The Responsibility for Revival-Oswald J.Smith

  AS far back as I can remember my heart has burned within me whenever I have heard or read accounts of the mighty work of God in the great Revivals of past years. The heroic missionaries of the cross in foreign lands, and the lonely men of God in the home field around whom […]

The Outpouring of the Spirit-Oswald J.Smith

  IT was in 1904. All Wales was aflame. The nation had drifted far from God. The spiritual conditions were low indeed. Church attendance was poor. And sin abounded on every side. Suddenly, like an unexpected tornado. the Spirit of God swept over the land. The Churches were crowded so that multitudes were unable to […]

The Enduement of Power-Oswald J.Smith

  The Holy Spirit is able to make the Word as successful now as in the days of the apostles. He can bring in souls by hundreds and thousands as well as by ones and twos. The reason why we are no more prosperous is that we have not the Holy Spirit with us in […]

Spiritual Experiences of Priceless value-Oswald J.Smith

  MAY 22nd IT is coming to me more and more to challenge my work; to test and prove everything. I feel quite certain that one of the outstanding reasons for failure lies in the fact that we do not judge ourselves. I must challenge my preaching. God claims that His Word is a fire, […]

Soul-Travail-Oswald J. Smith

  Can we travail for a drowning child, but not for a perishing soul? It is not hard to weep when we realize that our little one is sinking below the surface for the last time. Anguish is spontaneous then. Nor is it hard to agonize when we see the casket containing all that we […]

Obstacles-Oswald J Smith

  There is only one obstacle that can block up the channel and choke God’s power, and that is SIN. Sin is the great barrier. It alone can hinder the work of the Spirit and prevent a Revival. “If I regard iniquity in my heart,” declared David, “The Lord will not hear me.” (Psalm 66:18.) […]

No Substitute for Prayers!-Oswald J. Smith

  Intercessory prayer is the Christian’s most effective weapon. Nothing can withstand it’s power. It will do things when all else has failed. And the marvel is that we turn to other agencies in order to accomplish what only prayer can bring to pass. God has placed this mighty weapon in our hands, and He […]

Manifestations of God’s Power-Oswald J Smith

  OCTOBER 17th DAY by day we have been meeting as usual for prayer. Today we began at 9:30 this morning and continued until after 3:00. We have been asking God to break us for many weeks. About 2:00 this afternoon I was praying when suddenly I stopped and began to praise God. Tears flowed […]

Heart Yearnings for Revival-Oswald J. Smith

  IT was in the years 1917 and 1918 that the yearnings for revival expressed in these messages were born of God. Nothing of a spectacular nature took place for the work was of a wholly local character, nor did it seem to reach full fruition at the time. It was, however, a wonderful personal […]

Conviction-Oswald J. Smith

  THERE is one thing that was always prominent in the great Revivals of past days, viz., a deep and a true conviction of sin. And it is one of the vital elements that is lacking today. How disappointing are the methods of present-day Evangelism! How shallow and unreal when compared with the genuine work […]

Faith-Oswald J.Smith

  FAITH is the key that unlocks the door of God’s power. “By faith the walls of Jericho fell down.” And in revival work one of the indispensable prerequisites is a living, vital Faith. “All things are possible to him that believeth.” The man who is to be used of the Lord will hear from […]

Who Can Pay So Much?

The Russian Czar used to love to disguise himself and mingle with his subjects to hear what they might have to say.