Du Toit, Gerhard

Gerhard Du Toit Video Sermons Gerhardt du Toit was originally from South Africa. As a young man, he entered Bible college, which became to springboard to a widespread ministry all over the world. He is known as a man of prayer, emphasizing the need for total dependence on God and a closer walk with Him. […]

Carr, Francois

Francois Carr

Francois Carr Video Sermons It was still as a youth that Francois Carr became deeply burdened for Revival. He had been at a Youth Conference in 1992, when the call of God came to work for him creating in others a thirst for Revival and fresh blessing. He initially studied part-time, while he continued in […]

Duewel, Wesley

Wesley Duewel

Wesley Duewel Video Sermons Wesley Duewel was a mere 5-year old when he already felt the call of God to the mission field and India in particular! This became a reality, for he served God in India for 25years. He was the president on the ‘One Mission Society’, having at all times a passion for […]

Daniel, Roy

Roy Daniel

Roy Daniel Video Sermons Roy is the second son of the late Keith Daniel. Although brought up in a home where his parents loved and served God, it was only in his late teens that he came to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ while at Bible College. He had been standing on […]

Champlin, Darrell

Darrell Champlin

Darrell Champlin Video Sermons Darrel, his wife and baby son, David served God in the Congo for many years. The family arrived there when Darrel was only 22 years old with his young wife and son in 1954. They lived in the jungle in the most primitive conditions for 10 years. It is remarkable that […]

Daniel, Keith

Keith Daniel

Keith Daniel Video Sermons Keith was saved as a turbulent teenager, living in an unhappy home. It was his brother’s salvation that had shown him the reality of a ‘new creation’ in Christ. After he had completed his Biblical studies and training in Cape Town, he became an evangelist, greatly used by God to bring […]