USA Family Camp

Maranatha Baptist Church Family Camp With Keith Daniel and His family 01-03 Oct 2010

Dynamic Soulwinner Seminar

If you have a heart's desire to be an effective Biblical soul winner who does not use false gospel's, yet is effective in bringing God's saving truth to various sinners such as athiests, religious people, new age and other religions then this course is a must for you. it has changed lives radically and teaches […]

Operation Africa

Statistics show that many millions of Africans have made a commitment to “Christianity”. The huge problem is many Africans hold on to Ancestral Spirit worship and other sinful practices. They think they are Christians, but are putting new wine in old wine skins. “Prayer Club” have developed a course called Operation Africa Course  will be Here Soon.          […]

Become a Site Volunteer

  The Prayer Club is not a one man show. Although it has leaders, there are many young people  making this site possible. They type poems/sermons and biographies out of books, edit audio/video files,  transcribe  and load sermons. They are attempting to help create a site that is full of pure biblical messages to the glory of God! Go to […]

Publish Your Poem

    Prayer Club is not against Doctors. We do however realize that much of modern medicine is based upon the fact that humans evolved and have many imperfections. Natural health gives answers that show the body is wonderfully created to heal itself if you eat right and look after what God gave you. For […]

Read Our Story

Welcome to the Prayer Club. We at are a group of Bible believing Christians from around the world who believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to heaven and in the Bible as God's inspired word. We are trusting God to use this site to raise up and train spiritual warriors, and soul […]

Featured Sermon

   The Pineapple Story – By Otto Koning. This is one of the most life changing and used sermons on earth. Otto lived among cannibals who stole everything including his baby’s diaper pins and his precious pineapples. Learn how God worked through Pineapple thieves!  AUDIO HERE