Our Saviour has given commandment      To such as believe, in their hearts, To publish the news of Salvation      On earth, to its uttermost parts. The doors of the world lie wide open;      Its lands have been duly explored; The sorrows and needs of the heathen      Can only […]

WHY? G. C. Lee

I sat alone one evening      With thoughts aroaming far;I saw through frosted windows      The twinkle of a star.When suddenly there reached me      A thudding, crashing soundAnd crunch of hurried footsteps      Upon the frozen ground!What could have caused this racket?      Was any damage done?It dawned on […]


Whate’er betide, Lord, help me beObedient to Thy Spirit’s plea.When tempters then my soul assailTheir lures will be of no availFor,Savior dear, I feel Thee near.That gives me strength and calms my fear. What fellowship,— with Thee to walkAnd have a confidential talkAbout the things both great and small, —For Thou doth understand them all!Thy […]

Wrong Way Street Max M. Johnson

Max M. Johnson   God made a man, and gave him life, to live in peace and not in strife. He placed him in His garden fair; all things provided for his care.

Wholly Resigned

Christ leads us through no darker rooms     Than he went through before:

Nature and Faith

We wept — ’twas Nature wept, but Faith Can pierce beyond the gloom of death,