

I sat alone one evening      With thoughts aroaming far;I saw through frosted windows      The twinkle of a star.When suddenly there reached me      A thudding, crashing soundAnd crunch of hurried footsteps      Upon the frozen ground!What could have caused this racket?      Was any damage done?It dawned on […]


Whate’er betide, Lord, help me beObedient to Thy Spirit’s plea.When tempters then my soul assailTheir lures will be of no availFor,Savior dear, I feel Thee near.That gives me strength and calms my fear. What fellowship,— with Thee to walkAnd have a confidential talkAbout the things both great and small, —For Thou doth understand them all!Thy […]


Shamgar had an ox goad,David had a sling,Samson had a jawbone,Rahab had a string,Mary had some ointment,Aaron had a rod,Dorcas had a needle,All were used for God.


The God that stopped the  sun on high,And sent the manna from the sky,Laid flat the walls of Jericho,And put to flight told Israel’s foe.Why can’t He answer prayer today,And drive each stormy cloud away?Who turned the water into wine,And healed a helpless criple’s spine—Commanded tempests, “Peace be still.”And hungry multitudes did fill, His power […]


He has no enemies, you say?      My friend, your boast is poor:He who hath mingled in the fray      Of duty, that the brave endure,Must have made foes. If he has none      Small is the work that he has done.He has hit no traitor on the hip;      He […]

SO MUCH TO DO James Roberts GIlmore

So much to do; so little done!Ah! yesternight I saw the sunSink beamless downt he vaulted gray— The ghastly ghost of yesterday. So little done; so much to do! Each morning breaks on conflicts new; But eager, brave, I’ll join the fray, And fight the battle of today. So much to do; so little done! […]


Years ago, when I       Was jest a little lad,An’ after school hours used to work       Around the farm with dad,I used to be so weared out      When eventide was come,That I got kinder anxious-like      About the journey home;But dad, he used to lead the way,An’ once in […]

HELL Catherine Dangell

Hell, the prisonhouse of despair,Here are some things that won’t be there:No flowers will bloom on the banks of Hell,No beauties of nature we love so well;No comforts of home, music and song,No friendship of joy will be found in that throng;No love to brighten the long, weary night,No love nor peace, nor one ray […]


      A little bird I am      Shut from the fields of air;Yet in my cage I sit and sing      To Him who placed me there;Well pleased a presoner to be,Because my God, it pleases Thee.       Naught have I else to do;      I sing the […]


The angel touched my arm and spoke,      And startled by his voice, I woke.“Get up,” he said,”There comes the sun–       Another day has just begun!”And with this most unsavory warningI realized that it was morning. I frowned and cried: “O bitter cup!      I am so tired of getting up!Oh, […]


There are deep things of God. Push out from shore.Hast thou found much? Give thanks and look for more,Dost fear the generous Giver to offend?Then know His store of bounty hath no end.He doth not need to be implored or teased:The more we take, the better He is pleased. ~A. B. Simpson


              The time is short!If thou woldst work for God it must be now:If thou wouldst win the garland for thy brow,              Redeem the time.              With His rewardHe comes; He tarries not;His day is near;When men least […]


A dark and blinded thing is man,      Yet full of fancied light!But all his penetration can      Obtain no gospel light. Though heavenly truth may blaze abroad      He cannot see at all;Though gospel leaders show the road,      He still gropes for the wall. Perhaps he stands to hear […]


Oh! to be ready when death shall come,Oh! to be ready to hasten home!No earthward clinging, no lingering gaze,No strife at parting, no sore amaze;No chains to sever that earth hath twined,No spell to loosen that love would bind. No flitting shadows to dim the lightOf the angel-pinions winged for flight;No cloud-like phantoms to fling […]

TRY Charles Spurgeon

Once let every man say Try,Very few on straw would lie;Fewer still of want would die;Pans would all have fish to fry;Pigs would fill the poor man’s sty;Want would cease, and need would fly:Wives and children cease to cry;Poor rates would not swell so high;Things wouldn’t go so much awry—You’d be glad, and so would […]

“Nearer Home”

One sweetly solemn thought”            Comes to me o’er and o’er:I’m nearer home to-day      Than I ever have been before. Nearer my Father’s house,      Where the many mansions be;Nearer the great white throne,      Nearer the jasper sea; Nearer the bound of life,      Where […]

Mary’s Choice

Jesus, engrave it on my heart,That Thou the one thing needful art;I could from all things parted be,But never, never, Lord, from thee. Needful is Thy most precious blood,Needful is Thy correcting rod,Needful is Thy indulgent care,Needful Thy all-prevailing prayer. Needful Thy presence, dearest Lord,True peace and comfort to afford;Needful Thy promise to impartFresh life […]

When The Storms of Life are Raging!

When the storms of life are raging And I cannot see ahead When the path so steep – I tremble To go where God has led! I find in Christ my Saviour The strength needed each day To take the step before me Set by Him on life’s way!  – Jennifer René Daniel

Not Ready to Die

The flower of youth though but recently fled,The sentence of death has been passed on my head.My heart is unwilling, my conscience can’t rest,My life’s not in order, by fears I’m oppressed,         ’Cause I am not ready,               Not ready to die. I know in my head […]


I Peter 1:4-9 The sufferings of this present time      Are not to be comparedTo the inheritance sublime      Our Father has prepared.Without corruption, undefiled,      It “fadeth not away,”Reserved in heaven for every child      Who keeps the narrow way.Rejoice, for though the present hour      Is filled with […]

Two Ditches

Out on my own, but not equipped      To meet with life’s demands.From childish props I’m fully stripped—First one and then another slipped      From my unwilling hands. Oh, how it burned to let them go!     I found the process hard,And though I wouldn’t let it show,I fondly clenched my status quo,  […]

The Incarnation

The shepherds wondered at the sight Of angels singing in the night, But angels wondered at the thought That God had incarnation wrought!   How awed the angels must have been To see their God as He was then! Their source of worship night and day Was lying on a bed of hay!     […]

To Die a Martyr

I’m not afraid to die a martyr–   But am afraid to die a fool. It’s not with death I fear to barter,   But folly I refuse to duel.   To die a martyrs death is gladness   What higher honor could be mine? To die for some adventure—madness.   What good is death by man’s design?   […]

If I Believe

If I believe that Jesus died for me, Why would I hesitate to live for him? Should not a life of serving Jesus be A goal so bright it makes all others dim?   If I believe that Jesus died for all, And if I’ve read where it is written: go, How dare I close […]

To Live Is Christ

Am I afraid to live the life of Paul? Afraid to heed the Macedonian call? I’m not afraid to take an open door– I fear a life that’s not worth dying for. I say with Paul, without a care for pain: For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.   I’m not afraid […]

The Sacrifice of Praise

A negative spirit so often prevails, And following closely, discouragement trails. But God, who is rich in his mercy and grace, Has left us a marvelous pattern to trace. And offer a sacrifice made of acclaim; The fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name!   The devil destroys every Christian he can, And […]

My Goal for Life

There are a thousand snares on every hand, That hinder progress to the promised land, It’s Satan’s plan that’s meant for crime But none the less I higher climb For every test is by my Father planned.   I want to be a soldier of the cross, And let my savior separate the dross. I […]

O Thou That Hearest Prayer – Angie Gerdes

Inspired by Psalm 65 O Thou That Hearest Prayer, I’m coming now to thee When pain so deep has left me numb, hear my silent plea When questions fill my heart and soul, and darkness hides your face             When storms are raging fierce and strong, you see me in this place O Thou That Hearest […]


A man of God in his own right,Who walked by faith and not by sight,The battles of the Lord he foughtAnd victory to the nation brought,For Jonathan had this in view:God saves by many or by few. When David came upon the sceneAnd slew the giant Philistine,A servant he became to Saul,Accepted in the sight […]

Inheritance in Light

            Colossians 1:12-20 We thank you, God, our Father,   For giving us the OneBy whom we’re made partakers   Of the kingdom of Your Son.You rescued us from darkness,   From Satan and his chains,And moved us to the kingdom   Where Your Beloved reigns. In Christ we have redemption,   Forgiveness of our sins,Through blood, the blood of […]

Old Soldier

Old soldier, have you left your post?    The place for which you fought? The cross was once your only boast    And held you to the spot. Not words of men, not wealth, not fame    Could move you from the place, Where planted firm in Jesus’ name,    You preached transforming grace. You […]

One By One

One by one the sands are flowing,One by one the moments fall;Some are coming, some are going —Do not strive to grasp them all. One by one thy duties wait thee,Let thy whole strength go to each;Let no future dreams elate thee —Learn thou first what those can teach. One by one (bright gifts from […]


I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day. — Rev. i. 10. After long days of storms and showers, Of sighing winds, and dripping bowers, How sweet at morn to ope our eyes On newly ” wept and garnished” skies! — To miss the clouds, and driving rain, And see that all is bright […]

Oh! For the Happy Days Gone By

Oh! for the happy days gone by, When love ran smooth and free; Days when my spirit so enjoyed More than earth’s liberty! Oh! for the times when on my heart Long prayer had never palled, Times when the ready thought of God Would come when it was called! Then when I knelt to meditate, […]

Oh, For the Happy Days Gone By

Oh! for the happy days gone by,       When love ran smooth and free; Days when my spirit so enjoyed       More than earth’s liberty ! Oh ! for the times when on my heart       Long prayer had never palled, Times when the ready thought of God       Would come when it was called […]

All, All Is Known to Thee

“When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then Thou knewest my path.” My God, whose gracious pity I may claim, Calling Thee Father — sweet, endearing name! The sufferings of this weak and weary frame.               All, all are known to Thee. From human eye ’tis better to conceal Much that I suffer, much I […]

The Anvil of God’s Word

Last eve I paused beside the blacksmith’s door, And heard the anvil ring the vesper chime; Then looking in, I saw upon the floor, Old hammers worn with beating years of time. “How many anvils have you had,” said I, “To wear and batter all these hammers so?” “Just one,” said he, and then with […]

A Little While Jane Crewdson

“What is this that he saith, A little while?” (John 16:18) Oh! for the peace which floweth as a river, Making life’s desert places bloom and smile ! Oh! for a faith to grasp heaven’s bright ” for ever,” Amid the shadows of earth’s ” little while ! “ “A little while” for patient vigil-keeping, […]

A Little While Jane Crewdson

“What is this that he saith, A little while?” (John 16:18) Oh! for the peace which floweth as a river, Making life’s desert places bloom and smile ! Oh! for a faith to grasp heaven’s bright ” for ever,” Amid the shadows of earth’s ” little while ! “ “A little while” for patient vigil-keeping, […]

Colossians 3:2

Why do we cling to earth? Its sweetest pleasuresAre transient as the snowflake of the spring;Like early mist its most abiding treasures,Or foam of ocean wave. To earth why do we cling? Why do we cling to earth? Is it the fleeting brightnessOf her gay robes? fair fields, green forest trees,Grand mountains, lovely dells, or […]


2 Chronicles 20:17In quietness and confidence,            Your strength shall be.While standing in the battlefield,            Salvation see.You needn’t fear nor be dismayed—            The Lord is HeWho fights for you and promises            Prosperity. The beauty of His holiness            Calls out for praise.Though the approaching enemy            An ambush lays,God’s mercy evermore endures            In glorious ways,And quietly His mighty […]

Mothers, be patient.

I know full well that you have much to bear,But speak not harshly to the little ones      Who bring thee care.      A little child,A fragile, tender plant that holds your heartWith love so strong, which you will only gauge      If you should part.     Noisy? Tis health,And yet it needs but just a sudden chill,A few […]

Jabez’ Prayer Joseph Hart

A saint there was in days of old(Though we but little of him hear)In honour high, of whom is toldA short, but an effectual prayer.This prayer, my brethren, let us view,And try if we can pray so too. He called on Israel’s God, ’tis said; Let us take notice first of that;Had he to any […]

Alas, what hourly dangers rise! Anne Steele

Alas, what hourly dangers rise!   What snares beset my way!To heaven O let me lift my eyes,   And hourly watch and pray. How oft my mournful thoughts complain,   And melt in flowing tears!My weak resistance, ah, how vain!   How strong my foes and fears! O gracious God, in whom I live,   My feeble efforts aid;Help […]

Prayer John Berridge

“Let my prayer be as incense.” A Godliness which feeds on form,And lip devotion, barren cheer,Will satisfy an earthly worm,Who learns to think and call it prayer;Contented with the husky part,A moving lip and silent heart. O Lord, thy Spirit’s aid impart,And fill me with devotion’s fire;Create anew my waiting heart,And heavenly breathings there inspire;Bid […]

The Secret Place of Prayer

There is a place where thou canst touch the eyesOf blinded men to instant, perfect sight;There is a place where thou canst say “Arise!”To dying captives bound in chains of night;There is a place where heaven’s resistless powerResponsive moves to thine insistent plea;There is a place – a silent, trusting hour – Where God himself […]

Beneath the Blood Stained Lintel

Exodus 12:3, 13 Beneath the blood stained lintel I with my children stand,A messenger of evil Is passing through the land,There is no other refuge from the destroyer’s face,Beneath the blood stained lintel shall be our hiding place. The Lamb of God has suffered, our sins and griefs He bore,By faith the blood is sprinkled […]

Seeking Now, Seeking Now; Let Thy Spirit Meet Me Now! F.H. Allen

Lord, Thou knowest all the hunger Of the heart that seeks Thee now; How my soul hath long been craving What Thou only canst bestow. Failure in my walk and witness, Failure in my work I see; Fruitless toil, un-Christlike living, Calling forth no praise to Thee. Now to Thee my soul confesses All its […]

The Border-Lands

Father, into Thy loving hands   My feeble spirit I commit,While wnadering in these Border-Lands,   Until Thy voice shall summon it. Father, I would not dare to choose   A longer life, an earlier death;I know not what my soul might lose   By shortneed or protracted breath. These Border-Lands are calm and still,   And solemn are their […]

Leaving Us an Example, that ye should follow His Steps

    O Jesu, Thou didst leave Thy glorious home,   Of brightness more than mortal eye could bear,   And joys ineffable, alone to roamThrough earth’s dark wilderness in grief and want and care.   Thou didst exchange the praise of seraph voices      For sin-made discords and the wail of pain,   The anthems swelling high where […]

Empty Spaces Hannes Grove

Empty spaces in front of meMy aching heart wants to fill thee.My thoughts recall unspoken words, how can this be?My flowing tears call to God, come and see. Empty spaces drifting all around;Spoken words dying on solid ground.Who can get saved if grace do not abound?The words came forth with no clear sound. Empty spaces […]

Travel on Your Knees

Last night I took a journeyTo a land far “cross the seas;I didn’t go by boat or plane,I trusted on my knees. I saw so many people thereIn deepest depths of sin,And Jesus told me I should goThat there were souls to win. But I said, “Jesus, I can’t goAnd work with such as these.’He […]

Matthew 14:23

It is the quiet evening time, the sun is in the west,And earth enrobed in purple glow awaits her nightly rest;The shadows of the mountain peaks are lengthening o’er the sea,And the flowerets close their eyelids on the shore of Galilee.The multitude are gone away, their restless hum doth cease,The birds have hushed their music, […]

‘I Leave it all with Thee.’

Yes, I will leave it all with Thee,And only ask that I may beSubmissive to Thy loving will,Confiding, waiting, trusting still.Thou every fond desire dost knowWhich in my inmost heart doth glow;Thou hearest every secret sighWhen silent sorrow’s power is nigh.Omniscience alone may tellThe thoughts which in my spirit dwell;But ’t is a soothing word […]

The Cross Became The Bridge – Sharon Dawson Menefee

I was lost in sinwandering aimlesslyI didn’t know of God’s loveOr of CalvaryI didn’t know sin separated mefrom the Father’s sideAnd that a chasm was between usdeep and wide…. But then one day I heard the storyof how He loved me soEnough to die for meAnd saved my sinful soul. Chorus:And the cross became the […]

Making Poetry

Little one, what are you doing,   Sitting on the window-seat?Laughing to yourself, and wirting,Some right merry thought inditing,   Balancing with swinging feet. ‘ ’T is some poetry I’m making,   Though I never tried before:Four whole lines! I’ll read them to you.Do you think them funny, do you?   Shall I try to make some more? ‘I […]

This Same Jesus

Acts 1:11 ‘This same Jesus!’ Oh! how sweetly   Fall those words upon the ear,Like as well of far off music,   In a nightwatch still and drear! He who healed the hopeless leper,   He who dried the widow’s tear;He who changed to health and gladness   Helpless suffering, trembling fear; He who wandered, poor and homeless,   By […]

I Gave My Life for Thee

Motto placed under a picture of our Saviour in the study of a German Divine. I gave My life for thee,                    Gal 2:20   My precious blood I shed,            1 Pet. 1:19That thou might’st ransomed be,     Eph 1:7   And quickened from the dead       Eph 2:10I gave My […]

September 1868

An April burst of beauty,   And a May like the Mays of old,And a glow of summer gladness   While June her long days told;And a hush of golden silence   All through the bright July,Without one peal of thunder,   Or a storm-wreath in the sky;And a fiery reign of August,   Till the moon was on the […]


   Is this the Peace of God, this strange, sweet calm?The weary day is at its zenith still,Yet ‘tis as if beside some cool, clear rill,   Through shadowy stillness rose an evening psalm,And all the noise of life were hushed away,And tranquil gladness reigned with gently soothing sway.    It was not so just now. […]


Psalm 31:15 Father, I know that all my life    Is portioned out for me, And the changes that are sure to come,    I do not fear to see; But I ask Thee for a present mind    Intent on pleasing Thee. I ask Thee for a thankful love,    Through constant watching wise, […]

The Pilgrim

Still onward through this land of foes    I pass in pilgrim guise; I may not stop to seek repose    Where cool the shadow lies; I may not stoop amid the grass    To pluck earth’s fairest flowers, Nor by her springing fountains pass    The sultry noontide hours; Yet flowers I wear upon […]

The Meeting Place

Where the faded flower shall freshen,    Freshen never more to fade; Where the shaded sky shall brighten,    Brighten never more to shade; Where the sun-blaze never scorches;    Where the star-beams cease to chill; Where no tempest stirs the echoes    Of the wood, or wave, or hill; Where the moon shall wake […]

The Changed Cross

It was a time of sadness, and my heart,Although it knew and loved the better part, Felt wearied with the conflict and the strife. And all the needful discipline of life. And while I thought on these, as given to me — My trial tests of faith and love to be — It seemed as […]

How Things Are – Melody Conjurske

There’s nothing at allIn my brain this fall.I sit here and stareWith thoughts everywhere. I can’t really readFor my brain won’t heed,And I tried to write,But I couldn’t quite. I can’t concentrate,I nothing seems straight.It is pretty hard,To be so marred. I always feel ill,Can’t do what I will;But then if I couldI’m not sure […]

O How It Breaks My Heart

I prayed to see this world Through Jesus eyes and heart, But oh I didn’t know Just what that would impart.   O how it breaks my heart, To see the souls around me, And to know, Where they go.   O how it breaks my heart; To see the drunk man reel, To see […]

O How I Love Thy Law

Unspotted is the fear of God,    And ever doth endure; The judgments of the Lord are truth,    And righteousness most pure.   O how I love thy law; It is my meditation all the day.   His precepts are to be desired;    More than the purest gold. The sweetness and the gentleness,     Is more than […]

Work and Sleep

My work is like a lion roaring in my ear, But sleep is like a crocodile a bit too near. I face the lion like a knight who won’t retreat; Until the crocodile has pulled me off my feet.   There’s so much work to do that needs attention now; I need to trade my […]

When He Says “Well Done”

Though all the world despise my stand, And not a friend will hold my hand, I know some day mine eyes shall see The one who asked hard things of me, And all the mockings I received, Because of things that I believed, Will seem as nothing when He says, “Well done.”   If from […]

What Jesus Sees

Yes, I can see the pretty trees, But can I see what Jesus sees? Do I see that man beneath that tree, How he’s crying for some love from me? And do I see what Jesus sees? The bikers riding in the square? My legs may itch to join them there, But can I see […]

What is Your Life?

As vapor appears, and then fades from our sight, Or flowers that bloom, and then wither at night; The life that we live has no sooner begun, But that it is ending, and soon will be done. As all of my fathers have lived and then died; It soon will be me who is crossing […]


I’ve stood upon the ocean’s shore And watched the waves an hour or more, And every wave that rose and fell Inspired awe I cannot tell.   I’ve seen the humpback whale at play. I’ve seen him splash; I’ve seen him spray. He dances with the very waves That make for many watery graves.   […]


Some trials grow harder as time goes on, And long is the wait for the break of dawn.    But the sun that has set    Is the sun that will rise,    And the crown that I’ll get    Is an infinite prize.   As fire that never will say enough, Afflictions will burn, and the path is […]

Though Jesus Was Rich

Though Jesus was rich, yet He became poor, That I by His want might gain. He promised a home, where riches endure, And where there is never pain.   Though Jesus was God, yet He became Man, That He may His life lay down And all of his pain, was part of His plan That […]

This Modern Gospel

This modern gospel that I hear Has taken out the bitter cup— And then this cry upon my ear, “We want our spirits lifted up!”   But I refuse to hear that call; My ear is deaf; my mind is fixed. I will not change a word at all. I’ll preach the gospel truth unmixed. […]

They Who Wait Upon the Lord.

Isaiah 40:12-31   Whose strength can help when things are rough; And human strength is not enough? The way it has been put to me; I turn and put it now to thee: Who scooped his hand down from the skies, And measured out the ocean’s size?   Who by his strength that cannot fail, […]

The Only Respectable Hope

If you can believe there is goodness in you, Then any of many religions will do. In every religion that man ever made, It’s all about getting a high enough grade.   But Jesus has showed us a narrower path, Where He is the only remover of wrath, For only the merit of Christ will […]

Public Schools

What is it with these public schools today? Where kids get taught it’s fine if you are gay: Where false religions they accept high hand, But Christianity of course they banned. We lower all the tests so kids can pass, And take God’s name in vain and call it class. Where missing links they think […]

O Lord, How Long?

O Lord, how long will this vile world               Reject your endless grace? How long will they reject the light               While darkness they embrace? O Lord, how long will Satan rule               And keep his prisons fast? How long till in his prison cell               The devil will be cast? O Lord, how long […]

My Worth

Dear Father, I’m seeing myself as a worm. The truth that I’m nothing the Scriptures affirm, But pride doesn’t like all the feelings I feel. I want to be something that’s worth a great deal.   But turning to Jesus and seeing His cross, It brings me to tears, as I think of the loss […]

My Wanted Blessing

Though friends receive the blessing I had wanted,      And I am left without a hope, I know my faith in God will stand undaunted,      For He will give me strength to cope.   If I must face the trial of disaster,      Though friends forsake on every side, I still will love my only Lord and […]

My Name for Jesus’ Name

I heard a man use Jesus’ name in vain; With my own ears I heard it clear and plain. And now his blood is placed upon my head, For lack of saying what I should have said. I should have fought to honor Jesus’ name; Instead I left it lie in open shame.   My […]

My God is Still the Same

When I’m lost on the road   I’ve traveled many years, When the things that I knew   Are now my doubts and fears,   When the dreams that I dreamed    Are now my broken heart, When the hope that I had    Is fallen all apart,   When the certain things change,    Secure though thought to be, […]

My Father’s Hand

I’m traveling through a foreign land, Where devils lurk on every hand, But still by faith I face each fear, And trust my Father’s hand is near.   And as a stranger in this land, I’ve learned to trust my Saviour’s Hand; For He is God who made all things, And He is Lord and […]

My Desire

I’ve tasted of my Saviour’s grace; I’ve felt His love to Adam’s race. And now I covet, To have more of it. Lift up Thy shining face.   He died to bring me to the fold, And what I owe can not be told. I’m therefore pining, For His refining; Where I’ll come forth as […]

Jesus Is God

The God who has made both heaven and earth Has come as a man of lowliest birth. Our sins He forgives; our wounds He will heal, For Jesus is God, and Jesus is real!   I know of a place without any night; (No need of the sun; the Lamb is the light;) Without any […]

It’s When You Look at Earth

It’s when you look at earth, And covet all its gold, Forgetting what it’s worth In light of “wealth untold,”   That you forget the things That matter most in life, Like love and what it brings, Dispelling fear and strife.   It’s faith and hope and love, That must be what we sow; If […]

Is It Bold?

Is it bold for a baker to talk about bread?Is it bold to repeat what another man said? Is it bold for a Christian to quote from the Word? Is it bold to pass on what you’ve already heard?   Is it odd for mechanics to talk about cars? Is it odd when astronomers point […]

In Christ

I deserve to feel God’s wrath; To have it poured on me like wine. Death and Hell are in my path; The curse of sin is justly mine. But in Christ it isn’t so; I am forgiven, blessed, and free. God no longer is my foe; For Christ has paid the price for me.   […]

I Wanna See You

Reveal your love to me. I beg you let me see, Your blessed shining face, And flood me with your grace.      I wanna see you   And by your loving kindness, I pray you heal my blindness. I want a clearer view, Of all the love in you.   With you I want to […]

I Saw the Light

I thought I was okay. I thought my sins were small. I thought that I was good; That I was strong and tall. Until I saw the Light!   And then I saw my sin, And saw that hell was just For all the things I’d done, So go to hell I must Until I […]

I Once… But Now

I once was called a real believer, But now I am believing. I once had known about the asking, But now about receiving.   I once had known about my Jesus, But now He knows my name. I once had heard about the fire, But now I feel the flame.   I once had heard […]

Give Thanks to the Lord

    Sorrow possess my soul;     Troubles beyond my control  Are posing a powerful threat;  The devil is laying his net,     Hoping to catch and destroy;     Trying to rob me of joy. But the God of the day is the God of the night, And I trust in the one who has always been right, And give […]

Give Glory To His Name

The sun to rule the day, The moon and stars by night Give glory to his name, By showing God is light.   This mighty universe, The planets, earth and sun Give glory to God’s name, By showing what he’s done!   This infinite creation, This endless outer space Give glory to God’s name, By […]


We represent a giving God, So let us walk where Jesus trod; He gave His blood to ransom men He knew would not be born again. So let us give our goods away, And give to those who can’t repay. The only way this world will find God has eternal good in mind Is by […]

Father, Teach Me

My heart is full of sin, and I’m defiled,But still my Father wants me for his child;So I will honor him as best I can,And use his Spirit in the inner man.    Father, teach me how to watch and pray.    Father, help me walk the narrow way. My Saviour’s love constrains me more and moreEach […]

GOD’S ARMIES Hannes Zegement Grove

When God sends forth His armies,What beast or man can stand?When God stretches out his hand,No herb or seed will be untouched through this forsaken land. How can a nation fight against an Almighty GodWhen He uses a lowly Shepherd and in his hand a rod?How do you fight then water turned to blood?Or defend […]

The Stranger Hannes Grove

I met this stranger on a rocky road seldom traveled on, and He asked me: “Friend where are you going?” And I told Him about The Lion of Judah who had pointed me on this steep way and who had protected me several times on this lonely, dangerous road. At this, the stranger smiled, and […]


CALLED TO UNCOVER SIN AND REVEAL JESUS CHRIST The great note today is amiable religiosity and every doctrine that is not imbedded in the Cross of Jesus will lead astray. (Oswald Chambers) So we are called as a worker to uncover sin and to reveal Jesus Christ as Saviour! We are not here to be […]


REALITY IS REDEMPTION Reality is redemption, not my experience of redemption, but redemption has no meaning for me until it speaks the language of my conscious life. And being sure of faith of itself is not faith! Faith that is sure of God is the only faith there is.

HAVING IT YOUR WAY Hannes Zegement Grove

HAVING IT YOUR WAY Christian why is it so important having your own wayWhile Christ is shaking His head saying my child nayBut you want it to be done your way on this path you’ll stayWhy don’t you take heed? What is wrong with you I pray Christian, why do you want to do it […]

Jesus Martha Petrusevich

Jesus I stand and before my eyes I see,The man, who had to die for me. So that I, wouldn’t need to die, And forever live with Him on high. I stand and before my eyes I see, Amazing love He has for me. Love like this is hard to find, Yet He offers it […]

Mother!! Martha Petrusevich

The work of a mother never seems to endShe needs to be a mom, a wife, a friend,There are always clothes she needs to mend,And a weed filled garden to clean and tend. There are dirty clothes to wash and fold,A sick and fussy baby, to rock and hold.There are dishes to wash and put […]

Miracles Matha Petrusevich

MiraclesA miracle is something… no one ever can predict,For it is a handiwork of God… that no one can restrict Greatest miracles occur, when they are least expected…By an almighty, sovereign God…they are directed. He touches many lives, in ways we can’t foresee,Saves the greatest sinners, from bondage sets them free!!!He answers prayers… in the […]

A Little Prayer

God, I want to love you more,Than I ever have before.Purify my heart and mind:Take out every sin you find. God, I’m doing what I can,But I fail in every plan.Flesh is weak, but God is strong.Be my strength and be my song. God, I want to do what’s right,But I almost lose the fight.By […]

A Lesson From a Finch

Inspired by a true happening A finch was hopping on the ground,And calmly eating what he found,Until a blue jay flying byLet out his horrifying cry. How cruel and naughty was the jayTo scare the little bird away!It’s only right the finch should feelSome anger for his troubled meal. It seemed the jay was having […]

A Fountain of Tears

Jeremiah 9:1 Oh, that my tears for my people were flowing!Oh, for a fountain of endless supply!Oh, that the love in my heart would be growing!Then for the sins of my people I’d cry. Oh, that my weeping would be efficacious!Oh, that revival would grip every hand!Oh, that the people would find he is gracious!Oh, […]

A Fool for Christ

I could pursue a life of fun and ease, With riches, games, and other things that please. The hardships of my path I could evade And follow steps my Lord has never laid; But leaving all my hopes and dreams behind, I trust that greater riches I shall find. I glory in my weakness and […]


Our God has wisely that revealed      Which we have need to know,And what He wisely left concealed      We safely can let go. ~Nita Brainard      

Don’s Testimony

My memories are few from the first years of life, But what I remember is feuding and strife.

Mary of Bethany

What was it Mary sought    That caused the Lord to say,“The one thing needful she has got.   “It won’t be taken away.”?  It wasn’t service of the kind   That Martha tried to bear,That weighted up on her fretful mind   And cumbered her with care. The outward kind that people see,   That suits a worldly plan,Is […]

The Road

I took the road less travelled by —      Not consciously I chose,

True Surrender

Sinless was our Lord’s request    To have the cup pass by Him —

Life Is So Busy

Life is so busy, no time for much prayer. I am just running and filled with despair.

No Room

Man, you resist God, His calling, Stilling His voice every day;

Discerning God’s Will

The will of the Lord is for you to do right — To honor His Word and to walk in the light,


You’re running from your troubles,       But trouble comes along —

O Love of God

O love of God, how strong and true! Eternal, and yet ever new;


  The dreams I once cherished are lost in the flood Of fast-flowing waves from the current of life.

Psalm xxxi

My spirit on thy care,       Blest Saviour, I recline;

Psalm cxxxix

Omniscient God, Thine eye divine       My inmost soul can see;

Food in Egypt

Ah, yes, there's food in Egypt,  But what will be the cost?

Our Rose

As beauty ripens,   Must death invade?


Oh, the compensating springs! Oh, the balance-wheels of life, Hidden away in the workings under the seeming strife!

The Wall

I’ve tried so hard to manage things, And make them work by pulling strings

A Minstrel

I used to have a minstrel       Who sang his songs to me,

Aaron’s Feast

The man who spoke in Moses’ stead     And stood by Moses’ side,

Faith and Pride

Faith will sometimes be accused of being nothing more than pride, Though the boldness of its actions has humility inside.


Oh, we have this glorious treasure     In a vessel made of clay,

The Narrow Way

The way indeed is narrow;  The entrance to it strait.

The Giver

There’s no one who loves like my Father in heaven, Who so loved the world that He gave us His Son,

Left Alone

Left alone as night draws on, Left alone — but not to sleep —    

It’s Done

It's done. It is finished — and done once for all — The work of the cross that has torn down the wall;

Christ Alone

Christ alone provides an answer      To the ills that plague our race.

Trust in the Lord

  It’s better to trust in the Lord than in men, ‘Cause people will fail you again and again.

My God Is There

In all the changing scenes of life; In times of peace; in times of strife,


Oh, Lord, if You would shelter me       With some sweet second cause —

Ressurection Song

Oh, do you believe in my Savior?       The One who arose fromt he grave?

Only One

There’s only one shelter and only one rest, There’s only one place I can go when oppressed.

My Wings

My wings, my wings, I’ve felt them grow.      They’re made to fly, I know,

Trembling We Had Hoped for Mercy Frances Bevan

Trembling, we had hoped for mercy —       Some lone place within the door; But the crown, the throne, the mansion,       All were ready long before. And in past and distant ages,       In those courts so bright and fair, Ere we were, was He rejoicing,     […]

Listen, Oh, Listen

Listen, oh, listen, my Father, all holy,       Humble and sorrowful, owning my sin, Hear me confess in my penitence lowly       How in my weakness temptation came in.   Pity me now, for, my Father, no sorrow       Weighs on my soul like the pain that I know, […]

The Everlasting Memorial

Up and away, like the dew of the morning      That soars from the earth to its home in the sun,

The Inner Calm

Calm me, my God, and keep me calm,      While these hot breezes blow;

Divine Peace

  Peace upon peace, like wave upon wave, This the portion that I crave;


I stand upon the Mount of God      With sunlight in my soul;

Choose Thou

Thy way, not mine, O Lord!      However dark it be;

Zeal in Labour

Go, labor on; spend and be spent,      Thy joy to do the Father’s will;


Upward, where the stars are burning, Silent, silent in their turning

Hear My Cry

O strong to save and bless, My rock and righteousness

At the Lord’s Table

Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face;     Here would I touch and handle things unseen,

Be True

Thou must be true thyself, If thou the truth wouldst teach;

Is This All?

Sometimes I catch sweet glimpses of His face,            But that is all.

.Ann Steele Poems

Anne Steele Poems                       Anne Steele 1716 – 1778 Anne Steele was born in England, the daughter of a Baptist preacher. Anne Steele’s fiancé died the day before their anticipated wedding, and she never married. She helped her father with his ministerial labors and served the cause of […]

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                    Amy Carmichael 1867 -1951 Amy Carmichael was born in Ireland. She became a missionary to India, working with the Church Missionary Society. Amy Carmichael founded and ran an orphanage at Dohnavur, saving young girls from temple service. Many of them learned to love the Lord Jesus as well as […]

God’s Choice

An old, broken vessel that no one can use Is just such an instrument God says He’ll choose. 1 Corinthians 1, Psalm 147, Psalm 34 An old, broken vessel that no one can use Is just such an instrument God says He’ll choose. The weak and the foolish, cast off by the wise, Are valued […]

Hiding From The Truth

To live out your life in delusion,       And hide from the truth and the facts; To live out your life in delusion,       And hide from the truth and the facts; While seeming to lessen your sorrow,       Your sorrow it only protracts. To build on a shaky foundation,       Convincing yourself that it’s […]

Best Wishes

I wish you the best that my Saviour can give. I wish you the happiest life you can live. I wish you the best that my Saviour can give. I wish you the happiest life you can live. I wish you the peace that surpasses all thought. I wish you the love my Lord Jesus […]

God Over All

Sometimes the things I see or hear     Wake feelings deep inside, Sometimes the things I see or hear      Wake feelings deep inside, And make old mem’ries reappear      That I had tried to hide. The buried thoughts thus brought to mind      That time cannot erase Give pain I’d […]

The Testimony of Nature

A drop of dew upon a rose Adorned in nature’s finest clothes,   A drop of dew upon a rose Adorned in nature’s finest clothes, The grandest mount in stately gray Whose glory takes my breath away, The forest, dense with luscious green, The prairie charm, more felt than seen, The checkered fields of every […]

My Dad Max M. Johnson

Max M. Johnson   Nova Scotia was his birthplace, in 1888 And in the annals of the wealthy, notorious and great

The 23rd Psalm Max M. Johnson

By a 21st Century Sheep Max M. Johnson   The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know. He leads me in paths were He’d have me to go.

Wrong Way Street Max M. Johnson

Max M. Johnson   God made a man, and gave him life, to live in peace and not in strife. He placed him in His garden fair; all things provided for his care.

Chips Max M. Johnson

Max M. Johnson I watched with great awe and amazement — The Sculptor’s tool fashioned with skill

Man’s Intention

Man, I know your heart’s intention       Is to always love your wife;  Man, I know your heart’s intention       Is to always love your wife; Give her strength and truth and passion       Through your years of wedded life. But you thought it would be easy;     […]

Win the World for Christ

Hear our watchword loudly ringing, Win the world for Christ; Hear our watchword loudly ringing, Win the world for Christ; Precious souls to Jesus bringing, Win the world for Christ; We must all take hold together; Ev’ry one must do his share; Seek them one by one, till the work is done; Labor on (labor […]

Will There Be Any Stars?

I am thinking today of that beautiful land I shall reach when the sun goeth down; I am thinking today of that beautiful land I shall reach when the sun goeth down; When through wonderful grace by my Savior I stand, Will there be any stars in my crown? Will there be any stars, any […]

Who Will Follow Jesus?

Who will follow Jesus, Standing for the right, Who will follow Jesus, Standing for the right, Holding up His banner In the thickest fight? List’ning for His orders, Ready to obey, Who will follow Jesus, Serving Him today? Who will follow Jesus? Who will make reply, “I am on the Lord’s side; Master, here am […]

When Jesus Speaks

I hear sweet whisperings of love When Jesus speaks to me; I hear sweet whisperings of love When Jesus speaks to me; And blessèd comfort from above, When Jesus speaks to me. When Jesus speaks, when Jesus speaks, So faithful He will ever be That I will rejoice To hear His sweet voice, When Jesus […]

The Very Same Jesus

Come, sinners, to the living One, He’s just the same Jesus Come, sinners, to the living One, He’s just the same Jesus As when He raised the widow’s son, The very same Jesus. The very same Jesus, The wonder working Jesus; Oh praise His Name, He’s just the same The very same Jesus. Come, feast […]

The Very Friend I Need

When I’m sad and heavy laden, Burdened with the weight of sin, When I’m sad and heavy laden, Burdened with the weight of sin, Jesus is the very Friend I need; To the bloodstained cross He points me, And He gives me peace within, Jesus is the very Friend I need. O, He is the […]

Under the Blood

Lord, keep my soul from day to day, Under the blood, under the blood; Lord, keep my soul from day to day, Under the blood, under the blood; Take doubt and fear and sin away, Under the precious blood. Under the blood, the precious blood, Under the cleansing, healing flood; Keep me, Savior, from day […]

Tell the Whole Wide World

Tell the whole wide world of Jesus, Bear the news from shore to shore; Tell the whole wide world of Jesus, Bear the news from shore to shore; Telling sinners of the Savior, Let the light spread more and more. Tell the world, the whole wide world, Bear the news from shore to shore; Tell […]

Stepping in the Light

Trying to walk in the steps of the Savior, Trying to follow our Savior and King; Trying to walk in the steps of the Savior, Trying to follow our Savior and King; Shaping our lives by His blessèd example, Happy, how happy, the songs that we bring. How beautiful to walk in the steps of […]

Speak for Jesus

Speak for Jesus; He hath touched you, Raised you from the death of sin; Speak for Jesus; He hath touched you, Raised you from the death of sin; Use for Him the life He gives you; Rise, and precious jewels win! Arise and speak! arise and speak! Christ is list’ning now above; Arise and speak […]


A voice is heard in the dewy dawn, And the call is sweet and low; A voice is heard in the dewy dawn, And the call is sweet and low; Come now, my child to the Shepherd’s fold, Where the living waters flow; But the gay heart answers in careless tones, As light as the […]

Somebody Else Needs a Blessing

We’re “counting” the blessings, our joys we record, The wonderful mercies like sunbeams outpoured; We’re “counting” the blessings, our joys we record, The wonderful mercies like sunbeams outpoured; But let us remember while praising the Lord, Somebody else needs a blessing. Somebody else needs a blessing, Somebody else needs a blessing; We’ll let our lights […]

Singing I Go

The trusting heart to Jesus clings, Nor any ill forebodes, The trusting heart to Jesus clings, Nor any ill forebodes, But at the cross of Calv’ry, sings, Praise God for lifted loads! Singing I go along life’s road, Praising the Lord, praising the Lord, Singing I go along life’s road, For Jesus has lifted my […]

Since I Found My Savior

Life wears a different face to me, Since I found my Savior; Life wears a different face to me, Since I found my Savior; Rich mercy at the cross I see, My dying, living Savior. Golden sunbeams round me play; Jesus turns my night to day; Heaven seems not far away, Since I found my […]

Seek Ye First

Seek ye first the kingdom; not the things of earth. Priceless are the treasures of immortal worth. Seek ye first the kingdom; not the things of earth. Priceless are the treasures of immortal worth. Like a flitting shadow, time will pass away, But the heav’nly riches change not, nor decay. “Seek ye first the kingdom,” […]

Safe in the Shepherd’s Care

Though beneath the drifting snow, Summer flow’rs have been laid low, Though beneath the drifting snow, Summer flow’rs have been laid low, I am safe in the tender Shepherd’s care; Tho’ the sunbeams hide away, On the dark and cloudy day, I am safe in the tender Shepherd’s care. Safe, in the tender Shepherd’s care, […]

The Precious Friend

There’s an eye that watches o’er me, Everywhere I’m called to go; There’s an eye that watches o’er me, Everywhere I’m called to go; There’s a light that shines before me, Brighter still the way will grow; There’s a tender hand to guide me, Thro’ the sunlight and the shade; There’s a Friend Who walks […]

Once My Way Was Dark and Dreary

Once my way was dark and dreary, For my heart was full of sin, But the sky is bright and cheery, Since the fullness of His love came in. I can never tell how much I love Him, I can never tell His love for me, For it passeth human measure, Like a deep, unfathomed […]

Let the Joy Overflow

There’s a clear fountain flowing From the bright throne above, There’s a clear fountain flowing From the bright throne above, And its waters are glowing With the sunshine of love; Take the blest consolation, Which the Lord will bestow, Take the cup of salvation— Let the joy overflow. O the joy! With this wondrous salvation […]

I Shall Be No Stranger There

When the pearly gates are opened To a sinner “saved by grace,” When the pearly gates are opened To a sinner “saved by grace,” When thro’ everlasting mercy, I behold my Savior’s face, When I enter in the mansions Of the city bright and fair, I shall have a royal welcome, For I’ll be no […]

His Word Was with Power

There’s pow’r, mighty pow’r in the word of the King; He speaks, and the captive is free; There’s pow’r, mighty pow’r in the word of the King; He speaks, and the captive is free; The lips of the dumb with rejoicing shall sing; O speak, blessèd Savior, to me! O the pow’r, mighty pow’r, In […]

The Happy Crowning Day

There’s an hour which no man knoweth, Nor the angels round the throne, There’s an hour which no man knoweth, Nor the angels round the throne, When the Lord shall come in glory from the sky; All the saints shall rise to meet Him, For He calleth for his own; They shall hear the trumpet […]

Give Me Thy Heart

“Give Me thy heart,” says the Father above— No gift so precious to Him as our love; “Give Me thy heart,” says the Father above— No gift so precious to Him as our love; Softly He whispers wherever thou art, “Gratefully trust Me and give Me thy heart.” “Give Me thy heart, give me thy […]

Father All Holy

Father all holy, bend we so lowly, Glowing with love’s tender flame; Father all holy, bend we so lowly, Glowing with love’s tender flame; Father in Heaven, praises be given, Hallowed forever Thy Name. Telling the story, spreading Thy glory, Send forth Thy people, we pray, Till every nation know Thy salvation, Under Thy kingdom’s […]

The Everlasting Hymn

Holy, holy, holy; Angel voices singing; Holy, holy, holy; Angel voices singing; Holy, holy, holy, Through high heaven ringing. From that temple, pure and bright, Bathed in streams of crystal light, Hear the everlasting hymn, Holy, holy, holy. Holy, holy, holy; Grandest music swelling; Holy, holy, holy, All sweet notes excelling. Those who conquered by […]

Come Unto Me

Come unto Jesus, all ye that labor, All that are weary, sad and oppressed; Come unto Jesus, all ye that labor, All that are weary, sad and oppressed; Still He is calling, oh, friend and neighbor, “Come unto Me, and I will give you rest.” Down thro’ the ages, sweetly ’tis ringing, This word of […]

Come, for All Things Are Ready!

Come, for all things are ready! ’Tis a banquet of love; Here’s a free invitation from the Master above: Come, for all things are ready! ’Tis a banquet of love; Here’s a free invitation from the Master above: It is written in crimson, drawn from Calvary’s flood, From the wonderful fountain of the soul cleansing […]

Carry the Light

Many in darkness are far astray, Carry the light, carry the light, Many in darkness are far astray, Carry the light, carry the light, Spreading the beams of the Gospel day, Carry the beautiful light; Tell them the gift of the Father’s love, How the dear Savior He gave; Tell them of mercy that smiles […]

Calvary’s Stream Is Flowing

From that dear cross where Jesus died, Calv’ry’s stream is flowing; From that dear cross where Jesus died, Calv’ry’s stream is flowing; From bleeding hands and feet and side, Calv’ry’s stream is flowing. Calv’ry’s stream is flowing, Calv’ry’s stream is flowing; Flowing so free for you and for me, Calv’ry’s stream is flowing. Come, wash […]

By Grace I Will

Will you go to Jesus now, dear friend? He is calling you today: Will you go to Jesus now, dear friend? He is calling you today: Will you seek the bright and better land, By “the true and living Way”? I will, I will! by the grace of God, I will; I will go to […]

Brighter Are the Sunbeams

Brighter are the sunbeams on this day, O rejoice, heart and voice! Brighter are the sunbeams on this day, O rejoice, heart and voice! Sweeter buds unfolding by the way, Telling of the quick’ning life of spring; Bright sunbeams tell out the story Of the Easter joy and glory, And winter’s gone—cold and hoary, All […]

A Blessing in Prayer

There is rest, sweet rest, at the Master’s feet, There is favor now at the mercy seat, There is rest, sweet rest, at the Master’s feet, There is favor now at the mercy seat, For atoning blood has been sprinkled there; There is always a blessing, a blessing in prayer. There’s a blessing in prayer, […]

Beautiful Words of Jesus

Beautiful words of Jesus, Spoken so long ago, Beautiful words of Jesus, Spoken so long ago, Yet, as we sing them over, Dearer to us they grow, Calling the heavy laden, Calling to hearts oppressed, “Come unto Me, ye weary; Come, I will give you rest.” Hear the call of His voice, so sweet; Bring […]

Beautiful Robes

We shall walk with Him in white, In that country pure and bright, We shall walk with Him in white, In that country pure and bright, Where shall enter naught that may defile; Where the day-beam ne’er declines, For the blessèd light that shines Is the glory of a Savior’s smile. Refrain Beautiful robes, beautiful […]

All Over the World

Bear the good tidings all over the world, Let the bright banner of love be unfurled, Bear the good tidings all over the world, Let the bright banner of love be unfurled, Wherever sorrow and sin shall be found, There let the news of salvation resound. Refrain All over the world, All over the world, […]

All in the Silent Night

All in the silent night, Numberless angels bright All in the silent night, Numberless angels bright Came on their wings of light Thronging the deep blue sky; Beautiful songs they sang, Wonderful echoes rang; Glory to Christ our King, Glory to God on high. Glory, glory to God! Glory, glory to God, Glory, all glory […]

Sheet Music Table

    Song Titles Piano* Solos with piano accompaniment Duets with optional piano accompaniment* Trios with optional piano accompaniment* Abide with me Piano Solo Violin / Tenor Recorder with optional Flute Obligato   Trio Part 1   (a)   :            Flute / Treble Recorder / Violin   or       (b)   :            Descant Recorder Part 2        : Flute / Treble […]

Martha Hall

The marriage union God has given To be a type and taste of heaven. Faithful in Adversity The marriage union God has given To be a type and taste of heaven. Both man and wife He means to bless, Increasing earthly happiness, But in the case of Martha Hall, It didn’t work that way at […]

Sheet Music Table

    Song Titles Solos with piano accompaniment Duets with optional piano accompaniment Trios with optional piano accompaniment 1.     Abide with me   Violin / Tenor Recorder with optional Flute Obligato Score    Parts   Piano Í   Part 1    (a)  :    Flute / Treble Recorder / Violin or          (b)  :    Descant Recorder Part 2           :    Flute / Treble […]

Main Poets

                                                                               Main Poets. Welcome to the Main Poets section of Poetry on Prayerclub. The main poets are English speaking men and women from all ages of the church. Each of the main poets […]

Why Will You Die?

My friend, my soul is deeply grieved       To see the state you’re in:   My friend, my soul is deeply grieved       To see the state you’re in: What benefit have you received       For holding on to sin?   What fruit have you to justify       The minding earthly things? It’s vanity you […]


And shall a worm complain to God If he should feel the chastening rod? Or, A Worm’s Complaint And shall a worm complain to God If he should feel the chastening rod? No, rather he is reconciled To thus be treated as a child. The Father’s discipline I feel And know thereby the Spirit’s seal; […]

It Takes a Village

It takes a village (so we’re told)       To raise a child today. It takes a village (we reply),   Glenn Conjurske-We are not ignorant of his devices.” ~ II Cor. 2:11. It takes a village (so we’re told)       To raise a child today. It takes a village (we reply),       To steal his […]

Love to All

Create in this poor, struggling soul Too hard a case for Thee? Thy wisdom and Thy power flow In concert with Thy grace, And nothing is too hard for Thee— Nor I, too hard a case. No, not a thirsty soul is found Outside Thy loving sphere, Nor can outside Thy power to save A […]

The Counsel of the Lord

The counsel of the wicked ……May change from day to day. Psalm 33:11 The counsel of the wicked     May change from day to day. It needn’t be consistent     To keep in error’s way. Not so with God almighty —     His counsel stays the same, And those who stand upon it     Will […]