Keith Daniel

Keith Daniel Official Site Roy Daniel Official Site Keith & Jennifer Daniel Keith Daniel is a Missionary / Evangelist based in South Africa who preaches across South Africa and travels to preach in other countries each year. He is known as a humble man who loves to memorize and quote books of the bible in […]

The Audio Sermon Story

    The Audio Sermon Story Welcome to Audio Sermon. We are trusting God to make this a safe home for humble conservative Bible based Christian’s ! If you find content that is not Biblical while humbly excusing minor doctrinal differences between Godly men then advice us and we will carefully, prayerfully consider what you say. […]


Need Counseling?               If you need counceling in any of the following areas then please email us in the box bellow (and give a few details )and we will assign a councilor to you as soon as one is available. 1) You would like help to know if you are a true  Born again Christian. […]