Resting on the faithfulness of Christ our Lord,Resting on the fulness of His own sure Word,Resting on His wisdom, on His love and power,Resting on His covenant from hour to hour.Resting in the fortress while the foe is nigh,Resting in the lifeboat while the waves roll high,Resting in His chariot for the swift, glad race,Resting, […]

Leaving Us an Example, that ye should follow His Steps

    O Jesu, Thou didst leave Thy glorious home,   Of brightness more than mortal eye could bear,   And joys ineffable, alone to roamThrough earth’s dark wilderness in grief and want and care.   Thou didst exchange the praise of seraph voices      For sin-made discords and the wail of pain,   The anthems swelling high where […]

‘I Leave it all with Thee.’

Yes, I will leave it all with Thee,And only ask that I may beSubmissive to Thy loving will,Confiding, waiting, trusting still.Thou every fond desire dost knowWhich in my inmost heart doth glow;Thou hearest every secret sighWhen silent sorrow’s power is nigh.Omniscience alone may tellThe thoughts which in my spirit dwell;But ’t is a soothing word […]

September 1868

An April burst of beauty,   And a May like the Mays of old,And a glow of summer gladness   While June her long days told;And a hush of golden silence   All through the bright July,Without one peal of thunder,   Or a storm-wreath in the sky;And a fiery reign of August,   Till the moon was on the […]


   Is this the Peace of God, this strange, sweet calm?The weary day is at its zenith still,Yet ‘tis as if beside some cool, clear rill,   Through shadowy stillness rose an evening psalm,And all the noise of life were hushed away,And tranquil gladness reigned with gently soothing sway.    It was not so just now. […]

Our Father

"Oh, that I loved the Father With depth of conscious love,

I Bring My Sins to Thee

I bring my sins to Thee, The sins I cannot count, I bring my sins to Thee, The sins I cannot count, That all may cleansed be In Thy once opened Fount; I bring them Saviour, all to Thee; The burden is too great for me. I bring my griefs to Thee, The grief I […]

‘The Things Which are Behind’

Leave behind earth's empty pleasure,    Fleeting hope and changeful love; Leave behind earth's empty pleasure,    Fleeting hope and changeful love; Leave its soon-corroding treasure;    There are better things above.   Leave, oh, leave thy fond aspirings,    Bid thy restless heart be still; Cease, oh cease, thy vain desirings,    Only seek […]

Whose I Am

 Whose I Am Jesus, Master, whose I am, Jesus, Master, whose I am,    Purchased Thine alone to be, By Thy blood, O spotless Lamb,    Shed so willingly for me; Let my heart be all Thine own, Let me live to Thee alone.   Other lords have long held sway;    Now, Thy name […]