‘Mid pleasure, plenty, and success,      Freely we take from Him who lends:We boast the blessing we possess,      Yet scarcely thank the One who sends. But let affliction pour its smart,      How soon we quail beneath the rod!With shattered pride, and prostrate heart,      We seek the long forgotten God. Eliza Cook

Mary’s Choice

Jesus, engrave it on my heart,That Thou the one thing needful art;I could from all things parted be,But never, never, Lord, from thee. Needful is Thy most precious blood,Needful is Thy correcting rod,Needful is Thy indulgent care,Needful Thy all-prevailing prayer. Needful Thy presence, dearest Lord,True peace and comfort to afford;Needful Thy promise to impartFresh life […]

Mothers, be patient.

I know full well that you have much to bear,But speak not harshly to the little ones      Who bring thee care.      A little child,A fragile, tender plant that holds your heartWith love so strong, which you will only gauge      If you should part.     Noisy? Tis health,And yet it needs but just a sudden chill,A few […]


Psalm 31:15 Father, I know that all my life    Is portioned out for me, And the changes that are sure to come,    I do not fear to see; But I ask Thee for a present mind    Intent on pleasing Thee. I ask Thee for a thankful love,    Through constant watching wise, […]

The Meeting Place

Where the faded flower shall freshen,    Freshen never more to fade; Where the shaded sky shall brighten,    Brighten never more to shade; Where the sun-blaze never scorches;    Where the star-beams cease to chill; Where no tempest stirs the echoes    Of the wood, or wave, or hill; Where the moon shall wake […]

Mother!! Martha Petrusevich

The work of a mother never seems to endShe needs to be a mom, a wife, a friend,There are always clothes she needs to mend,And a weed filled garden to clean and tend. There are dirty clothes to wash and fold,A sick and fussy baby, to rock and hold.There are dishes to wash and put […]

Miracles Matha Petrusevich

MiraclesA miracle is something… no one ever can predict,For it is a handiwork of God… that no one can restrict Greatest miracles occur, when they are least expected…By an almighty, sovereign God…they are directed. He touches many lives, in ways we can’t foresee,Saves the greatest sinners, from bondage sets them free!!!He answers prayers… in the […]

My Dad Max M. Johnson

Max M. Johnson   Nova Scotia was his birthplace, in 1888 And in the annals of the wealthy, notorious and great

My Bud in Heaven F. I. Darling

F. I. Darling   A bud the gard’ner gave me, A fair and lovely child, He gave it for my keeping. To cherish undefiled. It lay upon my bosom. It was my joy and pride, Perhaps it was an idol Which I must be denied.   For just as it was opening In glory to […]