Lutzer, Erwin

Erwin Lutzer Video Sermons Charles Spurgeon (1834 – 1892) is known as the prince of preachers. He was considered a puritan born after the time. Often, while he preached, hundreds were praying. He was a friend of D L Moody, who even received one of Spurgeons Bibles. More than any other known text sermons, the […]

Du Toit, Gerhard

Gerhard Du Toit Video Sermons Gerhardt du Toit was originally from South Africa. As a young man, he entered Bible college, which became to springboard to a widespread ministry all over the world. He is known as a man of prayer, emphasizing the need for total dependence on God and a closer walk with Him. […]

Lockridge, Dr S M

S M Lockridge

Dr S M Lockridge Video Sermons Lockridge was the minister of the Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego, California, reaching at least 100,000 people! The congregation were mostly comprised of African-Americans. His ministry extended a ross America and the rest of the world, speaking at rallies, outreaches, crusades and evangelical conferences. Category FilterDr SM Lockridge […]

Carr, Francois

Francois Carr

Francois Carr Video Sermons It was still as a youth that Francois Carr became deeply burdened for Revival. He had been at a Youth Conference in 1992, when the call of God came to work for him creating in others a thirst for Revival and fresh blessing. He initially studied part-time, while he continued in […]

Duewel, Wesley

Wesley Duewel

Wesley Duewel Video Sermons Wesley Duewel was a mere 5-year old when he already felt the call of God to the mission field and India in particular! This became a reality, for he served God in India for 25years. He was the president on the ‘One Mission Society’, having at all times a passion for […]

Vaughan, Harold

Harold Vaughan

Harold Vaughan Video Sermons Harold Vaughn started fulltime evangelism after graduating from College in 1978. He has preached in 48 states as well as overseas. He is the head of Christ Life Ministries, based in Virginia, his wife Debbie working in the office. Many people have been blessed by the Revival Summits and conferences held […]

Wurmbrand, Richard

Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand Video Sermons Richard Wurmbrandt was one of four boys. He was born in Bucharest. The family also lived in Istanbul for some time. He returned to Romania and studied Marxism in Moscow. He and his wife, Sabrina were saved in 1938 while they listened to a Christian carpenter, Christian Wolfkes, preaching. They immediately […]

Roberts, Richard Owen

Richard Owen Roberts

Richard Owen Roberts Video Sermons Born in New York, Owen Roberts grew up with a strong call into the ministry and trained at three institutions to prepare him to work for the Master. Owen Roberts is known as the Founder of the International Awakening Ministries as well as serving as its president for many years. […]

Sutera, Ralph

Ralph Sutera

Ralph Sutera Video Sermons Ralph Sutera and his twin brother Lou have been widely used by God in Revival since 197. The outreaches last two to two and a half weeks and they endeavour to get the churches involved and standing together. His preaching is straight forward accompanied by visual presentation and there is follow […]

Young, Paul

Paul Young

Paul Young Video Sermons Paul Young has fondly been called ‘Small Paul’, being the very opposite of small, being 2.13 metres tall! He has been widely used in evangelical work as a Chalk Artist travelling through South Africa, spreading the Gospel through his chalk drawings. He is an American and started preaching in South Carolina […]

Daniel, Jenny

Jennifer Daniel

Jenny Daniel Video Sermons Jenny Daniel grew up in a rural farming community. Her parents were godly and lived out the Christian live in the home with their four children. It was at the age of 6 or 7 years that Jenny found the Lord as Saviour, her father kneeling beside her to give her […]

Washer, Paul

Paul Washer

Paul Washer Video Sermons Paul Washer was converted while studying law at the University of Texas. He decided to study theological studies at the Southwestern Theological Seminary from which he gained a Master of Divinity Degree. He went out to Peru for 10 years as a missionary and it was there that he founded the […]

Redhead, Paris

Paris Readhead

Paris Redhead Video Sermons Paris Reidhead was born in a rural farming community. It was in his teens that he dedicated his life for full time service. He joined the Sudan Inland Mission (SIM) in 1945 and went out to Sudan. He returned in 1949 to be appointed as the SIM’s Deputation Secretary. He had […]

Daniel, Roy

Roy Daniel

Roy Daniel Video Sermons Roy is the second son of the late Keith Daniel. Although brought up in a home where his parents loved and served God, it was only in his late teens that he came to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ while at Bible College. He had been standing on […]

Peckham, Mary

Mary Morrison Peckham

Mary Peckham Video Sermons Mary Peckham was saved as a young girl in the Hebrides Revival. Her stirring testimony and account of the Revival has impacted lives across the world. She felt called to Africa and ended up in South Africa as a missionary in the Africa Evangelistic Band. As she shared across South Africa […]

Sutera, Lou

Lou Sutera

Lou Sutera Video Sermons Lou Sutera and his twin brother Ralph have been in revival ministry since 1971. They hold two to two and a half weeks outreaches and they work together with churches. The preaching is focused and accompanied by visual aids. There is support after counselling to build upon the foundations laid. Their […]

Ravenhill, Leonard

Leonard Ravenhill

Leonard Ravenhill Video Sermons Leonard Ravenhill, who was born in Leeds, England is still known for his burden for Revival, focus on prayer and the influence his life had and still has on the Christian world. His book, ‘Revival Tarries’ is a classic of Christian literature. Ravenhill sat under the ministry of Samuel Chadwich. He […]

Rice, John R

John R Rice

John R Rice Video Sermons John Rice was a Baptist Preacher but with his yearning to do evangelistic work, he was away from his church so much that he decided to go into evangelism full-time. He emphasised that the main aim of the church should be to reach souls, not look after Christians. He is […]

Morris, John

John Morris

John Morris Video Sermons John Morris was known as a man of the Word. He was also known as a gracious, Christlike Christian. He was the 2nd son of Dr Henry Morris, known as the Founder of Institute for Creation Research. After completing an engineering degree at Oklahoma University and four years as a lecturer […]

Morris, Henry

Henry Morris

Henry Morris Video Sermons Henry Morris founded the Institute for Creation Research which is known across the world. He defended the literal translation of the Creation account  in the Word of God and the infallibility of Scripture  and spoke across the globe. He had attained several engineering degrees including a Phd in Hydraulic Engineering from […]

Kenaston, Denny

Denny Kennaston

Denny Kenaston Video Sermons After theological training at a Baptist Seminary, Denny and Jackie Kenaston were called to minister among the Mennonite, Amish and Hutterite communities in Lancaster County. They were greatly used by God to reach these deeply religious groups and many souls came to true salvation and freedom in Christ. The Charity Fellowship […]

Hunt, Dave

Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt Video Sermons David Hunt was born into a Christian home in California. He was part of the military in his youth before he went into fulltime ministry in 1973. He was a famous apologist, speaker, author and creationist. He wrote about cults, prophesy, different religions and Biblical theology. He was also a well-known […]

Champlin, Darrell

Darrell Champlin

Darrell Champlin Video Sermons Darrel, his wife and baby son, David served God in the Congo for many years. The family arrived there when Darrel was only 22 years old with his young wife and son in 1954. They lived in the jungle in the most primitive conditions for 10 years. It is remarkable that […]

Kenaston, Daniel

Daniel Kenaston

Daniel Kenaston Video Sermons Daniel Kenaston is the oldest son of Denny and Jackie Kenaston and has spent most of his adult years out on the mission field of Ghana. He has been with the Konkomba tribe since 1999, seeking to bring them to Christ and encouraging them in the Lord. He is also involved […]

Mbewe, Conrad

Conrad Mbewe Video Sermons Conrad Mbewe has been used by God to start 20 New Reformed Baptist Churches all over Zambia. He has also been the pastor of the Kabwata Church situated. in Lusaka. He travels extensively as an international speaker, in different countries across the globe as well as having written 4 international books […]

Peckham, Colin

Colin Peckham

Colin Peckham Video Sermons Dr Colin Peckham was saved as a teenager at the age of 15. He spoke of an initial struggle and then the wonder and joy to realize the victory that God had wrought in his life. After his studies at the Agricultural College, Colin was clearly called out into the ministry […]

Mcleod, Bill

Bill Mcleod

Bill Mcleod Video Sermons Revival came under the ministry of Bill Mcleod in the Ebenezer Baptist Church on the 17th October, 1971, which had an impact across Canada. He was described as one of the most godly men in Canada. Revival had come after years of earnest calling upon God to come down. The Revival […]

Redpath, Alan

Alan Redpath

Alan Redpath Video Sermons Alan Redpath was the only son of James and Christina Redpath. He first studied to become an accountant and he worked in this capacity until 1935. He left the next year to go into full time evangelism joining the National Young Life League. The first congregation he was appointed to was […]

Masters, Peter

Peter Masters

Peter Masters Video Sermons Peter Masters became the minister of the Metropolitan Church in London in 1970. The church is famous as Spurgeon preached there for 38years! Masters reaches out to ministers and Christian workers, organizing a yearly conference for them to attend. The Evangelical times, a sought after Christian yearly magazine was started by […]

Malcomson, Keith

Keith Malcomson

Keith Malcomson Video Sermons Keith Malcomson was born in Ireland, saved at 4 ½ years and from that young age had a tender walk with the Lord. When in the army, Keith’s enthusiasm for God cooled, where he took to drinking with his army mates but through it all God tenderly called him back to […]

Daniel, Keith

Keith Daniel

Keith Daniel Video Sermons Keith was saved as a turbulent teenager, living in an unhappy home. It was his brother’s salvation that had shown him the reality of a ‘new creation’ in Christ. After he had completed his Biblical studies and training in Cape Town, he became an evangelist, greatly used by God to bring […]