BY THY LIFE I LIVE Jeanne Marie Guyon

I love, my God, but with no love of mine,        For I have none to give;I love Thee, Lord, but all the love is Thine,       For by Thy life I live.I am as nothing, and rejoice to beEmptied and lost and swallowed up in Thee. Thou, Lord, alone art all Thy children need, […]

A BED IN MY HEART Martin Luther

Ah, dearest Jesus, holy Child, Make Thee a bed, soft, undefiled,      Within my heart, that it may be       A quiet chamber kept for Thee.My heart for very joy doth leap,My lips no more can silence keep.       I too must sin, with joyful tongue,       That sweetest ancient cradle song,Glory to God in highest […]

The Barren Fig Tree

Within a vineyard’s sunny bound An ample fig tree shelter found,       Enjoying sun and showers – The boughs were graceful to the view, With spreading leaves of deep-green hue,       And gaily blushing flowers. When round the vintage season came, The blooming fig was still the same,       As promising and fair; But though the […]

THE BIBLE James M. Gray

Where childhood needs a standard      Or youth a beacon light,Where sorrow sighs for comfort      Or weakness longs for might,Bring forth the Holy Bible—     The Bible! Here it stands!Resolving all life’s problems      And meeting its demands. Though sophistry conceal it,      The Bible! There it sands!Though Parisees profane it,      Its influence expands.It fills the world with fragrance      […]

THE BIBLE John Greenleaf Whittier

We search the world for truth. We cullThe good, the true, the beautiful,From graven stone and written scroll,And all old flower fields of the soul;And, weary seekers of the best,We come back laden from our quest,To find that all the sages saidIs in the Book our mothers read. John Greenleaf Whittier  

THE BIBLE – C. T. Studd

What could we do without the Book      That God gave us to read?No more than any farmer      Who hadn’t any seed! No other tells us of our Lord,      The God of grace and love,Who made the whole creation,      This world and those above. What could we do […]

Beneath the Blood Stained Lintel

Exodus 12:3, 13 Beneath the blood stained lintel I with my children stand,A messenger of evil Is passing through the land,There is no other refuge from the destroyer’s face,Beneath the blood stained lintel shall be our hiding place. The Lamb of God has suffered, our sins and griefs He bore,By faith the blood is sprinkled […]

The Border-Lands

Father, into Thy loving hands   My feeble spirit I commit,While wnadering in these Border-Lands,   Until Thy voice shall summon it. Father, I would not dare to choose   A longer life, an earlier death;I know not what my soul might lose   By shortneed or protracted breath. These Border-Lands are calm and still,   And solemn are their […]

Because Fay Inchfawn

(PSALM CXVI.)Because He heard my voice, and answered me,Because He listened, ah, so patiently,In those dark days, when sorrowful, alone,I knelt with tears, and prayed Him for a stone;Because He said me “Nay,” and then in- stead,Oh, wonderful sweet truth! He gave me bread,Set my heart singing all in sweet accord;Because of this, I love […]