A Cradle Hymn

Hush!my dear, lie still and slumber,      Holy angels guard thy bed! Heavenly blessings without number       Gently falling on thy head. Sleep, my babe; thy food and raiment,       House and home, thy friends provide; All without thy care or payment:       All thy wants are well […]


Now Christ’s command is simple,  And meant to be obeyed,“Go ye and preach My Gospel  In every land,” He said. Christ hadn’t any favourites;  He lived and died for all!So all should know the Message,  And hear His gracious call. So I’ll go and face the music  In some dark far off land,Where no one’s ever been before  For Christ to […]

CHUTNEY – C. T. Studd

I want to be like Jesus,   Who left His throne on high For hell-deserving sinners   To live, and work, and die. Forsaking all His glory,    His power He laid aside, His entrée—lo! a manger!   His exit—crucified! We human fools rejected,   And left to stand alone, The only real Victor   This world has ever known. […]

CARD OF THANKS Gunerius C. Lee

A living plant, full packed with blomArrived to help dispel the gloomThat somehow always hangs aroundWherever dread disease is found.Although the plant itself will dieIts fragrance will be in the skythus may the plant a symbol beOf humans just like you and me:The body dies, for die it mustAnd in the grave return to dust;The […]

The Cross Became The Bridge – Sharon Dawson Menefee

I was lost in sinwandering aimlesslyI didn’t know of God’s loveOr of CalvaryI didn’t know sin separated mefrom the Father’s sideAnd that a chasm was between usdeep and wide…. But then one day I heard the storyof how He loved me soEnough to die for meAnd saved my sinful soul. Chorus:And the cross became the […]

The Changed Cross

It was a time of sadness, and my heart,Although it knew and loved the better part, Felt wearied with the conflict and the strife. And all the needful discipline of life. And while I thought on these, as given to me — My trial tests of faith and love to be — It seemed as […]


CALLED TO UNCOVER SIN AND REVEAL JESUS CHRIST The great note today is amiable religiosity and every doctrine that is not imbedded in the Cross of Jesus will lead astray. (Oswald Chambers) So we are called as a worker to uncover sin and to reveal Jesus Christ as Saviour! We are not here to be […]

Chips Max M. Johnson

Max M. Johnson I watched with great awe and amazement — The Sculptor’s tool fashioned with skill

Confidence George C. Neumark

George C. Neumark Translated by Catherine Winkworth If thou but suffer God to guide thee,     And hope in Him through all thy ways,

Can Sinners Hope For Heaven ?

~ From The Old Paths ~   Can sinners hope for heaven, Who love this world so well; Or dream of future happiness, While in the road to hell?   Shall they hosannas sing, With an unhallowed tongue; Shall psalms adorn the guilty hand Which does its neighbor wrong?   Can sin’s deceitful way Conduct […]