The Incarnation

The shepherds wondered at the sight Of angels singing in the night, But angels wondered at the thought That God had incarnation wrought!   How awed the angels must have been To see their God as He was then! Their source of worship night and day Was lying on a bed of hay!     […]

O How It Breaks My Heart

I prayed to see this world Through Jesus eyes and heart, But oh I didn’t know Just what that would impart.   O how it breaks my heart, To see the souls around me, And to know, Where they go.   O how it breaks my heart; To see the drunk man reel, To see […]

Though Jesus Was Rich

Though Jesus was rich, yet He became poor, That I by His want might gain. He promised a home, where riches endure, And where there is never pain.   Though Jesus was God, yet He became Man, That He may His life lay down And all of his pain, was part of His plan That […]

This Modern Gospel

This modern gospel that I hear Has taken out the bitter cup— And then this cry upon my ear, “We want our spirits lifted up!”   But I refuse to hear that call; My ear is deaf; my mind is fixed. I will not change a word at all. I’ll preach the gospel truth unmixed. […]

The Only Respectable Hope

If you can believe there is goodness in you, Then any of many religions will do. In every religion that man ever made, It’s all about getting a high enough grade.   But Jesus has showed us a narrower path, Where He is the only remover of wrath, For only the merit of Christ will […]

O Lord, How Long?

O Lord, how long will this vile world               Reject your endless grace? How long will they reject the light               While darkness they embrace? O Lord, how long will Satan rule               And keep his prisons fast? How long till in his prison cell               The devil will be cast? O Lord, how long […]

My Desire

I’ve tasted of my Saviour’s grace; I’ve felt His love to Adam’s race. And now I covet, To have more of it. Lift up Thy shining face.   He died to bring me to the fold, And what I owe can not be told. I’m therefore pining, For His refining; Where I’ll come forth as […]

Jesus Is God

The God who has made both heaven and earth Has come as a man of lowliest birth. Our sins He forgives; our wounds He will heal, For Jesus is God, and Jesus is real!   I know of a place without any night; (No need of the sun; the Lamb is the light;) Without any […]

In Christ

I deserve to feel God’s wrath; To have it poured on me like wine. Death and Hell are in my path; The curse of sin is justly mine. But in Christ it isn’t so; I am forgiven, blessed, and free. God no longer is my foe; For Christ has paid the price for me.   […]

I Saw the Light

I thought I was okay. I thought my sins were small. I thought that I was good; That I was strong and tall. Until I saw the Light!   And then I saw my sin, And saw that hell was just For all the things I’d done, So go to hell I must Until I […]

I Once… But Now

I once was called a real believer, But now I am believing. I once had known about the asking, But now about receiving.   I once had known about my Jesus, But now He knows my name. I once had heard about the fire, But now I feel the flame.   I once had heard […]

A Fool for Christ

I could pursue a life of fun and ease, With riches, games, and other things that please. The hardships of my path I could evade And follow steps my Lord has never laid; But leaving all my hopes and dreams behind, I trust that greater riches I shall find. I glory in my weakness and […]