Stones Made Children of Abraham

Matt. 3:9 Vain are the hopes that rebels place Upon their birth and blood, Descended from a pious race; Their fathers now with God. He from the caves of earth and hell Can take the hardest stones, And fill the house of Abram well With new-created sons. Such wondrous power doth he possess Who formed […]

Youth and Judgment II

Eccl. 11:9 Lo! the young tribes of Adam rise, And through all nature rove Fulfil the wishes of their eyes, And taste the joys they love. They give a loose to wild desires; But let the sinners know The strict account that God requires Of all the works they do. The Judge prepares his throne […]

Youth and Judgment

Eccl. 11:9 Ye sons of Adam, vain and young, Indulge your eyes, indulge your tongue, Taste the delights your souls desire, And give a loose to all your fire; Pursue the pleasures you design, And cheer your hearts with songs and wine; Enjoy the day of mirth, but know There is a day of judgment […]

God Holy, Just, and Sovereign

Job 9:2-10 How should the sons of Adam's race Be pure before their God? If he contend in righteousness, We fall beneath his rod. To vindicate my words and thoughts I'll make no more pretence; Not one of all my thousand faults Can bear a just defence. Strong is his arm, his heart is wise; […]

God Far Above Creatures

Job 4:17-21 Shall the vile race of flesh and blood Contend with their Creator God? Shall mortal worms presume to be More holy, wise, or just than he? Behold, he puts his trust in none Of all the spirits round his throne: Their natures, when compared with his, Are neither holy, just, nor wise. But […]

Triumph Over Death

Job 19:25-27 Great God, I own thy sentence just, And nature must decay; I yield my body to the dust, To dwell with fellow clay. Yet faith may triumph o'er the grave, And trample on the tombs My Jesus, my Redeemer, lives; My God, my Savior, comes. The mighty Conqueror shall appear High on a […]

Babylon Fallen

Rev. 18:20,21 In Gabriel's hand a mighty stone Lies, a fair type of Babylon: "Prophets, rejoice, and all ye saints, God shall avenge your long complaints." He said, and dreadful as he stood, He sunk the millstone in the flood: "Thus terribly shall Babel fall, Thus, and no more be found at all." ~ Isaac […]

God’s Condescension to Human Affairs

Up to the Lord, that reigns on high, And views the nations from afar, Let everlasting praises fly, And tell how large his bounties are. He that can shake the worlds he made, Or with his word, or with his rod, His goodness, how amazing great! And what a condescending God! God, that must stoop […]

The Last Judgment

Rev. 21:5-8 See where the great incarnate God Fills a majestic throne; While from the skies his awful voice Bears the last judgment down. "I am the first, and I the last, Through endless years the same; I AM is my memorial still, And my eternal name. "Such favors as a God can give My […]


Or, The Vengeance of God With holy fear and humble song, The dreadful God our souls adore; Rev'rence and awe become the tongue That speaks the terrors of his power. Far in the deep where darkness dwells, The land of horror and despair, Justice has built a dismal hell, And laid her stores of vengeance […]

Divine Wrath and Mercy

Nah. 1:1-3; Heb. 12:29 Adore and tremble, for our God Is a consuming fire! His jealous eyes his wrath inflame, And raise his vengeance higher. Almighty vengeance, how it burns! How bright his fury glows! Vast magazines of plagues and storms Lie treasured for his foes. Those heaps of wrath, by slow degrees, Are forced […]

The Business and Blessedness of Glorified Saints

Rev. 7:13ff "What happy men, or angels, these, That all their robes are spotless white? Whence did this glorious troop arrive At the pure realms of heav'nly light?" From torturing racks, and burning fires, And seas of their own blood, they came; But nobler blood has washed their robes, Flowing from Christ the dying Lamb. […]

Condescending Grace

Psa. 138:6 When the Eternal bows the skies To visit earthly things, With scorn divine he turns his eyes From towers of haughty kings. He bids his aweful chariot roll Far downward from the skies, To visit every humble soul With pleasure in his eyes. Why should the Lord that reigns above Disdain so lofty […]

The Rich Sinner Dying

Psa. 49:6,9; Eccl. 8:8; Job 3:14,15 In vain the wealthy mortals toil, And heap their shining dust in vain, Look down and scorn the humble poor, And boast their lofty hills of gain. Their golden cordials cannot ease Their pained hearts or aching heads, Nor fright nor bribe approaching death From glitt'ring roofs and downy […]

Absent From the Body, and Present With the Lord

2 Cor. 5:8   Absent from flesh! O blissful thought! What unknown joys this moment brings! Freed from the mischiefs sin has brought, From pains, and fears, and all their springs. Absent from flesh! illustrious day! Surprising scene! triumphant stroke That rends the prison of my clay; And I can feel my fetters broke. Absent […]

The Sight of God and Christ in Heaven

Descend from heav'n, immortal Dove, Stoop down and take us on thy wings, And mount and bear us far above The reach of these inferior things: Beyond, beyond this lower sky, Up where eternal ages roll; Where solid pleasures never die, And fruits immortal feast the soul. O for a sight, a pleasing sight Of […]

With God Is Terrible Majesty

Terrible God, that reign'st on high, How awful is thy thund'ring hand! Thy fiery bolts, how fierce they fly! Nor can all earth or hell withstand. This the old rebel angels knew, And Satan fell beneath thy frown; Thine arrows struck the traitor through, And weighty vengeance sunk him down. This Sodom felt, and feels […]

A Vision of the Kingdom of Christ Among Men

Rev. 21:1-4 Lo! what a glorious sight appears To our believing eyes! The earth and sea are passed away, And the old rolling skies. From the third heav'n, where God resides, That holy, happy place, The new Jerusalem comes down, Adorned with shining grace. Attending angels shout for joy, And the bright armies sing- "Mortals, […]

Blessed Are the Dead That Die in the Lord

Rev. 14:13   Hear what the voice from heav'n proclaims, For all the pious dead; Sweet is the savor of their names, And soft their sleeping bed. They die in Jesus, and are blest; How kind their slumbers are! From suff'rings and from sins released, And freed from every snare. Far from this world of […]

God Incomprehensible and Sovereign

Can creatures to perfection find Th' eternal, uncreated Mind? Or can the largest stretch of thought Measure and search his nature out? 'Tis high as heav'n, 'tis deep as hell And what can mortals know or tell? His glory spreads beyond the sky, And all the shining worlds on high. But man, vain man, would […]

The Divine Perfections III

Jehovah reigns, his throne is high, His robes are light and majesty; His glory shines with beams so bright, No mortal can sustain the sight. His terrors keep the world in awe; His justice guards his holy law; His love reveals a smiling face; His truth and promise seal the grace. Through all his works […]

The Divine Perfections, II

Great God! thy glories shall employ My holy fear, my humble joy; My lips in songs of honor bring Their tribute to th' eternal King. Earth, and the stars, and worlds unknown, Depend precarious on his throne; All nature hangs upon his word, And grace and glory own their Lord. His sovereign power what mortal […]

The Divine Perfections

How shall I praise th' eternal God, That infinite Unknown? Who can ascend his high abode, Or venture near his throne? The great Invisible! he dwells Concealed in dazzling light; But his all-searching eye reveals The secrets of the night. Those watchful eyes that never sleep Survey the world around His wisdom is a boundless […]

The End of the World

Why should this earth delight us so? Why should we fix our eyes On these low grounds where sorrows grow, And every pleasure dies ? While time his sharpest teeth prepares Our comforts to devour, There is a land above the stars, And joys above his power. Nature shall be dissolved and die, The sun […]

Sinai and Zion

Heb. 12:18ff Not to the terrors of the Lord, The tempest, fire, and smoke; Not to the thunder of that word Which God on Sinai spoke; But we are come to Zion's hill, The city of our God, Where milder words declare his will, And spread his love abroad. Behold th' innumerable host Of angels […]

Death and Immediate Glory

2 Cor. 5:1,5-8 There is a house not made with hands, Eternal and on high; And here my spirit waiting stands, Till God shall bid it fly. Shortly this prison of my clay Must be dissolved and fall; Then, O my soul! with joy obey Thy heav'nly Father's call. 'Tis he, by his almighty grace, […]

Heaven Invisible and Holy

1 Cor. 2:9,10; Rev. 21:27.   Nor eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard, Nor sense nor reason known, What joys the Father hath prepared For those that love the Son.   But the good Spirit of the Lord Reveals a heav'n to come; The beams of glory in his word Allure and guide us […]