GOD’S BEST A. B. Simpson

  God has His best things for the few   Who dare to stand the test;God has His second choice for those   Who will not have His best.It is not always open ill   That risks the Promised Rest;The better often is the foe   That keeps us from God’s best.Some seek the highest choice,   But, when by […]


Forsake me not, my God,      Thou God of my salvation!Give me Thy light, to be      My sure illumination.My soul to folly turns,      Seeking she knows not what;Oh! lead her to Thyself–      My God, forsake me not! Forsake me not, my God!      Take not Thy Spirit from me;And suffer not the might      Of sin to overcome […]


Psalm 43:4 Early my spirit turned      From earthly things away,And agonized and yearned      For the eternal day;Dimly I saw, when but a boy,      God, my exceeding joy. In days of fiercer flame,      When passion urged me on,‘Twas only bliss in name–      The pleasure soon was gone.Compared with Thee, how all things cloy,      God my exceeding […]

GOD’S D.D. – C. T. Studd

Old Daniel was a Dreadnought!  If he was here to-day,He’d make it hot for the pious lot  Who don’t do as they say. He didn’t speak behind folks’ backs,  But met them face to face;He called spades spades, and dubbed knaves,  And always proved his case. He neither cared for place nor power,  Nor feared the lions’ den;A godly cause […]

GOD’S ARMIES Hannes Zegement Grove

When God sends forth His armies,What beast or man can stand?When God stretches out his hand,No herb or seed will be untouched through this forsaken land. How can a nation fight against an Almighty GodWhen He uses a lowly Shepherd and in his hand a rod?How do you fight then water turned to blood?Or defend […]

God Our Strength

Man, in his weakness, needs a stronger stay             Than fellow-men, the holiest and the best:

God’s Anvil

Pain’s furnace-heat within me quivers,             God’s breath upon the fire doth blow,

Glory to Thy Fathers Face Helen Maria Williams


By Helen Maria Williams   Fountain deep of love and grace,Who, Lord, can repay Thee thus,As Thou gav’st Thyself for us? What to Thee shall we repay,Who for us didst bleed and die,When Though shalt the question make,What have ye done for My sake? Hard in heart, in action weak,Lord, Thy grace divine we seek:Set […]