To Die a Martyr

I’m not afraid to die a martyr–   But am afraid to die a fool. It’s not with death I fear to barter,   But folly I refuse to duel.   To die a martyrs death is gladness   What higher honor could be mine? To die for some adventure—madness.   What good is death by man’s design?   […]

If I Believe

If I believe that Jesus died for me, Why would I hesitate to live for him? Should not a life of serving Jesus be A goal so bright it makes all others dim?   If I believe that Jesus died for all, And if I’ve read where it is written: go, How dare I close […]

To Live Is Christ

Am I afraid to live the life of Paul? Afraid to heed the Macedonian call? I’m not afraid to take an open door– I fear a life that’s not worth dying for. I say with Paul, without a care for pain: For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.   I’m not afraid […]

My Goal for Life

There are a thousand snares on every hand, That hinder progress to the promised land, It’s Satan’s plan that’s meant for crime But none the less I higher climb For every test is by my Father planned.   I want to be a soldier of the cross, And let my savior separate the dross. I […]

Work and Sleep

My work is like a lion roaring in my ear, But sleep is like a crocodile a bit too near. I face the lion like a knight who won’t retreat; Until the crocodile has pulled me off my feet.   There’s so much work to do that needs attention now; I need to trade my […]

When He Says “Well Done”

Though all the world despise my stand, And not a friend will hold my hand, I know some day mine eyes shall see The one who asked hard things of me, And all the mockings I received, Because of things that I believed, Will seem as nothing when He says, “Well done.”   If from […]

What Jesus Sees

Yes, I can see the pretty trees, But can I see what Jesus sees? Do I see that man beneath that tree, How he’s crying for some love from me? And do I see what Jesus sees? The bikers riding in the square? My legs may itch to join them there, But can I see […]

Public Schools

What is it with these public schools today? Where kids get taught it’s fine if you are gay: Where false religions they accept high hand, But Christianity of course they banned. We lower all the tests so kids can pass, And take God’s name in vain and call it class. Where missing links they think […]

My Name for Jesus’ Name

I heard a man use Jesus’ name in vain; With my own ears I heard it clear and plain. And now his blood is placed upon my head, For lack of saying what I should have said. I should have fought to honor Jesus’ name; Instead I left it lie in open shame.   My […]

It’s When You Look at Earth

It’s when you look at earth, And covet all its gold, Forgetting what it’s worth In light of “wealth untold,”   That you forget the things That matter most in life, Like love and what it brings, Dispelling fear and strife.   It’s faith and hope and love, That must be what we sow; If […]

Is It Bold?

Is it bold for a baker to talk about bread?Is it bold to repeat what another man said? Is it bold for a Christian to quote from the Word? Is it bold to pass on what you’ve already heard?   Is it odd for mechanics to talk about cars? Is it odd when astronomers point […]


We represent a giving God, So let us walk where Jesus trod; He gave His blood to ransom men He knew would not be born again. So let us give our goods away, And give to those who can’t repay. The only way this world will find God has eternal good in mind Is by […]