There are deep things of God. Push out from shore.Hast thou found much? Give thanks and look for more,Dost fear the generous Giver to offend?Then know His store of bounty hath no end.He doth not need to be implored or teased:The more we take, the better He is pleased. ~A. B. Simpson

Digging a Well with Toothpicks Melody Conjurske

  Melody Conjurske   July 2009   For these living waters full and free— The craving I now find in me, But how to get them, I know not, So then I use what I have got— These little tiny worthless sticks— I’m digging a well with toothpicks, With all my efforts, I have found, […]

Dear Lord Lydia Brainard

2008, revised Jan. 2, 2009   Lord, I was running far from you,But here without you I can’t live,Oh Lord, I’m coming back just now,To you alone my life I’ll give. There have been times that I have wandered,I’ve tried to do things on my own,But Jesus, how my life is worthless,Unless My Lord by […]