A Broken Heart

A broken heart, my God, my King Is all the sacrifice I bring;

Praise for Creation and Providence

I sing the mighty power of God, that made the mountains rise, That spread the flowing seas abroad, and built the lofty skies. I sing the wisdom that ordained the sun to rule the day; The moon shines full at God's command, and all the stars obey. I sing the goodness of the Lord, who […]

God Dwells With the Humble and Penitent

Isa. 47:15,16 Thus saith the high and lofty One: "I sit upon my holy throne; My name is God, I dwell on high, Dwell in my own eternity. "But I descend to worlds below, On earth I have a mansion too; The humble spirit and contrite Is an abode of my delight. "The humble soul […]

A Song for Morning or Evening

Lam. 3:23; Isa. 45:7 God, how endless is thy love! Thy gifts are every evening new; And morning mercies from above Gently distill like early dew. Thou spread'st the curtains of the night, Great guardian of my sleeping hours; Thy sovereign word restores the light, And quickens all my drowsy powers. I yield my powers […]

Christ Inviting, and the Church Answering the Invitation

Song of Solomon 2:14-17 Hark! the Redeemer from on high Sweetly invites his fav'rites nigh; From caves of darkness and of doubt, He gently speaks, and calls us out. "My dove, who hidest in the rock, Thine heart almost with sorrow broke, Lift up thy face, forget thy fear, And let thy voice delight mine ear. […]

Seeking the Pastures of Christ the Shephered

SS 1:7 Thou whom my soul admires above All earthly joy and earthly love, Tell me, dear Shepherd, let me know, Where doth thy sweetest pasture grow? Where is the shadow of that rock, That from the sun defends thy flock? Fain would I feed among thy sheep, Among them rest, among them sleep. Why […]

Christ’s Humiliation and Exaltation

Rev. 5:12 What equal honors shall we bring To thee, O Lord our God, the Lamb, When all the notes that angels sing Are far inferior to thy name? Worthy is he that once was slain, The Prince of Peace that groaned and died; Worthy to rise, and live, and reign At his Almighty Father's […]

Christ Jesus, the Lamb of God, Worshipped by All the Creation

Rev. 5:11-13 Come, let us join our cheerful songs With angels round the throne; Ten thousand thousand are their tongues, But all their joys are one. "Worthy the Lamb that died," they cry, "To be exalted thus:" "Worthy the Lamb," our lips reply, "For he was slain for us." Jesus is worthy to receive Honor […]

The Devil Vanquished

Or, Michael's War With the Dragon Rev. 12:7 Let mortal tongues attempt to sing The wars of heav'n, when Michael stood Chief general of th' Eternal King, And fought the battles of our God. Against the dragon and his host The armies of the Lord prevail: In vain they rage, in vain they boast, Their […]

The Song of Moses and the Lamb

Rev. 15:3; 16:19; 17:6 We sing the glories of thy love, We sound thy dreadful name; The Christian church unites the songs Of Moses and the Lamb. Great God! how wondrous are thy works Of vengeance and of grace! Thou King of saints, Almighty Lord, How just and true thy ways! Who dares refuse to […]

Hezekiah’s Song

Or, Sickness and Recovery Isa. 38:9ff When we are raised from deep distress, Our God deserves a song; We take the pattern of our praise From Hezekiah's tongue. The gates of the devouring grave Are opened wide in vain, If he that holds the keys of death Commands them fast again. Pains of the flesh […]

The Works of Moses and the Lamb

Rev. 15:3 How strong thine arm is, mighty God! Who would not fear thy name? Jesus, how sweet thy graces are! Who would not love the Lamb? He has done more than Moses did, Our Prophet and our King; From bonds of hell he freed our souls, And taught our lips to sing. In the […]

God Glorious, and Sinners Saved

Rom. 1:30; 5:8,9; 1 Pet. 3:22   Father, how wide thy glories shine! How high thy wonders rise! Known through the earth by thousand signs, By thousand through the skies. Those mighty orbs proclaim thy power, Their motions speak thy skill, And on the wings of every hour We read thy patience still. But when […]

The True Improvement of Life

Ps. 90:12 Ane is this life prolonged to me? Are days and seasons giv'n? O let me, then, prepare to be A fitter heir of heav'n. In vain these moments shall not pass, These golden hours be gone: Lord, I accept thine offered grace, I bow before thy throne. Now cleanse my soul from every […]

Christ’s Intercession

Lift up your eyes to th' heav'nly seats Where your Redeemer stays; Kind Intercessor, there he sits, And loves, and pleads, and prays. 'Twas well, my soul, he died for thee, And shed his vital blood; Appeased stern justice on the tree, And then arose to God. Petitions now, and praise may rise, And saints […]

Praise to God for Creation and Redemption

Let them neglect thy glory, Lord, Who never knew thy grace; But our loud songs shall still record The wonders of thy praise. We raise our shouts, O God, to thee, And send them to thy throne; All glory to th' united Three, The undivided One. 'Twas he (and we'll adore his name) That formed […]

Prayer for Deliverance Answered

Isa. 26:12,20,21 In thine own ways, O God of love, We wait the visits of thy grace, Our soul's desire is to thy name, And the remembrance of thy face. My thoughts are searching, Lord, for thee 'Mongst the black shades of lonesome night; My earnest cries salute the skies Before the dawn restore the […]

The Ruin of the Antichrist

Isa. 63:4-7 "I lift my banner," saith the Lord, "Where Antichrist has stood; The city of my gospel foes Shall be a field of blood. "My heart has studied just revenge, And now the day appears; The day of my redeemed is come To wipe away their tears. "Quite weary is my patience grown, And […]

The Triumph of Christ Over the Enemies of His Church

Isa. 63:1-3, etc. What mighty man, or mighty God, Comes travelling in state, Along the Idumean road, Away from Bozrah's gate? The glory of his robes proclaim 'Tis some victorious king: "'Tis I, the Just, th' Almighty One, That your salvation bring." "Why, mighty Lord," thy saints inquire, "Why thine apparel's red? And all thy […]

The Witnessing and Sealing Spirit

Rom. 8:14,16; Eph. 1:13,14 Why should the children of a King Go mourning all their days? Great Comforter! descend and bring Some tokens of thy grace. Dost thou not dwell in all the saints, And seal the heirs of heav'n? When wilt thou banish my complaints, And show my sins forgiv'n? Assure my conscience of […]

Sincerity and Hypocrisy

Or, Formality in Worship John 4:24; Ps. 139:23,24 God is a Spirit, just and wise, He sees our inmost mind; In vain to heav'n we raise our cries, And leave our souls behind. Nothing but truth before his throne With honor can appear; The painted hypocrites are known Through the disguise they wear. Their lifted […]

The Love of Christ Shed Abroad in the Heart

Eph. 3:16 Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell By faith and love in every breast; Then shall we know, and taste, and feel The joys that cannot be expressed. Come, fill our hearts with inward strength, Make our enlarged souls possess, And learn the height, and breadth, and length Of thine unmeasurable grace. Now to […]

The Humble Enlightened, and Carnal Reason Humbled

Luke 10:21,22 There was an hour when Christ rejoiced, And spoke his joy in words of praise: "Father, I thank thee, mighty God, Lord of the earth, and heav'ns, and seas. "I thank thy sovereign power and love That crowns my doctrine with success, And makes the babes in knowledge learn The heights, and breadths, […]