A Texas cowboy lay down on a barroom floor, Having drunk so much he could drink no more; So he fell asleep with a troubled brain To dream that he rode on a hell-bound train. The engine with murderous blood was damp And was brilliantly lit with a brimstone lamp; An imp, for fuel, was […]

HIMSELF A. B. Simpson

Once it was the blessing,       Now it is the Lord;Once it was the feeling,      Now it is His Word;Once HiIs figt I wanted,      Now, the Giver own;Once I sought for healing,      Now HImself alone. Once ’twas painful trying,      Now ’tis perfect trust;Once a half salvation,      Now the uttermost;Once ’twas ceaseless holding,      Now He holds […]

HE THOUGHT HE’D WON Velma Dawson Griffis

He thought he’d wonthe devil smiledAnd rubbed his hands with gleeThe maker of the world was deadHanging on a tree.“The world is mineI own it now,I finally won,” he cried.He didn’t know he’d lost it allThe day that Jesus died—Two days he smiledHis heart was lightNow man was his alone—Then words that echoed through the […]

He Dies: He Lives!

He dies! the Friend of sinners dies!     Lo! Salem’s daughters weep around;A solemn darkness veils the skies,     A sudden trembling shakes the gournd.Come, saints, and drop a tear or two     For Him who groan’d beneath your load:He shed a thousand drops for you–     A thousand drops of richer blood. Here’s love […]


The God that stopped the  sun on high,And sent the manna from the sky,Laid flat the walls of Jericho,And put to flight told Israel’s foe.Why can’t He answer prayer today,And drive each stormy cloud away?Who turned the water into wine,And healed a helpless criple’s spine—Commanded tempests, “Peace be still.”And hungry multitudes did fill, His power […]

HELL Catherine Dangell

Hell, the prisonhouse of despair,Here are some things that won’t be there:No flowers will bloom on the banks of Hell,No beauties of nature we love so well;No comforts of home, music and song,No friendship of joy will be found in that throng;No love to brighten the long, weary night,No love nor peace, nor one ray […]


The angel touched my arm and spoke,      And startled by his voice, I woke.“Get up,” he said,”There comes the sun–       Another day has just begun!”And with this most unsavory warningI realized that it was morning. I frowned and cried: “O bitter cup!      I am so tired of getting up!Oh, […]

How Things Are – Melody Conjurske

There’s nothing at allIn my brain this fall.I sit here and stareWith thoughts everywhere. I can’t really readFor my brain won’t heed,And I tried to write,But I couldn’t quite. I can’t concentrate,I nothing seems straight.It is pretty hard,To be so marred. I always feel ill,Can’t do what I will;But then if I couldI’m not sure […]

HAVING IT YOUR WAY Hannes Zegement Grove

HAVING IT YOUR WAY Christian why is it so important having your own wayWhile Christ is shaking His head saying my child nayBut you want it to be done your way on this path you’ll stayWhy don’t you take heed? What is wrong with you I pray Christian, why do you want to do it […]

Holy Tears

Yes, thou may’st weep, for Jesus shed     Such tears as those thou sheddest now,

Habitual Devotion Helen Maria Williams

By Helen Maria Williams    While Thee I seek, protecting Power!Be my vain wishes still’d;And may this consecrating hourWith better hopes be fill’d! Thy love the powers of thought bestow’d;To thee my thoughts would soar;Thy mercy o’er my life has flowed;That mercy I adore! In each event of life, how clearThy ruling hand I see!Each blessing to […]