The Sacrifice of Praise

A negative spirit so often prevails, And following closely, discouragement trails. But God, who is rich in his mercy and grace, Has left us a marvelous pattern to trace. And offer a sacrifice made of acclaim; The fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name!   The devil destroys every Christian he can, And […]

I Wanna See You

Reveal your love to me. I beg you let me see, Your blessed shining face, And flood me with your grace.      I wanna see you   And by your loving kindness, I pray you heal my blindness. I want a clearer view, Of all the love in you.   With you I want to […]

Give Glory To His Name

The sun to rule the day, The moon and stars by night Give glory to his name, By showing God is light.   This mighty universe, The planets, earth and sun Give glory to God’s name, By showing what he’s done!   This infinite creation, This endless outer space Give glory to God’s name, By […]

Father, Teach Me

My heart is full of sin, and I’m defiled,But still my Father wants me for his child;So I will honor him as best I can,And use his Spirit in the inner man.    Father, teach me how to watch and pray.    Father, help me walk the narrow way. My Saviour’s love constrains me more and moreEach […]

A Little Prayer

God, I want to love you more,Than I ever have before.Purify my heart and mind:Take out every sin you find. God, I’m doing what I can,But I fail in every plan.Flesh is weak, but God is strong.Be my strength and be my song. God, I want to do what’s right,But I almost lose the fight.By […]

A Fountain of Tears

Jeremiah 9:1 Oh, that my tears for my people were flowing!Oh, for a fountain of endless supply!Oh, that the love in my heart would be growing!Then for the sins of my people I’d cry. Oh, that my weeping would be efficacious!Oh, that revival would grip every hand!Oh, that the people would find he is gracious!Oh, […]