This may sound strange-but it is a fact that death is not the worst thing that can happen to a believing Christian! I can recall the first time I heard that statement, in a quiet conversation with Harry M. Shuman, for many years the president of the international Christian and Missionary Alliance. He was […]

“WHY AM I HERE?”-A.W.Tozer

  Since the first fallen man got still long enough to think, fallen men have been asking these questions: “Whence came I? What am I? Why am I here? and Where am I going?” The noblest minds of the race have struggled with these questions to no avail. Did the answer lie somewhere hidden like […]


  It is one of the devil’s oldest tricks to discourage Christian believers by causing them to look back at what they once were. It is indeed the enemy of our souls who makes us forget that we are never at the end of God’s love. No one will make progress with God until the […]


  It is certainly a reality in our day that too few men and women are willing to keep the “top side” of their souls open to God and to His light from heaven. You may wonder about such expression as the “top side” of the soul, but I do think it is in line […]


  In a time when everything in the world seems to be related to vanity, God is depending on His believing children to demonstrate that He is the great Reality; that we are made by God and for Him! The answer to the question, “Where did I come from?” can never be better answered than […]


  We need not be afraid of a genuine visitation of the Spirit of God! Blaise Pascal, the famed 17th-century French scientist and philosopher, experienced in his lifetime a personal, overwhelming encounter with God that changed his life. Those who attended him at his death found a worn, creased paper in his clothing, close to […]

“Spiritual” Love-A.W.Tozer

  The human heart can love the human Jesus as it can love the human Lincoln, but the spiritual love of Jesus is something altogether different from and infinitely superior to the purest love the human heart can know. Indeed it is not possible to love Jesus rightly except by the Holy Spirit. Only the […]


  Wherever faith has proved itself to be real, it has inevitably had upon it a sense of the “present” God. The holy Scriptures possess in marked degree this feeling of actual encounter with a real Person. The men and women of the Bible talked with God. They spoke to Him and heard Him speak […]


  I also long in the tender mercies of Christ that among us there may be the following: . . . 6. A childlike candor. I love children because of their unbelievably beautiful candor. They look at you and say the most utterly simple things. If they were just a little older they would blush […]

“Religion” Deterioration-A.W.Tozer

  This is hard for people to face up to. Religion deteriorates just as fruit rots and just as people get old in spite of all they try to do at the drug stores. It is inevitable that we get old, and so it is with religion. It is built-in that we start to deteriorate […]


  Is it possible to become so enamored of God’s good gifts that we fail to worship Him, the Giver? Dr. Albert B. Simpson, the founder of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, invited to preach in a Bible conference in England discovered on his arrival that he was to follow two other Bible teachers. All […]


  Men without God suffer alone and die alone in times of war and in other circumstances of life. All alone! But it can never be said that any true soldier of the Cross of Jesus Christ, no man or woman as missionary or messenger of the Truth has ever gone out to a ministry […]

“I am with You Always”-A.W.Tozer

  It is hardly possible to overstress the importance of unceasing inward prayer on the part of the one who would live the God-conscious life. Prayer at stated times is good and right; we will never outgrow the need of it while we remain on earth. But this kind of prayer must be supported and […]

“Fast Food” Christianity 2-A.W.Tozer

  It is hardly a matter of wonder that the country that gave the world instant tea and instant coffee should be the one to give it instant Christianity. If these two beverages were not actually invented in the United States it was certainly here that they received the advertising impetus that has made them […]

“Fast Food” Christianity-A.W.Tozer

  It is hardly a matter of wonder that the country that gave the world instant tea and instant coffee should be the one to give it instant Christianity. If these two beverages were not actually invented in the United States it was certainly here that they received the advertising impetus that has made them […]

“BORN OF GOD!”-A.W.Tozer

  I think most of us remember with assurance the words of the Charles Wesley hymn which was his own personal testimony: His Spirit answers to the blood, And tells me I am born of God! Wesley testified here and in many other hymns to an inner illumination! When I became a Christian, no one […]

“Being” Determines “Doing”-A.W.Tozer

  To teach that the filling with the Holy Spirit is given to the Christian to provide “power for service” is to teach truth, but not the whole truth. Power for service is but one effect of the experience, and I do not hesitate to say that it is the least of several effects. It […]


  Prayer among evangelical Christians is always in danger of degenerating into a glorified “gold rush.” Almost every book on prayer deals with the “get” element mainly. How to get things we want from God occupies most of our space. Christians should never forget that the highest kind of prayer is never the making of […]


  Not everyone agrees with me that full qualification for eternity is not instant or automatic or painless. I can only hope that you are wise enough, desirous enough and spiritual enough to face up to the truth that every day is another day of spiritual preparation, another day of testing and discipline with our […]


  For all things, God is the great Antecedent! Because He is, we are and everything else is. We cannot think rightly of God until we begin to think of Him as always being there-and being there first! Joshua had this to learn. He had been so long the servant of God’s servant Moses, and […]


  The thankful Christian will turn with true delight to the expression of Joseph Addison in his Thanksgiving hymn, “When All Thy Mercies, 0 My God,” found in many of the better hymnals. Addison gives a mental image that requires music for its expression: Ten thousand thousand precious gifts My daily thanks employ; Nor is […]

Your Thoughts a Sanctuary-A.W.Tozer

  For thus says the High and Lofty One Who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy: “I dwell in the high and holy place, with him who has a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.” –Isaiah 57:15 I have been thinking […]


  Too many of us object, perhaps unconsciously, to the rather evident fact that the maintenance of the devotional mood is indispensable to success in the Christian life. And what is the devotional mood? It is nothing else than constant awareness of God’s enfolding presence, the holding of inward conversations with Christ and private worship […]

You Are a Theologian!-A.W.Tozer

  The effort to be practicing Christians without knowing what Christianity is about must always fail. The true Christian should be, indeed must be, a theologian. He must know at least something of the wealth of truth revealed in the Holy Scriptures. And he must know it with sufficient clarity to state it and defend […]


  If we are to have any satisfying and lasting understanding of life, it must be divinely given. It begins with the confession that it is indeed the God who has revealed Himself to us who is the central pillar bearing up the universe. Believing that, we then go on to acknowledge that we have […]


  Men and women without God are helpless and hopeless human beings. We do well to remember that sin is to the human nature what cancer is to the human body! Who can argue with the fact that sin has ruined us? Our feverish activity is only one sign of what is wrong with us […]

Wrestling with those Unanswerable Questions-A.W.Tozer

  All of us at some time in our life become suddenly aware that we are in a strange place called the world. We do not remember coming here and we are not sure when or how we are going to leave. A score of pressing questions fill our minds. We must have the answers. […]

Worthy to Lead-A.W.Tozer

  Paul, an apostle (not from men nor through man, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father who raised Him from the dead)…. –Galatians 1:1 Conformity to the Word of God is always right, but obedience to religious leaders is good only if those leaders prove themselves worthy to lead. Leadership in the church […]


  The love of Jesus is so inclusive that it knows no boundaries. At the point where we stop loving and caring, Jesus is still there-loving and caring! The question may be asked: “How does the living Christ feel today about the sinful men and women who walk our streets?” There is only one answer: […]

Worshiping the Giver-A.W.Tozer

  In the love which any intelligent creature feels for God there must always be a measure of mystery. It is even possible that it is almost wholly mystery, and that our attempt to find reasons is merely a rationalizing of a love already mysteriously present in the heart as a result of some secret […]

Worshiping God with All We Are-A.W.Tozer

  In worship several elements may be distinguished, among them love, admiration, wonder and adoration. Though they may not be experienced in that order, a little thought will reveal those elements as being present wherever true worship is found. Both the Old and the New Testament teach that the essence of true worship is the […]

Worshipful Thinking-A.W.Tozer

  Man is a worshiper and only in the spirit of worship does he find release for all the powers of his amazing intellect. A religious writer has warned us that it may be fatal to trust to the squirrel-work of the industrious brain rather than to the piercing vision of the desirous heart. The […]

Worshipers then Workers-A.W.Tozer

  The primary work of the Holy Spirit is to restore the lost soul to intimate fellowship with God through the washing of regeneration. To accomplish this He first reveals Christ to the penitent heart (1 Cor. 12:3). He then goes on to illumine the newborn soul with brighter rays from the face of Christ […]


  I must take issue with those in the churches who insist that the worshiping saints do not get anything done but worship! Such an attitude reveals that they have not done their homework. The beautiful part of worship is that it prepares you and enables you to zero in on the important things that […]

Worldly Pollution-A.W.Tozer

  What, then, is that world against which we are warned by the apostles? That world whose friendship constitutes spiritual adultery, the love of which stands in opposition to the love of God? It is the familiar world of sinful human society which swells about and beneath us as the waters of the flood once […]

World and Kingdom Status-A.W.Tozer

  In spite of our lip-service to democracy, Americans are a decidedly class-conscious people. The very politicians and educators and church leaders among us who sound abroad the praises of the common man and plead for equal rights for all are in private practice as aloof from the plain people as the proudest monarch could […]

Working Out What God Works In You-A.W.Tozer

  The Holy Spirit in this passage is saying two things: God works in you to will, but you are to work with God in working it out. God works in you–that is, God is always previous. God is the aggressor. God saw you in the rut and wanted you to get out it. He […]

Workers Used of God-A.W.Tozer

  In a close and final sense no one can do God’s work. Nor does He turn His work over to others to do. He works in His people and through them, but always it is He who works. Jesus said, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, […]

Words of Spirit and Life-A.W.Tozer

  The Bible is unique among books, which means simply that no book has been produced just like it. The Bible is not a book of history, though it contains much history, and all it does contain is authentic. It is not a book of science, though all its pronouncements upon the facts usually falling […]

Wondering Worship-A.W.Tozer

  The third stage of true worship is wonder. Here the mind ceases to understand and goes over to a kind of delightful astonishment. Carlyle said that worship is ?transcendent wonder,? a degree of wonder without limit and beyond expression. That kind of worship is found throughout the Bible (though it is only fair to […]


  I do know something of the emotional life that goes along with conversion to Jesus Christ. I came into the kingdom of God with joy, knowing that I had been forgiven. I have had people tell me very dogmatically that they will never allow “feeling” to have any part in their spiritual life and […]

With the Wind in Your Face-A.W.Tozer

  Are You Feeling the Wind? ?God hath called you to Christ?s side,? wrote the saintly Rutherford, ?and the wind is now in Christ?s face in this land; and seeing ye are with Him, ye cannot expect the leeside or the sunny side of the brae.? With that beautiful feeling for words that characterized Samuel […]


  The thinking of our generation often reflects a willingness to exchange a high view of God’s eternity for a short-term concept called “here and now.” Technology is presumed to be paramount but the answers science gives us are short-term answers. The scientists may be able to keep us alive for a few extra years […]

Winter Experiences-A.W.Tozer

  There is such a thing as a renaissance, a personal revival. The best illustration is the coming of the springtime on the farm. The snow will lay all winter long, and in some places you don”t see the ground until springtime. How utterly dead everything looks, but you know that life is still there. […]

Winds of Change and the Changeless God-A.W.Tozer

  The contemporary world is a result of radical changes down the generations amounting to revolution: the scientific revolution, the industrial revolution, the communications revolution, the philosophical revolution and the social revolution. Are we going to accept the belief that the Bible must be interpreted anew in the light of these developments? Are we going […]

Willing to Love-A.W.Tozer

  Civilized man has brought about this tragic fall by associating love with sex exclusively and then popularizing the error by every means at his command. Millions of young people today are wholly unable to think of love except in terms of the disgraceful promiscuity of Hollywood. Newspapers now report the numerous marriages of the […]

Wild-eyed Fanatics-A.W.Tozer

  Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good. –1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 This is a crude illustration, but let me tell you what we did after planting a field of corn when I was a young fellow in Pennsylvania. To save the field of corn from […]


  Why should a Christian “settle down” as soon as he has come to know the Lord? I blame faulty exposition of the New Testament for stopping many Christians dead in their tracks, causing them to shrug off any suggestion that there is still spiritual advance and progress beckoning them on. It is the position […]

Why Satan Hates the Child of God-A.W.Tozer

  As we move farther on and mount higher up in the Christian life we may expect to encounter greater difficulties in the way and meet increased hostility from the enemy of our souls. Though this is seldom presented to Christians as a fact of life it is a very solid fact indeed as every […]

Whole Life Prayer-A.W.Tozer

  “I am the Vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit, for without Me you can do nothing…. If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.” –John 15:5,7 Prayer […]


  God’s invitation to men is broad but not unqualified. The words “whosoever will may come” throw the door open, indeed, but the church is carrying the gospel invitation far beyond its proper bounds, turning it into something more human and less divine than that found in the sacred Scriptures. What we tend to overlook […]


  The Christian churches of our day have suffered a great loss in rejecting the example of good men, choosing instead the “celebrity of the hour” for their pattern. We must agree that it is altogether unlikely that we know who our “greatest” men are. One thing is sure, however-the greatest man alive today is […]

Who is the Church?-A.W.Tozer

  For clarification, what is the church? When I say that a church gets into the rote and then onto the rut and finally to the rot, what am I talking about? For one thing, the church is not the building. A church is an assembly of individuals. There is a lot of meaningless dialogue […]


  Who can deny that there are certain persons who, though still unconverted, nevertheless differ from the crowd, marked out of God, stricken with an interior wound and susceptible to the call of God? In the prayer of Jesus in John 17:1lb, He said: “Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given […]


  One of the strange things under the sun is a “crossless” Christianity. The cross of Christendom is a “no-cross,” an ecclesiastical symbol. The cross of our Lord Jesus Christ is a place of death! Let each one be careful which cross he carries! Thousands turn away from Jesus Christ because they will not meet […]

Where Truth Leads Us-A.W.Tozer

  The world is full of seekers, true enough, and they gravitate quite naturally toward the church. Seekers after peace of mind are plentiful enough to keep the printing presses busy; seekers after physical health are always with us in sufficient numbers to make our leading faith healers comfortably rich; seekers after success and safety […]


  I keep looking, but with little success, for a distinguishing radiance in life and testimony among our evangelical Christians. Instead of an inner witness, too many professing Christians are depending upon logical conclusions drawn from Bible texts. They have no witness of an encounter with God, no awareness of inner change! I believe that […]

Where Have Those Hymnals Gone?-A.W.Tozer

  In order to express myself more freely on a matter that lies very near to my heart, I shall waive the rather stilted editorial we and speak in the first person. The matter I have in mind is the place of the hymnbook in the devotional life of the Christian. For purposes of inward […]

Where Are the Prophets?-A.W.Tozer

  O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. So I have looked for You in the sanctuary, to see Your power and Your glory. –Psalm 63:1-2 But it is within […]

When ”Adjust” Means ”Maladjust”-A.W.Tozer

  A word that is being greatly overused in modern society is adjust. I am certainly not the first one to complain about it, but my objection to its overuse is, I believe, on a little higher level, for most persons who register their objections are thinking only about its social effects while I am […]

When the Heart Lights Go On-A.W.Tozer

  God is concerned with the whole man and has designed that Christian experience should embrace the entire personality. The Christian faith deals not with the spiritual only but with the moral and the rational as well. The rational and moral elements in religion are the proper objects of thought and willingly yield their rich […]


  As we read the New Testament, we find a very simple and very plain and very forceful truth-the Holy Spirit makes a difference! Consider the early disciples-Jesus Himself had taught them for more than three years-the greatest Bible school! But still He had to caution them and encourage them not to depend on their […]

When Interests Collide-A.W.Tozer

  Whether we are considering two men or two nations we see how personal interest controls their relation to each other. Two men can live together in perfect harmony as long as their interests coincide. Indeed it might correctly be said that human society can exist only by organizing itself in such a manner as […]

When Fish Catch the Fisherman-A.W.Tozer

  History shows clearly enough that true spirituality has never at any time been the possession of the masses. In any given period since the fall of the human race, only a few persons ever discerned the right way or walked in God’s law. God’s truth has never been popular. Wherever Christianity becomes popular, it […]

What We Are and What We Can Be-A.W.Tozer

  Remember, we are compared with what we could be, not just what we should be. God being who He is, and Jesus Christ being His risen and all-powerful Son, anything we ought to be we can be. Anything that God has declared that we should be we can be. In the wonderful book of […]

What to Do with Burdens-A.W.Tozer

  “If a burden is laid on my back and another immediately takes it off and carries it himself,” said Meister Eckhart, “it can make no difference to me whether it is one or a hundred pounds.” In the Scriptures, there would seem to be three kinds of burdens recognized. First, the burden of loving […]


  It is all but impossible these days to get people to pay any attention to things that really matter. The broad cynic in our modern civilization is likely to ask: “What really matters, after all?” It is our personal relationship to God that really matters! That takes priority over everything else; for no man […]

What Is Faith?-A.W.Tozer

  Remember that faith is not a noble quality found only in superior men. It is not a virtue attainable by a limited few. It is not the ability to persuade ourselves that black is white or that something we desire will come to pass if we only wish hard enough. Faith is simply the […]

What Do You Mean?-A.W.Tozer

  A disturbing phenomenon of the day is the new and tricky use of familiar words. A ”people’s republic,” for instance, is not a republic nor does it belong to the people. The word ”freedom” now in most countries refers to something so restricted that a generation or two ago another word altogether would have […]

What a Great Responsibility!-A.W.Tozer

  For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand? –Revelation 6:17 What a great responsibility God has laid upon us preachers of His gospel and teachers of His Word. In that future day when God’s wrath is poured out, how are we going to answer? How am I […]

Weare the Church-A.W.Tozer

  Revival may be experienced on three levels, viz., in the individual, the church or the community. It is impossible to have a community revival where there has not been a church revival, and unless at least a few individuals seek and obtain a spiritual transformation in their own hearts, there can be no hope […]


  We confess, do we not, that we have a Christian responsibility to believe God’s Word and to obey God’s Truth? Then we should accept the fact that it is our task to practice the Christian virtues in the power of the Holy Spirit as we await the coming of Him who will come. The […]

We Were Made to Worship-A.W.Tozer

  Mans nature indicates that he was created for three things: To think, to worship and to work. But thinking is not enough. Men are made to worship also, to bow down and adore in the presence of the Mystery inexpressible. Mans mind is not the top peak of his nature. Higher than his mind […]

We Travel an Appointed Way-A.W.Tozer

  Nehemiah, the good, rose up from his weeping to do something about a vision God had laid on his heart. Under divine providence, he was soon transported from Shushan to his beloved city, Jerusalem, armed with authority and equipped with materials to rebuild the ruined city. . . . The first device of the […]


  We trust the Word of God-and the inspired revelation makes it plain to the believing Christian that all things in the universe have derived their form from Christ, the eternal Son! We are assured that even as an architect-builder gathers the necessary materials needed to fashion the structure he has designed, so God will […]

We Need to Repent-A.W.Tozer

  Do not quench the Spirit. –1 Thessalonians 5:19 It is time for us to repent, for our transgressions against the blessed Third Person have been many and much aggravated. We have bitterly mistreated Him in the house of His friends. We have crucified Him in His own temple as they crucified the Eternal Son […]

We Need Him More and More-A.W.Tozer

  But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you. –John 14:26 I have reason to suspect that many people are trying to give leadership in Christian churches today without ever having […]

We Need Church Family-A.W.Tozer

  The Christian life begins with the individual; a soul has a saving encounter with God and the new life is born. Not all the pooled efforts of any church can make a Christian out of a lost man. But once the great transaction’s done the communion of believers will be found to be the […]

We Must Have Better Christians 2-A.W.Tozer

  To talk of “better” Christians is to use language foreign to many persons. To them all Christians are alike; all have been justified and forgiven and are the children of God, so to make comparisons between them is to suggest division and bigotry and any number of horrible things. What is forgotten is that […]

We Must Have Better ChristiansWe Must Have Better Christians-A.W.Tozer

  Excerpted from Of God and Men To talk of “better” Christians is to use language foreign to many persons. To them all Christians are alike; all have been justified and forgiven and are the children of God, so to make comparisons between them is to suggest division and bigotry and any number of horrible […]

We Languish for Men-A.W.Tozer

  Then Paul answered, “What do you mean by weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.” –Acts 21:13 The Church at this moment needs men, the right kind of men, bold men…. We languish for […]


  The hope of the Christian church still lies in the purity of her theology, that is, her beliefs about God and man and their relation to each other. It is a fact that positive beliefs are not popular these days. I sense that the modern efforts to popularize the Christian faith have been extremely […]


  How much time have you spent in your Christian life meditating on the plain instruction from our Savior?-“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” The God who has revealed Himself to needy men and women wants us to know that when we […]


  The Lordship of Jesus is not quite forgotten among Christians, but it has been relegated to our hymn book, where all responsibility toward it may be comfortably discharged in a glow of pleasant religious emotion. The idea that the Man Christ Jesus has absolute and final authority over all its members in every detail […]


  I once wrote in an editorial that Christian believers are not orphans in this world, making the point that the divine Shepherd goes before us and that we travel an appointed way. A reader wrote to question my allusion to our traveling an “appointed” way, asking: “I was brought up a Methodist. In your […]


  We ought to be fully aware that in the body of Christ we are not interested in the production of “cookie-cutter” Christians. This is a word of caution in the matter of Christian experience-there is no pattern or formula for identical Christian experiences. It is actually a tragic thing for believers to try to […]

We and Our Times are in God’s Hands-A.W.Tozer

  The man of true faith may live in the absolute assurance that his steps are ordered by the Lord. For him, misfortune is outside the bounds of possibility. He cannot be torn from this earth one hour ahead of the time which God has appointed, and he cannot be detained on earth one moment […]

Wants or Wishes-A.W.Tozer

  The third class of blessing consists of spiritual treasures which are ours by blood atonement but which will not come to us unless we make a determined effort to possess them. To make things clearer let me set forth four propositions touching this heritage of joy which God has set before us; 3. You […]

Wanted: Worshipers-A.W.Tozer

  It remains only to be said that worship as we have described it here is almost (though, thank God, not quite) a forgotten art in our day. For whatever we can say of modern Bible-believing Christians, it can hardly be denied that we are not remarkable for our spirit of worship. The gospel as […]

Wanted: God Seers-A.W.Tozer

  When viewing the religious scene today, we are tempted to fix on one or another weakness and say, “This is what is wrong with the church. If this were corrected, we could recapture the glory of the early church and have pentecostal times back with us again.” This tendency to oversimplification is itself a […]

Walking in Truth 2-A.W.Tozer

  Any man who would escape the heavy tax which humankind lays upon the righteous must make a satisfactory compromise with error. This is so because sin has perverted the nature of things. He that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey is as true now as when it was first uttered. Little as we […]

Walking in Truth-A.W.Tozer

  Any man who would escape the heavy tax which humankind lays upon the righteous must make a satisfactory compromise with error. This is so because sin has perverted the nature of things. He that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey is as true now as when it was first uttered. Little as we […]

Walking in the Light of His Presence-A.W.Tozer

  Our frantic and futile effort to harmonize the truth of Christ with psychology, philosophy and science is proof enough of a deep incertitude among us concerning the sufficiency of Christ. It is a tragicomic sight to see our modern apostles licking the palm of any man of learning who will condescend to say something […]

Wakeful Walking-A.W.Tozer

  Of course, people resent any word reflecting on them, but every once in a while there appears an awakened soul. Some way or another this person got awake. Somehow God Almighty wakened him or her, whether by the crowing of the rooster or by the braying of Balaam’s donkey. This person ceases to be […]

Wake Up the Lion In You!-A.W.Tozer

  Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God. –2 Corinthians 3:5 That is the difference between Christianity and all the Oriental cults and religions. All cult religions try to wake up what you already have, and Christianity says, “What you have […]

Waiting Rather than Fretting-A.W.Tozer

  Of one thing we may be sure; we can never escape the external stimuli that cause vexation. The world is full of them and though we were to retreat to a cave and live the remainder of our days alone, we still could not lose them. The rough floor of our cave would chafe […]

Waiting for God-A.W.Tozer

  I am convinced that the dearth of great saints in these times even among those who truly believe in Christ is due at least in part to our unwillingness to give sufficient time to the cultivation of the knowledge of God. We of the nervous West are victims of the philosophy of activism tragically […]

Vital Faith Shows Itself in Changed Living-A.W.Tozer

  We would make a clear distinction here between moral action and mere religious activity. In truth there is already too much of that popular type of activity which does little more than agitate the surface of religion. Its never-ending squirrel-cage motion gives the impression that much is being done, when actually nothing really important […]

Victory Through Defeat-A.W.Tozer

  And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed. ( Genesis 32:28) But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto […]

Victors or Victims-A.W.Tozer

  If Satan opposes the new convert he opposes still more bitterly the Christian who is pressing on toward a higher life in Christ. The Spirit-filled life is not, as many suppose, a life of peace and quiet pleasure. It is likely to be something quite the opposite. Viewed one way it is a pilgrimage […]

Utilizing Our Spiritual Resources-A.W.Tozer

  I think that most Christians would be better pleased if the Lord did not inquire into their personal affairs too closely. They want Him to save them, keep them happy and take them to heaven at last, but not to be too inquisitive about their conduct or service. But He has searched us and […]

Using Both Wings 2-A.W.Tozer

  Truth is like a bird; it cannot fly on one wing. Yet we are forever trying to take off with one wing flapping furiously and the other tucked neatly out of sight. Many of the doctrinal divisions among the churches are the result of a blind and stubborn insistence that truth has but one […]

Using Both Wings-A.W.Tozer

  Truth is like a bird; it cannot fly on one wing. Yet we are forever trying to take off with one wing flapping furiously and the other tucked neatly out of sight. Many of the doctrinal divisions among the churches are the result of a blind and stubborn insistence that truth has but one […]

Urgently Needed: Prophetic Leaders-A.W.Tozer

  There has probably never been another time in the history of the world when so many people knew so much about religious happenings as they do today. The newspapers are eager to print religious news; the secular news magazines devote several pages of each issue to the doings of the church and the synagogue; […]


  I know there are people who hear me preach regularly who will never consider changing their way of living They will go ‘underground’ before they will do that! Our situation is not an isolated case. There are millions of men and women with an understanding of the revelation of God in Jesus Christ, who […]

Unused Truth-A.W.Tozer

  Lack of balance in the Christian life is often the direct consequence of overemphasis on certain favorite texts, with a corresponding underemphasis on other related ones. For it is not denial only that makes a truth void; failure to emphasize it will in the long run be equally damaging. And this puts us in […]

Unseen Realities-A.W.Tozer

  Let us not be shocked by the suggestion that there are disadvantages to the life in Christ. There most certainly are. Abel was murdered. Joseph was sold into slavery, Daniel was thrown into the den of lions, Stephen was stoned to death, Paul was beheaded, and a noble army of martyrs was put to […]

Unlovely Religious People-A.W.Tozer

  Any act gains in power as it moves inward toward the heart. For this reason, the sins of the spirit are more iniquitous than those of the body. This was illustrated boldly by the attitude of our Lord toward these two kinds of sins and the corresponding two classes of sinners. He was the […]

Unlimited Resources but Limited Receptacles-A.W.Tozer

  Since God is infinite, whatever He is must be infinite also; that is, it must be without any actual or conceivable limits. The moment we allow ourselves to think of God as having limits, the one of whom we are thinking is not God but someone or something less than and different from Him. […]

Universal Brotherhood: The Impossible Dream-A.W.Tozer

  The dream of a universal brotherhood based upon the ethics of Jesus is just that-a dream. It is compounded of a few words of Christ mixed with vast numbers of uninspired words spoken by men whose yearnings are to be commended but whose wisdom is suspect. To arrive at the doctrine of brotherhood it […]


  The Spirit of God has impelled me to preach and write much about the believer’s conscious union with Christ-a union that must be felt and experienced. I will never be through talking about the union of the soul with the Savior, the conscious union of the believer’s heart with Jesus. Remember, I am not […]


  All of history and the daily newspaper testify that the human race lies in ruin-spiritually, morally and physically. The long parade of gods, both virtuous and obscene, and a thousand varieties of vain and meaningless religious practices declare our spiritual degeneration, while disease, old age and death testify sadly to the completeness of our […]

Ungifted Hands-A.W.Tozer

  For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure. –Philippians 2:13 The important thing is that the Holy Spirit desires to take us and control us and use us as instruments and organs through whom He can express Himself in the body of Christ. Perhaps […]

Ungifted Hands-A.W.Tozer

  For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure. –Philippians 2:13 The important thing is that the Holy Spirit desires to take us and control us and use us as instruments and organs through whom He can express Himself in the body of Christ. Perhaps […]


  In the Old Testament, whenever the living God revealed Himself in some way to humankind, terror and amazement were the reactions. People saw themselves as guilty and unclean by comparison! In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John describes the overwhelming nature of his encounter with the Lord of glory. Although a believer and […]

Unanswered Prayer-A.W.Tozer

  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith…. –1 Peter 5:8-9 If unanswered prayer continues in a congregation over an extended period of time, the chill of discouragement will settle over the praying people. If we […]

Two Conditions Must Be Met-A.W.Tozer

  Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence toward God. And whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight. –1 John 3:21-22 When we go to God with a request that He modify the existing situation for […]

Trying to Run While Entangled-A.W.Tozer

  . . If we compare what we ought to be and could be with what we are, and we don’t see that we are in a rut and we are not concerned, then one of three things may be wrong. First, we may not be converted at all. . . . Second, people may […]

Truth that Seeks Lost People-A.W.Tozer

  Our Lord said, I am the Truth, and again He said, The Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. Truth therefore is not hard to find for the very reason that it is seeking us. Truth is not a thing for which we must search, but a […]

Truth Tests-A.W.Tozer

  We need to cultivate a healthy skepticism toward everything that cannot be supported by the plain teaching of the Bible. Belief is faith only when it has God?s revealed truth for its object; beyond that it may be fully as injurious as unbelief itself. Many of the stories brought forward to justify the ways […]

Truth Revelations-A.W.Tozer

  That we must often receive new truth into minds already cluttered up with old truths, half-truths and scraps of downright error, and fit it into the total in such a way that it will appear right and ?feel? right to the heart, makes it extremely difficult for us to grow in grace and in […]


  Let me say boldly that it is not the difficulty of discovering truth, but the unwillingness to obey it, that makes it so rare among men. Our Lord said, “I am the Truth.” And again He said, “The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Truth, therefore, […]


  I believe there is a positive warning in the gospels that a person’s faith may stand in the revealed Bible text-and still be as dead as the proverbial door nail! Consider the prayer of our Lord in Matthew 11: “All things are delivered unto me of my Father; and no man knoweth the Son, […]

Trusting the Completely Trustworthy God-A.W.Tozer

  Idolatry is the supreme sin and unbelief is the child of idolatry. Both are libels on the character of the Most High and the Most Holy. He that believeth not God hath made him a liar, wrote the apostle John. A God who lies is a God without character, and where there is no […]

Trusting in His Unfailing Love-A.W.Tozer

  How long you continue in this night of the soul will depend upon a number of factors, some of which you may be able later to identify, while others will remain with God, completely hidden from you. The words ?The day is thine, the night also is thine? will now be interpreted for you […]

True Poverty of Spirit-A.W.Tozer

  Within the human heart “things” have taken over. . . . There is within the human heart a tough fibrous root of fallen life whose nature is to possess, always to possess. It covets “things” with a deep and fierce passion. The pronouns “my” and “mine” look innocent enough in print, but their constant […]

True Love-A.W.Tozer

  Among the innocent victims of this effete and degenerate age, there is none so pure and so beautiful as love. Next to the word God with its various forms, there is no word so fair in all the language. Yet it may be said without qualification that this beautiful word has so suffered in […]

Trials Are Only Temporary-A.W.Tozer

  The man whom Christ illuminates with His message has eyes, and that resolves the old difficulty of blindness; but he must use his new eyes in a blind world, and that creates another problem. The world in its blindness resents his claim to sight and will go to any lengths to discredit the claim. […]

Translating Biblical Truth Into the Language of the Pew-A.W.Tozer

  . . . Invariably the newly learned, like the newly rich, overdo everything, and that is just what the evangelical-rationalists are doing. They forget that Moses, David, our blessed Lord Himself, John, Luther, Wesley, Bunyan, Schopenhauer, William James (to bring together a few very different but very effective teachers), could state their doctrines in […]


  One of the most telling indictments against many of us who compose our Christian churches is the almost complete acceptance of the contemporary scene as our permanent home! We have been working and earning, getting and spending, and now we are enjoying the creature comforts known to human beings in this land. You may […]

To Think God’s Thoughts-A.W.Tozer

  But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night. –Psalm 1:2 To think God’s thoughts requires much prayer. If you do not pray much, you are not thinking God’s thoughts. If you do not read your Bible much and often and reverently, you are […]


  Some of you will object to my saying this, but it is my opinion that in Christianity we have over-emphasized the psychology of the lost sinner’s condition. We spend time describing the sinner’s woes and the great burden he carries until we almost forget the principal fact that the sinner is actually a rebel […]

To Know God is to Love Him-A.W.Tozer

  God is love, and is for that reason the source of all the love there is. He has set as the first of all commandments that we love Him with all our hearts, but He knows that the desired love can never originate with us. We love him, because he first loved us, is […]

Time with God-A.W.Tozer

  Moses was dead, but the God of Moses still lived. Nothing had changed and nothing had been lost. Nothing of God dies when a man of God dies. Here we acknowledge (and there is fear and wonder in the thought) the essential unity of God’s nature, the timeless persistence of His changeless Being through […]

Thus Saith the Lord-A.W.Tozer

  Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. –Psalm 119:105 Every new year is an uncharted and unknown sea. No ship has ever sailed this way before. The wisest of earth’s sons and daughters cannot tell us what we may encounter on this journey. Familiarity with the past […]

Three Faithful Wounds-A.W.Tozer

  “Faithful are the wounds of a friend,” says the Holy Spirit in Proverbs 27:6. And lest we imagine that the preacher is the one who does the wounding, I want to read Job 5:17,18: “Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty: for he maketh […]

Three Degrees of Knowledge-A.W.Tozer

  In a recent letter a man from Jamestown, NY, quoted a statement from an editorial, ?Three Degrees of Religious Knowledge,? . . . and asked for clarification. The quotation was taken from that part of the editorial dealing with the third degree of knowledge: ?. . . it is knowledge by direct spiritual experience […]


What a sweet comfort to us that our Lord Jesus Christ was once known in the breaking of the bread. In earlier Christian times, believers called the Communion “the medicine of immortality,” and God gave them the desire to pray: Be known to us in breaking bread, But do not then depart; Savior, abide with […]

Those Sanctifying Effects of Suffering-A.W.Tozer

  Instant Christianity tends to make the faith act terminal and so smothers the desire for spiritual advance. It fails to understand the true nature of the Christian life, which is not static but dynamic and expanding. It overlooks the fact that a new Christian is a living organism as certainly as a new baby […]

Those Museum Pieces-A.W.Tozer

  Now I do not think that Satan much cares to destroy us Christians physically. The soldier dead in battle who died performing some deed of heroism is not a great loss to the army but may rather be an object of pride to his country. On the other hand the soldier who cannot or […]

Thinking Well-A.W.Tozer

  The creative religious thinker is not a daydreamer, not an ivory tower intellectual carrying on his lofty cogitations remote from the rough world; he is more likely to be a troubled, burdened man weighed down by the woes of existence, occupied not with matters academic or theoretical but the practical and personal. The great […]


  If God knows that your intention is to worship Him with every part of your being, He has promised to cooperate with you. On His side is the love and grace, the promises and the atonement, the constant help and the presence of the Holy Spirit. On your side there is determination, seeking, yielding, […]

The “Rote” to “Rutness”-A.W.Tozer

  We can go one step further and come to what I will call the rut, which is bondage to the rote. When we are unable to see and sense bondage to the rote, we are in a rut. For example, a man may be sick and not even know it. The doctors may have […]

The “Exegete” of the Father-A.W.Tozer

  Elsewhere I have said that we cannot know God by thinking, but that we must do a lot of thinking if we would know Him well. This sounds self-contradictory, but I am sure that the two statements are in full accord with each other. The inability of the human mind to know God in […]

The Wrong Kind of Teachers-A.W.Tozer

  The newborn Christian finds himself alive with a sweet, enjoyable kind of life that he accepts naively, almost unconsciously. To him everything is simple and immediate. He knows no intermediary. Christ is to him on an infinitely higher level what its mother is to a baby–warmth, nourishment, protection, rest and an object of satisfying […]


  As Christian believers, we must stand together against some things. So, if you hear anyone saying that A.W. Tozer preaches a good deal that is negative, just smile and agree: “That is because he preaches the Bible!” Here are some of the things we oppose: we are against the many modern idols that have […]

The Word of God-A.W.Tozer

  Of course we of this generation cannot know by firsthand experience how the Word of God was read in other times. But it would be hard to conceive of our fathers having done a poorer job than we do when it comes to the public reading of the Scriptures. Most of us read the […]


  I have given much thought and contemplation to the sweetest and tenderest of all of the mysteries in God’s revelation to man-the Incarnation! Jesus, the Christ, is the Eternal One, for in the fullness of time He humbles Himself John’s description is plain: the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. I confess […]


My brethren in the Christian faith, stand with me in defense of this basic doctrine: The living God did not degrade Himself in the Incarnation. When the Word was made flesh, there was no compromise on God’s part! It is plain in the ancient Athanasian Creed that the early church fathers were cautious at this […]

The Wonder of God-A.W.Tozer

  Moses took us back to the beginning of all that we see, all that we call the universe. He took us back before the stars and moon were, before space was and before time was, and said, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). So Moses said that the […]

The Witness of the Spirit-A.W.Tozer

  Knowledge by spiritual experience is not mental, it is intuitive. It is consciousness, it is acquaintance with something or someone by direct awareness. It might help the reader to understand what we mean by such words as ?awareness? and ?consciousness? if he were to ask himself how he knows he exists, how he knows […]


  Much of Christianity overlooks the fact that if we are led by the Spirit of God and if we show forth the love of God this world needs, we become the “winsome saints.” The strange and wonderful thing about it is that truly winsome and loving saints do not even know about their attractiveness. […]

The Way to God is a Person-A.W.Tozer

  When they knew God, they glorified him not as God, read the terrible words, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and […]


  There are spiritual lessons for every Christian believer in the life of godly Enoch, seventh generation from Adam through Adam’s third son, Seth. We are impressed that he could resist the devil and find fellowship with his Creator-God, for he lived in a worldly society headed for destruction. Enoch’s daily walk was a walk […]

The Utilitarian Christ-A.W.Tozer

  I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You. Therefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes. –Job 42:5-6 Within the past few years, for instance, Christ has been popularized by some so-called evangelicals as one who, if a proper amount of prayer were […]


  If we are humble and sincere Christians, this should be one of the most welcome thoughts we have ever considered: the work of Christ in redemption will achieve ultimately the expulsion of sin, the only divisive agent in the universe! When that is accomplished, God’s creation will once more realize the unification of all […]

The Union of Faith and Works-A.W.Tozer

  Just as in eternity God acted like Himself and when incarnated in human flesh still continued to be true to His holiness in all His conduct, so does He when He enters the nature of a believing man. This is the method by which He makes the redeemed man holy. He enters a human […]

The Unending Chapter-A.W.Tozer

  That next chapter after the last is the source of all the Christian’s hope, for it assures us that our Lord has put death in its place and has delivered us from the ancient curse. Death did not end the activities of our Lord; it did not even interrupt them, for while His body […]

The Unchanging Need of the Human Heart-A.W.Tozer

  We of the twentieth century have exactly the same basic needs as the people of the first century. We feel the weight of sin and mortality just as they did. We long for peace and life eternal exactly as they did. We are tortured by fears, stunned by losses, grieved by betrayals, hurt by […]

The Tyranny of the Customary-A.W.Tozer

  In the Old Testament, the enemy that threatened Israel the most was the dictatorship of the customary. Israel became accustomed to walking around in circles and was blissfully content to stay by the safety of the mountain for a while. To put it another way, it was the psychology of the usual. God finally […]


  Many of the great evangelists who have touched the world for God, including such men as Jonathan Edwards and Charles Finney, have declared that the church is being betrayed by those who insist on Christianity being made “too easy.” Jesus laid down the terms of Christian discipleship and there are some among us who […]

The Top Side of Our Souls-A.W.Tozer

  And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” –Luke 10:41-42 …every real Christian, however practical, is in some degree a mystic, his mysticism lying on […]

The Text Plus the Holy Spirit-A.W.Tozer

  So they come to you as people do, they sit before you as My people, and they hear your words, but they do not do them; for with their mouth they show much love, but their hearts pursue their own gain. –Ezekiel 33:31 When you are trying to find out the condition of a […]

The terrible doctrine of the Remnant-A.W.Tozer

  Rom 9:27 Isaiah also cries concerning Israel, “though the numbers of the sons of Israel is as the sands of the sea, a remnant shall be saved.’ I want to articulate a doctrine in the Bible that is very troubling and alarming. I am very much afraid that the Bible is a more alarming […]

The Taming of Anger-A.W.Tozer

  It is significant that when our Lord describes the stream of iniquity as it flows out of the heart He begins with the thoughts. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies… Matthew 15:19. It is doubtful whether any sin is ever committed until it first incubates […]

The Sword of the Spirit-A.W.Tozer

  Undoubtedly God goes along with us as far as He can in this weak and one-sided treatment of the Holy Scriptures, but He cannot be pleased with this way of doing. Our Heavenly Father takes pleasure in seeing us develop and grow up spiritually. He does not want us to live entirely on a […]

The Study of God-A.W.Tozer

  It is precisely because God is, and because man is made in His image and is accountable to Him, that theology is so critically important. Christian revelation alone has the answer to life?s unanswered questions about God and human destiny. To let these authoritative answers lie neglected while we search everywhere else for answers […]

The Strength of Humility-A.W.Tozer

  In the kingdom of heaven, weak things become mighty and mighty things often prove to be useless. God seeth not as man seeth, and the things that are held in high esteem among men may be scorned by the Most High God, maker of heaven and earth. That carnal courage so prized in the […]


  When we study the New Testament record, we see plainly that Christ’s conflict was with the theological rationalists of His day. John’s gospel record is actually a long, inspired, passionately-outpoured account trying to save us from evangelical rationalism-the doctrine that says the text is enough. Divine revelation is the ground upon which we stand. […]

The Speaking Voice-A.W.Tozer

  An intelligent plain man, untaught in the truths of Christianity, coming upon this text, would likely conclude that John meant to teach that it is the nature of God to speak, to communicate His thoughts to others. And he would be right. A word is a medium by which thoughts are expressed, and the […]

The Soul In the Body-A.W.Tozer

  But now God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as He pleased. –1 Corinthians 12:18 Let us review something here that we probably know: the doctrine of the life and operation of Christian believers on earth–starting with the fact that the Christian church is the body of Christ, […]

The Set of Our Sails-A.W.Tozer

  But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies, nor with the wine which he drank…. –Daniel 1:8 Though we do not hear much of it in this age of spineless religion, there is nevertheless much in the Bible about the place of moral […]


  I do believe in the secret and mysterious working of God in the human breast. I must believe it after finding the forgiving and converting grace of God in the Savior, Jesus Christ. My father and mother held high human standards, but completely without any thought of God. My parents appeared to be without […]

The Saint Must Walk Alone-A.W.Tozer

  Most of the world’s great souls have been lonely. Loneliness seems to be one price the saint must pay for his saintliness. In the morning of the world (or should we say, in that strange darkness that came soon after the dawn of man’s creation), that pious soul, Enoch, walked with God and was […]

The Root Appears-A.W.Tozer

  Now everyone knows that moisture is necessary to the germination of seeds, to the swelling of buds and to the sprouting of the root buried there in the ground. Where there is no water, life lies suspended in sleepy inaction. Even the desert plant must have a minimal quantity of moisture before there can […]

The Rod and the Cross-A.W.Tozer

  For the Christian cross carrying and chastisement are alike but not identical. They differ in a number of important ways. The two ideas are usually considered to be the same and the words embodying the ideas are used interchangeably. There is, however, a sharp distinction between them. When we confuse them we are not […]

The Rigors of Shepherding-A.W.Tozer

  Because we are the kind of persons we are and because we live in a world such as we do, the shepherd of souls is often forced to work at what would appear to be cross purposes with himself. For instance, he must encourage the timid and warn the self-confident; and these may at […]

The Revelatory Light of Scripture-A.W.Tozer

  Among men, questions usually have more than one side; sometimes they have many. Pros and cons are often balanced so finely against each other that it is virtually impossible to know where the right lies. But with God there is only one side. God’s side is good and holy and all other sides are […]

The Responsibility of Choice-A.W.Tozer

  Our Lord Jesus looked after the rich young ruler as he walked away, but He did not follow him or attempt to coerce him. The dignity of the young man’s humanity forbade that his choices should be made for him by another. To remain a man he must make his own moral choices; and […]

The Refiner’s Fire-A.W.Tozer

  Ten thousand enemies cannot stop a Christian, cannot even slow him down, if he meets them in a attitude of complete trust in God. They will become to him like the atmosphere that resists the airplane, but which because the plane’s designer knew how to take advantage of that resistance, actually lifts the plane […]


  Much of the secularism and rationalism of our times dismisses the Christian view and teaching about heaven as “nothing more than hopeful thinking.” But the Christian’s promised hope of future blessedness is founded upon the fullest and plainest revelations of the Old and New Testaments. That it accords with the most sacred yearnings of […]

The Quiet Call of Christ-A.W.Tozer

  It is like the Lord to fasten a world upon nothing, and make it stay in place. Here He takes that wonderful, mysterious microcosm we call the human soul and makes its future weal or woe to rest upon a single word–if. If any man, He says, and teaches at once the universal inclusiveness […]

The Psychology of Impermanence-A.W.Tozer

  Time may show that one of the greatest weaknesses in our modern civilization has been the acceptance of quantity rather than quality as the goal after which to strive. This is particularly evident in the United States. Costly buildings are constantly being erected with no expectation that they shall last more than one short […]


  The miraculous events wrought in Jerusalem by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost indicated to the disciples that Jesus Christ, the Messiah-Savior, had indeed taken His place at the right hand of the Majesty on high. With Jewish critics all around, Peter lifted his voice and said that all who were in […]

The Privilege of Choice-A.W.Tozer

  It is inherent in the nature of man that his will must be free. Made in the image of God who is completely free, man must enjoy a measure of freedom. This enables him to select his companions for this world and the next; it enables him to yield his soul to whom he […]

The Primacy of Self-A.W.Tozer

  Selfish personal interest, says the Greek moral philosopher Epictetus, is the motive behind all human conduct. The children of the world, Christ tells us, are often wiser than the children of light. In his discovery of the springs of human conduct Epictetus reveals an understanding of mankind far beyond that of the average Christian; […]


  The spiritual giants of old were those who at some time became acutely conscious of the presence of God. They maintained that consciousness for the rest of their lives. How otherwise can the saints and prophets be explained? How otherwise can we account for the amazing power for good they have exercised over countless […]

The Prayer of Faith-A.W.Tozer

  ..The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. –James 5:16 A second important requirement if the believing church is to be used in God’s ministry is prayer and the response God makes to our prayers uttered in true faith…. No matter what our stature or status, we have the authority in the […]

The Prayer of a Minor Prophet[1]-A.W.Tozer

  The covenant and prayer of a preacher This is the prayer of a man called to be a witness to the nations. This is what he said to his Lord on the day of his ordination. After the elders and ministers had prayed and laid their hands on him he withdrew to meet his […]

The Powers That Shape Us-A.W.Tozer

  Fortunately for all of us, human nature is not fixed but plastic. Every human being is in a state of becoming, of passing from what he was to what he is to be. And this is as true of the Christian as of every other person. The new birth does not produce the finished […]

The Power of Godly Living-A.W.Tozer

  The most effective argument for Christianity is still the good lives of those who profess it. A company of pure-living and cheerful Christians in the community is a stronger proof that Christ is risen than any learned treatise could ever be. And a further advantage is that, while the average person could not be […]

The Power God Recognizes-A.W.Tozer

  “Woe to the rebellious children,” says the Lord, “who take counsel, but not of Me, and who devise plans, but not of My Spirit, that they may add sin to sin.” –Isaiah 30:1 The continued neglect of the Holy Spirit by evangelical Christians is too evident to deny and impossible to justify…. It is […]

The Period Becomes a Comma-A.W.Tozer

  He was dead, but He is alive forevermore. That such a thing could be was intimated by the miracles of restoration which our Lord performed during His earthly ministry. The widow’s son was brought back to life for a brief time; at our Lord’s gentle call Jairus’s little daughter rose from her bed of […]


  I hope that if I am remembered at all it will be for this reason: I have spent my efforts and my energies trying to turn the direction of the people away from the external elements of religion to those that are internal and spiritual. I have tried to take away some of the […]

The Pain of Cross-Bearing-A.W.Tozer

  The weakness of much that passes for the Christian faith these days is seen in the readiness of many professed followers of Christ to make any concessions in order to ?get along with people,? especially with relatives and in-laws. The philosophy of mid-twentieth century Christianity is a philosophy of appeasement. Peace and unity have […]

The Open Secret-A.W.Tozer

  But the God we must see is not the utilitarian God who is having such a run of popularity today, whose chief claim to men’s attention is His ability to bring them success in their various undertakings and who for that reason is being cajoled and flattered by everyone who wants a favor. The […]

The Only Way to the Father-A.W.Tozer

  It is more than a little strange that persons who modestly decline to risk an opinion on matters that do not touch them at all closely, such as philosophy or science for instance, are often ready and eager to pronounce with finality on religion which above all else is vital to their welfare for […]

The One to be Feared-A.W.Tozer

  Over the years I have read or thumbed through a great many books on how to conquer fear. The cult of relaxation has, in fact, quite taken over certain areas of the religious thinking of the day. Of course the fear-not cultists are able to assemble a lot of Scripture to support their teaching, […]

The One Before Whom All Shall Bow-A.W.Tozer

  The cure for superstition is an increased appreciation of the being of God: not names only, but character and being. The idea that the devil is afraid of a word or a gesture is pure superstition. He is not afraid of any name, not even the name Jesus. There are thousands of little boys […]

The Object of True Faith-A.W.Tozer

  True faith is not the intellectual ability to visualize unseen things to the satisfaction of our imperfect minds; it is rather the moral power to trust Christ. To be contented and unafraid when going on a journey with his father the child need not be able to imagine events; he need but know the […]

The Need for Solitude-A.W.Tozer

  And when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. Now when evening came, He was alone there. –Matthew 14:23 Modern civilization is so complex as to make the devotional life all but impossible. It wears us out by multiplying distractions and beats us down by […]


  Many persons who have been raised in our churches no longer think in terms of reverence, which seems to indicate that they doubt God’s presence is there! Much of the blame must be placed on the growing acceptance of a worldly secularism that seems much more appealing than any real desire for the spiritual […]

The Need for Power from On High-A.W.Tozer

  Christ told His disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they had been endued with power from on high. This can only mean that He will not entrust His work to the unready and the unqualified. It is infinitely more important that we should be prepared for service than that we should win someone else […]

The Need for Illumination-A.W.Tozer

  But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. –1 Corinthians 2:14 The doctrine of the inability of the human mind and the need for divine illumination is so fully developed in the […]

The Necessity of the Spirit’s Illumination-A.W.Tozer

  I said that the causes of religious confusion were four, and I named misunderstanding of the nature of truth as one of them. The others are lack of love, unbelief and nonobedience. “Wisdom is a loving spirit,” says the Wisdom of Solomon. “He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his […]


  Consider the experience of Moses in the desert as he beheld the fire that burned in the bush without consuming it. Moses had no hesitation in kneeling before the bush and worshiping God. Moses was not worshiping a bush; it was God and His glory dwelling in the bush whom Moses worshiped! This is […]


  When God gave to Moses the blueprint of the Tabernacle He was careful to include every detail; then, lest Moses should get the notion that he could improve on the original plan, God warned him solemnly, “And look that thou make them after their pattern, which was shown thee in the mount.” God, not […]


  Think with me about beauty-and about this matchless One who is the Lord of all beauty, our Savior! God has surely deposited something within our human beings that is capable of understanding and appreciating beauty – the love of harmonious forms, appreciation of colors and beautiful sounds. Brother, these are only the external counterparts […]


  There is a strange contradiction in human nature all around us: the fact that a person can reek with pride, display a swollen ego and strut like a peacock-and yet be the loneliest and most miserable person in the world! We find these people everywhere-pretending and playing a game. Deep within their beings, they […]

The Law of Surrender-A.W.Tozer

  The Bible says that we are to present our bodies “as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.” Of course, if you give your body, you give everything it contains. That means giving yourself wholly to God, and the idea of giving yourself wholly to God contains three laws. The first law is the […]

The Last Chapter-A.W.Tozer

  The four Gospels tell the story of the life and ministry of Jesus, and in so doing, they follow accurately the ordinary course of biography, giving the facts of His birth, growth, work, death and burial. That is the way with biography: the very word itself suggests it, for it comes from bios, life, […]

The Knowledge of God-A.W.Tozer

  For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first principles of the oracles of God; and you have come to need milk and not solid food. –Hebrews 5:12 Probably the most widespread and persistent problem to be found among Christians is the problem of […]

The Inseparability of Faith and Obedience-A.W.Tozer

  The truth is that faith and obedience are two sides of the same coin and are always found together in the Scriptures. As well try to pry apart the two sides of a half-dollar as to separate obedience from faith. The two sides, while they remain together and are taken as one, represent good […]

The Inner Witness of the Spirit-A.W.Tozer

Then, there is another kind of divine working that may occur without our being aware of it, or at least without our recognizing it for what it is. This is that wondrous operation of God known in theology as prevenient grace. It may be simple “conviction,” or a strange longing which nothing can satisfy, or […]

The Indispensable Necessity of Spiritual Diagnosis-A.W.Tozer

  Not the fact that the churches are unusually active these days, not what religious people are doing, should engage our attention, but why these things are so. The big question is: Why? And no one seems to have an answer for it. Not only is there no answer, but scarcely is there anyone to […]

The Illogic of Complaining-A.W.Tozer

  Among those sins most exquisitely fitted to injure the soul and destroy the testimony, few can equal the sin of complaining. Yet the habit is so widespread that we hardly notice it among us. The complaining heart never lacks for occasion. It can always find reason enough to be unhappy. The object of its […]


  I have met two classes of Christians; the proud who imagine they are humble, and the humble who are afraid they are proud! There should be another class: the self-forgetful men and women who leave the whole thing in the hands of Christ and refuse to waste any time trying to make themselves good. […]

The Holy are Humble-A.W.Tozer

  The Church in America suffered a greater loss than she has since discovered when she rejected the example of good men and chose for her pattern the celebrity of the hour. Human greatness cannot be determined by popularity polls nor by the number of lines any man rates in the public press. It is […]

The Heavy Responsibility of Sheep-Feeding-A.W.Tozer

  God’s Word says that a faithful and wise steward gives the people their meat in due season. Some people preach the Bible all right, and you cannot deny that. But they go to the Bible as you would to a medical book to find out what you should prescribe. But instead of prescribing to […]


  When we sing, “The Light of the world is Jesus,” there should be a glow on our faces that would make the world believe indeed that we really mean it! The Incarnation meant something vast and beautiful for John Milton-and he celebrated the coming of Jesus into the world with one of the most […]

The Habit of Holy Thought-A.W.Tozer

  Casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. –2 Corinthians 10:5 What we think about when we are free to think about what we will– that is what we are or will soon become…. Anyone who wishes […]


  If you are a discouraged and defeated Christian believer, you may have accepted the rationalization that your condition is “normal for all Christians.” You may now be content with the position that the progressive, victorious Christian life may be suitable for a few Christian – but not for you! You have been to Bible […]

The Great Illuminator-A.W.Tozer

  The New Testament draws a sharp line between the natural mind and the mind that has been touched by divine fire. When Peter made his good confession, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matt. 16:16), our Lord replied, “Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed […]

The Great Deceiver-A.W.Tozer

  The Devil is a master strategist. He varies his attacks as skillfully as an experienced general and always has one more trick to use against the one who imagines he is well experienced in the holy war. By two radically opposite things the devil seeks to destroy us-by our sins and by our virtues. […]


We who rejoice in the blessings that have come to us through the Savior, need to bear in mind that the gospel is not good news only! The message of the Cross is good news indeed for the penitent, but to those who obey not the gospel it carries an overtone of warning. The Spirit’s […]

The Good Life that Turns Out to be Not So Good-A.W.Tozer

  Almost everywhere it is assumed that people are seeking truth, that society is literally swarming with dedicated truth seekers. The fact is that men have never in any numbers sought after truth. If we may judge peoples interests by their deeds, then of the young men and women who stream forth from our halls […]


  When Christ Jesus died on that unholy, fly-infested cross for mankind, He never divided the Godhead! We are assured from the earliest church fathers that the Father in heaven, His eternal Son, and the Holy Ghost are forever One-inseparable, indivisible-and can never be anything else. Not all of Nero’s swords could ever cut down […]

The Gift of Prophetic Insight-A.W.Tozer

  Excerpted from Of God and Men A prophet is one who knows his times and what God is trying to say to the people of his times. What God says to His church at any given period depends altogether upon her moral and spiritual condition and upon the spiritual need of the hour. Religious […]

The From’s and To’s-A.W.Tozer

  The evangelical Church today is in the awkward position of being wrong while it is right, and a little preposition makes the difference. One place where we are wrong while we are right is in the relative stress we lay upon the prepositions to and from when they follow the word saved. For a […]

The Four Horsemen of the Gloomy Decades-A.W.Tozer

  Immediately following the first World War, a wave of pessimism swept over the literate world. What the cause was I shall not go into here but, whatever it was, the intellectual mood of the ?20s and ?30s was thoroughly despondent. Materialism, pessimism, cynicism and skepticism were the four horsemen of those gloomy decades and […]

The Foolish Spending of Life-A.W.Tozer

  The Greek philosopher Pythagoras is said to have divided men into three classes: 1. Seekers after knowledge. 2. Seekers after honor. 3. Seekers after gain. Thus far Pythagoras. But I wonder why he failed to notice two other classes: those who are not seekers after anything and those who are seekers after God. These […]

The First Lesson to Learn-A.W.Tozer

  Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. –Matthew 26:41 To pray successfully is the first lesson the preacher must learn if he is to preach fruitfully; yet prayer is the hardest thing he will ever be called upon to do and, being human, […]

The File-card Mentality-A.W.Tozer

  As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God? –Psalm 42:1-2 When religion loses its sovereign character and becomes mere form this spontaneity is lost also, and in its place […]

The Feasibility of Change-A.W.Tozer

  . . . people in ruts . . . discover that the passing of time tends to dull their religious feelings, and the signal that used to be quite clear is fading out. Then they worry a little and say, “The signal is gone. I’ll have to do something.” Suddenly it comes on again […]

The Father’s Gift-A.W.Tozer

  In the ”sixth” chapter of John our Lord makes some statements which gospel Christians seem afraid to talk about. The average one of us manages to live with them by the simple trick of ignoring them. They are such as these: 1. Only they come to Christ who have been given to Him by […]

The Falling of Life-Leaves-A.W.Tozer

  People who are in the rut, the circular grave, find that it is getting harder for them to change. They used to have spells when they were emotionally moved. Their wills got over on the side of God, and they really meant to make themselves into good Christians by the grace of God. But […]

The Fallacy of “Secret Sin”-A.W.Tozer

  No sin is private. It may be secret but it is not private. It is a great error to hold, as some do, that each man’s conduct is his own business unless his acts infringe on the rights of others. “My liberty ends where yours begins” is true, but that is not all the […]

The Fallacy of “Insignificant Sin”-A.W.Tozer

  Persons out of Christ often try to comfort themselves with the remembrance that they have never in their lives committed any really great sin. Little trifling acts of wrongdoing perhaps, but nothing of any consequence, so surely God will overlook their rather insignificant transgressions when He settles their accounts. In the first place, a […]

The Faith Walk-A.W.Tozer

  Periods of staleness in the life are not inevitable but they are common. He is a rare Christian who has not experienced times of spiritual dullness when the relish has gone out of his heart and the enjoyment of living has diminished greatly or departed altogether. Since there is no single cause of this […]


  The teachings of Jesus belong to the Church, not to society, for in society is sin, and sin is hostility to God! Christ did not teach that He would impose His teachings upon the fallen world. He called His disciples to Him and taught them, and everywhere throughout His teachings there is the overt […]


  There is a great deal of discussion now taking place about the lack of spiritual power in our Christian churches. What about the New Testament patterns? Brethren, the apostolic method was to provide a foundation of good, sound biblical reasons for following the Savior, for our willingness to let the Spirit of God display […]

The Eternal Spirit-A.W.Tozer

  But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. –Acts 1:8 You know, the Church started out with a Bible, then it got a hymnbook, and for years […]


  Everywhere around us we are experiencing a great new wave of humanity’s interest in spiritism and devil worship. I must take this as one of the signs that God’s age of grace and mercy is approaching the end point. It tells us that the time may be near when God proclaims: “I have seen […]

The Economic Squeeze-A.W.Tozer

  But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. –2 Timothy 4:5 A number of factors contribute to bad spiritual leadership…. The economic squeeze. The Protestant ministry is notoriously underpaid and the pastor’s family is often large. Put these two facts together and you have […]


  I do not mind telling you that within me I find the Easter message and the reality of the Resurrection more beautiful and glorious than the Christmas scene. Christmas tells us that Jesus was born; that He was born for the humiliation of suffering and death and atonement. But Easter is the radiant and […]

The Divine Teacher-A.W.Tozer

  We make a serious mistake when we become so attached to the preaching or writing of a great Christian leader that we accept his teaching without daring to examine it. No man is that important in the kingdom of God. We should follow men only as they follow the Lord and we should keep […]

The Divine Illuminator-A.W.Tozer

  To know God in the scriptural meaning of the term is to enter into experience of Him. It never means to know about. It is not a knowledge mediated by the intellect, but an unmediated awareness experienced by the soul on a plane too high for the mind to reach. Where then is the […]

The Disease of Misplaced Hope-A.W.Tozer

  In a previous piece I said that hope is unique in being at once the most precious and the most treacherous of all our treasures. I have shown that, as Goldsmith says, “Hope, like the gleaming taper’s light, Adorns and cheers our way.” But we do not listen long to the voice of the […]

The Director of Our Way-A.W.Tozer

  Among the many wonders of the Holy Scriptures is their ability frequently to compress into a sentence truth so vast, so complex, as to require a whole shelf of books to expound. Even a single phrase may glow with a light like that of the ancient pillar of fire and its shining may illuminate […]

The Daunting Task-A.W.Tozer

  For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. –Romans 1:16 The greatest event in history was the coming of Jesus Christ into the world to live and to die for […]

The Danger of World-worship-A.W.Tozer

  A great deal can be learned about people by observing whom and what they imitate. The weak, for instance, imitate the strong; never the reverse. The poor imitate the rich. The self-assured are imitated by the timid and uncertain, the genuine is imitated by the counterfeit, and people all tend to imitate what they […]

The Danger of Modifying the Good News-A.W.Tozer

  Our constant effort should be to reach as many persons as possible with the Christian message, and for that reason numbers are critically important. But our first responsibility is not to make converts but to uphold the honor of God in a world given over to the glory of fallen man. No matter how […]

The Danger of Misplaced Commitment-A.W.Tozer

  Faith in Jesus is not commitment to your church or denomination. I believe in the local church; I am not a tabernacle man. I believe in the divine assembly. We ought to realize that we are, as a group of Christians, a divine assembly, a cell in the body of Christ, alive with His […]

The Danger of Heart-hardening-A.W.Tozer

  Another breakdown in the truth–feeling–act sequence comes when the heart for selfish reasons deliberately hardens itself against the Word of God. This is the state of all who love darkness rather than light and for that reason either withdraw from the light altogether or when exposed to it stubbornly refuse to obey it. The […]

The Danger of Eloquence-A.W.Tozer

  There are few things in religious circles held in greater esteem than eloquence. Yet there are few things of less actual value or that bring with them greater temptation or more harm. One qualification everyone expects a preacher to have is the ability to discourse fluently on almost any religious or moral subject. Yet […]

The Cure-A.W.Tozer

  . . . suppose that I found an old fellow sitting on a bench and I went and sat down beside him. I noticed by looking at him that he had high blood pressure. I could tell it by the veins that stood out on his forehead. I began to try to tell him, […]


  Our Lord Jesus Christ called men to follow Him, but He plainly taught that “no man can come unto me, except it were given him of my Father” (John 6:65). It is not surprising that many of His early followers, upon hearing these words, went back and walked no more with Him. Such teaching […]

The Cross is a Radical Thing-A.W.Tozer

  The cross of Christ is the most revolutionary thing ever to appear among men. The cross of the Roman times knew no compromise; it never made concessions. It won all its arguments by killing its opponent and silencing him for good. It spared not Christ, by slew Him the same as the rest. He […]

The Contemporary vs. the Eternal-A.W.Tozer

  Pastors and churches in our hectic times are harassed by the temptation to seek size at any cost and to secure by inflation what they cannot gain by legitimate growth. The mixed multitude cries for quantity and will not forgive a minister who insists upon solid values and permanence. Many a man of God […]

The Compelling Call-A.W.Tozer

  For if I preach the gospel, I have nothing to boast of, for necessity is laid upon me; yes, woe is me if I do not preach the gospel! –1 Corinthians 9:16 The true minister is one not by his own choice but by the sovereign commission of God. From a study of the […]

The Church: the Body of Christ-A.W.Tozer

  The universal Church is the body of Christ, the bride of the Lamb, the habitation of God through the Spirit, the pillar and ground of the truth. The local church is a community of ransomed men, a minority group, a colony of heavenly souls dwelling apart on the earth, a division of soldiers on […]

The Church is Us-A.W.Tozer

  Our most pressing obligation today is to do all in our power to obtain a revival that will result in a reformed, revitalized, purified church. It is of far greater importance that we have better Christians than that we have more of them. Each generation of Christians is the seed of the next, and […]

The Church is Our Spiritual Family-A.W.Tozer

  The elements of a true church are few and easy to possess. They are a company of believers, the Lord, the Spirit and the Word of the Living God. Let the Lord be worshiped, the Spirit be obeyed, the Word be expounded and followed as the only rule for faith and conduct, and the […]

The Christian’s Greatest Enemy-A.W.Tozer

  Excerpted from Rut, Rot or Revival East of the Jordan in the territory of Moab, Moses began to expound this law, saying: The Lord our God said to us at Horeb, “You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Break camp and advance into the hill country of the Amorites; go to all the […]

The Choice Quandary-A.W.Tozer

  One of the problems most frequently encountered by serious-minded Christians is how to discover the will of God in a given situation. Now, granted that we are wholly committed to God with every full intent to obey Him, we may expect actually to be led by Him. The Scriptures that teach this are so […]

The Chapter after the Last-A.W.Tozer

  Matthew says, “And when Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, and laid it in his own new tomb.” Mark says, “And he [Joseph] bought fine linen, and took him [Jesus] down, and wrapped him in the linen, and laid him in a sepulchre which was hewn out […]

The Changing External and the Unchanging Internal-A.W.Tozer

  While Jesus grew through the various stages of developing childhood, He never saw a mechanical device more complicated than a cart. He never saw paper, or plastic, or a telephone, or a radio, or a camera, or a printed sheet, or a paved highway, or a gun, or a steam engine, or an electric […]

The Call of God-A.W.Tozer

  Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. –Hebrews 12:11 “Your calling,” said Meister Eckhart to the clergy of his day, “cannot make you holy; but you can make it holy. No matter […]

The Brooding Spirit of God-A.W.Tozer

  Because the inner lostness is the same in all human beings the work of God to reclaim them must be the same in all. And the Spirit broods over all, illuminating, revealing, convicting, enabling them to hear and see and understand. It is one of the wonders and delights of preaching that the same […]


  Two of the great realities in our midst are surely the promised Presence of God and the testimony of His eternal Word! By the “Word of God” I do not refer only to the book you hold in your hand-paper and letters, pages and ink-sewed together with silk thread. By the Word of God […]

The Blindness of Self-Righteousness-A.W.Tozer

  . . If we compare what we ought to be and could be with what we are, and we don’t see that we are in a rut and we are not concerned, then one of three things may be wrong. First, we may not be converted at all. . . . Second, people may […]

The Blessedness of Obedience-A.W.Tozer

  It will take more than talk and prayer to bring revival. There must be a return to the Lord in practice before our prayers will be heard in heaven. We dare not continue to trouble God’s way if we want Him to bless ours. Joshua sent his army up to conquer Ai, only to […]

The Bible’s Purpose-A.W.Tozer

  In recent years the Bible has been recommended for many other purposes than the one for which it was written. The peace of mind cults, for instance, manage to find in it oil for the troubled waters of the soul; but to make it work they must pick, choose, misunderstand and misapply quite literally […]

The Believer and Worlds-A.W.Tozer

  The New Testament teaches that to be a follower of Christ it is necessary that a man turn his back upon the world and have no fellowship with it. Our Lord drew a sharp line between the kingdom of God and the world and said that no one could be at the same time […]

The Barrenness of Busyness 2-A.W.Tozer

  Satan’s distracting words often come from the most unexpected quarters. Martha would call Mary away from sitting at the feet of the Master. Sometimes, if we are not careful, our best friend may distract us. Or it might be some very legitimate activity. This day’s bustle and hurly-burly would too often and too soon […]

The Barrenness of Busyness-A.W.Tozer

  Satan’s distracting words often come from the most unexpected quarters. Martha would call Mary away from sitting at the feet of the Master. Sometimes, if we are not careful, our best friend may distract us. Or it might be some very legitimate activity. This day’s bustle and hurly-burly would too often and too soon […]

The Bane of “Religious Talk”-A.W.Tozer

  Now, while we cannot project ourselves backward through time and walk again in Galilee with Christ and His disciples, we can by faith actually experience “the substance of things hoped for”; we can have every sufficient “evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1, KJV); we can taste “the powers of the coming age” (6:5); […]

The Ark Analogy-A.W.Tozer

  Third, the church is depicted as an ark on the flood waters. As the ark of Noah floated on the waters and contained all who would be salvaged, so the church of Jesus Christ is an ark on the flood waters and contains all who will be salvaged. Remember that! All in the ark […]

The Advent Convergence of Two Worlds-A.W.Tozer

  The birth of Christ told the world something. . . . His coming, I repeat, told the world something; it declared something, established something. What was it? That something was several things, and as Christ broke the loaves into pieces for greater convenience in eating, let me divide the message into parts the easier […]

The Ability to Do-A.W.Tozer

  Behold, I send the Promise of My Father upon you; but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high. –Luke 24:49 A definition of the word “power” means the ability to do. You know, because it is the Greek word from which our English word “dynamite” comes, […]

That Questionable Suffering-A.W.Tozer

  We delude ourselves when we try to turn our just punishments into a cross and rejoice over that for which we should rather repent. ?For what glory is it, if, when ye be buffeted for your faults, ye shall take it patiently? but if, when ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take […]

That Narrow Gate-A.W.Tozer

  Positive beliefs are not popular these days. A mistaken desire to maintain a spirit of tolerance among all races and religions has produced a breed of Januslike Christians with built-in swivels, remarkable only for their ability to turn in any direction gracefully. The philosophy behind this whole thing is that religious beliefs are matters […]

That Magnificent Gift of Thought-A.W.Tozer

  Though human nature as we know it now is fallen and morally degenerate, it yet stands at the top in the order of Gods creation. Of no other being was it said, In the image of God created he him. Mans nature indicates that he was created for three things: To think, to worship […]

That Baby in the Manger-A.W.Tozer

  One of the most beautiful descriptions of our Savior to be found anywhere is that given by Isaiah in the 53rd chapter of his prophecy: ?He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground? (verse 2). Those who have at any time been close to the […]

Tests of Love-A.W.Tozer

  The Christian cannot be certain of the reality and depth of his love until he comes face-to-face with the commandments of Christ and is forced to decide what to do about them. Then he will know. ?He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings? (John 14:24), said our Lord. ?He that hath my […]

Tests for Genuineness-A.W.Tozer

  How can we tell whether or not a man or a religious demonstration is of God? The answer is easy to find, but it will take courage to follow the facts as God reveals them to us. The tests for spiritual genuineness are two: First, the leader must be a good man and full […]

Testing the Spirits-A.W.Tozer

  Many tender-minded Christians fear to sin against love by daring to inquire into anything that comes wearing the cloak of Christianity and breathing the name of Jesus. They dare not examine the credentials of the latest prophet to hit their town lest they be guilty of rejecting something which may be of God. They […]

Testing Leaders-A.W.Tozer

  There is a common debt that every Christian owes to his fellow Christians; but there is a heavier debt that he owes to particular Christians: to Bible scholars, to translators, to reformers, missionaries, evangelists, revivalists, hymn writers, composers, pastors, teachers and praying saints. For these we should keep the incense of our grateful prayers […]

Tension Between the Old Nature and the New-A.W.Tozer

  Christ in a believer’s heart will act the same as He acted in Galilee and Judea. His disposition is the same now as then. He was holy, righteous, compassionate, meek and humble then, and He has not changed. He is the same wherever He is found, whether it be at the right hand of […]

Temporal Consequences and Eternal Ones-A.W.Tozer

  There is a close cause-and-effect relationship between deeds and consequences. No right-thinking person would try to deny this. The whole scheme of rewards and punishment is a solid and substantial part of the belief of both Jews and Christians, as well as of many moral philosophers and of religions other than the Judeo-Christian. The […]

Temple Cleansers-A.W.Tozer

  The critical need in this hour of the church?s history is not what it is so often said to be: soul-winning, foreign missions, miracles. These are effects, not causes. The most pressing need just now is that we who call ourselves Christians should frankly acknowledge to each other and to God that we are […]


  It is sad indeed to know that there are Christian leaders among us who are too timid to tell the people all the truth. They are now asking men and women to give to God only that which costs them nothing! The contemporary moral climate does not favor a faith as tough and fibrous […]

Teach Me to Listen-A.W.Tozer

  Now the Lord came and stood and called as at other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel answered, “Speak, for Your servant hears.” –1 Samuel 3:10 Lord, teach me to listen. The times are noisy and my ears are weary with the thousand raucous sounds which continuously assault them. Give me the spirit of the […]

Taking Time to Rest-A.W.Tozer

  Sometimes our trouble is not moral but physical. As long as we are in these mortal bodies our spiritual lives will be to some degree affected by our bodies. Here we should notice that there is a difference between our mortal bodies and the ?flesh? of Pauline theology. When Paul speaks of the flesh […]

Take Time to Listen-A.W.Tozer

  The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. I opened my mouth and panted, for I longed for Your commandments. -Psalm 119:130-131 The Quakers had many fine ideas about life, and there is a story from them that illustrates the point I am trying to make. It concerns a […]

Tainted Tradition-A.W.Tozer

  By a kind of poetic justice, Peter has been the center of a number of historical contradictions, or perhaps we should say traditional, for many of them lack the dignity of authentic history. They are the fabrications of the Roman special pleaders who will make a case for themselves even if they must assassinate […]

Superstitious Shadows-A.W.Tozer

  Faith honors God by accepting the biblical revelation of the divine character. Faith lets God be what He says He is and adjusts its concepts accordingly. Superstition degrades the reputation of God by believing things unworthy of Him. One rests upon fact and the other upon fancy. As I said before, there is probably […]

Supernatural Energies-A.W.Tozer

  But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. –Isaiah 40:31 It is possible to work far beyond the normal strength of the human constitution and yet experience little or no […]

Submitting to Christ’s Lordship-A.W.Tozer

  No one has any right to believe that he is indeed a Christian unless he is humbly seeking to obey the teachings of the One whom he calls Lord. Christ once asked a question (Luke 6:46) that can have no satisfying answer, ?Why do you call me, `Lord, Lord,? and do not do what […]

Stumble Causers-A.W.Tozer

  When we are first converted, especially if we come from a non-Christian background, we are likely to be almost too naive for our own good. The wondrous experience through which we have just passed, or perhaps I should say into which we have entered, has predisposed us to believe in everybody. Our trust in […]


  In Christian circles today, the church that can show an impressive quantitative growth is frankly envied and imitated by other ambitious churches. Numbers, size and amounts seem to be very nearly all that matter-with a corresponding lack of emphasis on quality! This is the age of the Laodiceans. The great goddess, Numbers, is worshiped […]

Strength in Weakness-A.W.Tozer

  We may need to look closely to discover the relation between inflation and unbelief, but such a relation does nevertheless exist. The man of faith is so sure of his position before God that he can quietly allow himself to be overlooked, discredited, deflated, without a tremor of anxiety. He is willing to wait […]

Steering by Gods Compass-A.W.Tozer

  Put this down as an unfailing rule: Never seek the leading of the Lord concerning an act that is forbidden in the Word of God. To do so is to convict ourselves of insincerity. Again, prophet, psalmist, apostle and our blessed Lord Himself join to point out the way of positive obedience. His yoke […]

Staying with the Clear Teaching of Scripture-A.W.Tozer

  Every believer as well as every minister of Christ must decide whether he will put his emphasis upon the majors or the minors. He must decide whether he will stay by the sober truths which constitute the beating heart of the Scriptures or turn his attention to those marginal doctrines which always bring division […]

Stay in the Secret Place-A.W.Tozer

  My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning I will direct it to You, and I will look up. –Psalm 5:3 Retire from the world each day to some private spot, even if it be only the bedroom (for a while I retreated to the furnace room for want […]

Standing for Truth-A.W.Tozer

  We have developed in recent times a peace-loving, soft-spoken, tame and harmless brand of Christian of whom the world has no fear and for whom it has little respect. We are careful, for instance, never to speak in public against any of the false cults lest we be thought intolerant. We fear to talk […]

Springtime of the Heart-A.W.Tozer

  It is possible for us to go through spiritual experiences that can rouse us, the spiritual equivalent of a springtime in the meadow. I have seen it happen, and I would like to see it happen today. . . . . . . We can have the spiritual equivalent of springtime in the meadow, […]


  The Holy Spirit knew what He was doing when He moved the Apostle Peter to write to the early Christian church about the reality of being “of one mind” in their fellowship. Peter was not asking all the brothers and sisters to settle for some kind of regulated uniformity. He was recommending a spiritual […]

Spiritual Truth Is Spiritually Discerned-A.W.Tozer

  Surely God has that to say to the pure in heart which He cannot say to the man of sinful life. But what He has to say is not theological, it is spiritual; and right there lies the weight of my argument. Spiritual truths cannot be received in the ordinary way of nature. “The […]


  In the scriptural accounts, there are many examples of men and women being tested, and I think it is plain that the Holy Spirit rarely tells a believer that he is about to be tested. Abraham was being tested when the Lord asked him to take his only son up into the mountain. He […]

Spiritual Smugness-A.W.Tozer

  Self-righteousness is terrible among God’s people. If we feel that we are what we ought to be, then we will remain what we are. We will not look for any change or improvement in our lives. This will quite naturally lead us to judge everyone by what we are. This is the judgment of […]

Spiritual Sleepwalkers

  When the Bible says “Awake to righteousness and sin not,” it indicates the possiblity of a sudden awakening, like when an alarm clock going off rouses you out of sleep. There is such a thing as being asleep and suddenly being wakened, and this is surprising to people. People often say, “You know, I […]


  When the Bible says that God is calling a special people out of the nations to bear the name of His eternal Son, I believe it – and His name is Jesus! Our pious forefathers believed in spiritual preparation, and they said so. They saw themselves as a bride being prepared to meet the […]

Spiritual Pride-A.W.Tozer

  It might be a shock to some of us if we could know why we are disliked and why our testimony is rejected so violently. Could it be that we are guilty of a deep sinfulness of disposition that we just cannot keep hidden? Arrogance, lack of charity, contempt, self-righteousness, religious snobbery, fault-finding–and all […]

Spiritual Leadership of Anointed Men-A.W.Tozer

  Obey those who rule over you, and be submissive, for they watch out for your souls, as those who must give account. Let them do so with joy and not with grief, for that would be unprofitable for you. –Hebrews 13:17 You cannot deny that the life and vitality of the Christian church lie […]

Spiritual Gifts-A.W Tozer

  There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all. –1 Corinthians 12:4-6 The time is more than ripe for a rethinking of the whole matter of spiritual gifts […]

Spiritual Fervor or Frenzied Activity-A.W.Tozer

  Not the quantity of zeal matters to God, but the quality. The significant question is not how zealous is the Christian but why is he zealous and to what does his zeal lead? To the church at Laodicea our Lord said, “Be zealous, therefore, and repent” (Revelation 3:19, KJV). The zeal that leads to […]

Spiritual Discernment-A.W.Tozer

  Therefore give to Your servant an understanding heart to judge Your people, that I may discern between good and evil. For who is able to judge this great people of Yours? –1 Samuel 3:9 That so-called Bible religion in our times is suffering rapid decline is so evident as to need no proof, but […]


  The human personality has a right to be consciously aware of a meeting with God. There will be a spiritual confirmation, an inward knowledge or witness! This kind of confirmation and witness was taught and treasured by the great souls throughout the ages. Conscious awareness of the presence of God! I defy any theologian […]

Spiritual Burdens and Worry Weights-A.W.Tozer

  It was not to the unregenerate that the words “Do not fret” were spoken, but to God-fearing persons capable of understanding spiritual things. We Christians need to watch and pray lest we fall into this temptation and spoil our Christian testimony by an irritable spirit under the stress and strain of life. It requires […]

Spiritual Balance-A.W.Tozer

  It is a thin and rather smooth coin of common knowledge that the human race has lost its symmetry and tends to be lopsided in almost everything it is and does. Religious philosophers have recognized this asymmetry and have sought to correct it by preaching in one form or another the doctrine of the […]

Spiritual Appraisers-A.W.Tozer

  A prophet is one who knows his times and what God is trying to say to the people of his times. What God says to His Church at any given period depends altogether upon her moral and spiritual condition and upon the spiritual need of the hour. Religious leaders who continue mechanically to expound […]

Spirit Taught 2-A.W.Tozer

  Having as the High Priest of our profession the incarnation of all divine wisdom and having as our source book of religious knowledge the holy Scriptures, the soundest and saltiest work ever written, why do we tend so easily to become confused about things spiritual? I believe the causes are four, and I propose […]

Spirit Taught-A.W.Tozer

  Always the decisive conflict in religion will be where important concepts are joined in opposition, concepts so vital that they are capable of saving or wrecking the Christian faith in any given generation. At this critical juncture in church history, the real conflict is between those who hold to an objective Christianity capable of […]

Spirit Illumination-A.W.Tozer

  Hard, serious thought and the illumination of the Holy Spirit. 6. Then we must think. Human thought has its limitations, but where there is no thinking there is not likely to be any large deposit of truth in the mind. Evangelicals at the moment appear to be divided into two camps–those who trust the […]


  This we have heard: “I am a born again Christian and I am happy that my sins are forgiven and I go to church on Sunday because I like the fellowship!” We ask: “Do you not go to put yourself in the way of spiritual blessing?” The answer: “No, I am saved and I […]

Sound Conversion-A.W.Tozer

  I am convinced that many evangelicals are not truly and soundly converted. Among the evangelicals it is entirely possible to come into membership, to ooze in by osmosis, to leak through the cells of the church and never know what it means to be born of the Spirit and washed in the blood. A […]

Songs to Live By-A.W.Tozer

  Sometimes our hearts are strangely stubborn and will not soften or grow tender no matter how much praying we do. At such times, it is often found that the reading or singing of a good hymn will melt the ice jam and start the inward affections flowing. That is one of the uses of […]

Some Other Time-A.W.Tozer

  Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. –John 14:12 “You will receive power” (Acts 1:8a). “Eagerly desire the greater gifts” (1 Corinthians 12:31a). Anything that God has […]

Some New Mystery Bagged-A.W.Tozer

  For all the Athenians and the foreigners who were there spent their time in nothing else but either to tell or to hear some new thing. –Acts 17:21 The temptation to forget the few spiritual essentials and to go wandering off after unimportant things is very strong, especially to Christians of a certain curious […]

Sneaky Superstition-A.W.Tozer

  Superstition is inherent in fallen human nature and I suppose there is no one entirely free from it. There are two classes of men who appear to have come the nearest to getting deliverance from the bondage of superstition: the scientist who has developed a mentality that accepts nothing that cannot be proved and […]

Sin’s Cure-A.W.Tozer

  Only God could reconstruct the world and allow for such reversals of fact; but anyone can tinker at it theoretically. Had Hitler, for instance, been a good and gentle man, six million Jews now dead would be living (making allowance for a certain few who would have died in the course of nature); had […]

Sincere Reverence, Joyful Informality and Genuine Humility-A.W.Tozer

  I also long in the tender mercies of Christ that among us there may be the following: . . . 3. A feeling of humble reverence. I am disapointed that we come to church without a sense of God or a feeling of humble reverence. There are false religions, strange religious cults and Christian […]

Showing Christ’s Kindness-A.W.Tozer

  No observant man will attempt to deny that a vast amount of Christian money is being spent on those who do not need it, while the poor and the needy and such as have no helper must often go unnoticed and unhelped, even though they too are Christians and servants of our common Lord. […]

Sheep Are Led-A.W.Tozer

  Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. For he is our God, and we are the people of His pasture, and the sheep of His hand. –Psalm 95:6-7 Cattle are driven; sheep are led; and our Lord compares His people to sheep, not to cattle. […]

Sharpening the Axe-A.W.Tozer

  I have never subscribed to the doctrine that we Christians should live in an intellectual vacuum, refusing to hear what the world has to say. A faith that must be “protected” is no faith at all. If I can retain my faith in Christ only by closing my mind against every criticism, I give […]

Sharing the Good News-A.W.Tozer

  The impulse to share, to impart, normally accompanies any true encounter with God and spiritual things. The woman at the well, after her soul-inspiring meeting with Jesus, left her water pots, hurried into the city and tried to persuade her friends to come out and meet Him. Come, see a man, she said, which […]


  Our heavenly Father disciplines us for our own good, “that we may share in His holiness.” God’s motives are always loving! I have known people who seemed to be terrified by God’s loving desire that we should reflect His own holiness and goodness. As God’s faithful children, we should be attracted to holiness, for […]

Setting Our Sails in the Will of God-A.W.Tozer

  In the kingdom of God what we will is accepted as what we are. If any man will, said our Lord, let him. God does not desire to destroy our wills, but to sanctify them. In that terrible, wonderful moment of surrender it may be that we feel that our will has been forever […]

Setting Our Minds On Things Above-A.W.Tozer

  The notion that Christians should always be optimistic and congenial is heresy pure and simple. An ill-founded optimism may, under certain conditions, be extremely harmful. A Christian is not obliged to be either pessimistic or optimistic or glad or sad or positive or negative after a preconceived rule of philosophy. He should (and will […]

Serious Repentance and Restitution-A.W.Tozer

  . . . Well, here are some suggestions which anyone can follow and which, I am convinced, will result in a wonderfully improved Christian life. . . . 3. Put yourself in the way of the blessing. It is a mistake to look for grace to visit us as a kind of benign magic, […]

Sending Something Better-A.W.Tozer

  However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. –John 16:13 Our trouble is that we are trying to confirm the truth of […]


  All things else being equal, a Christian will make spiritual progress exactly in proportion to his ability to criticize himself. Paul said, “But if we judged ourselves, we would not come under judgment” (1 Corinthians 11:31). We escape the critical judgment of God by exercising critical self-judgment. It is as simple as that. We […]


  The philosopher Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” If a common philosopher could think that, how much more we Christians ought to listen to the Holy Spirit when He says, “Examine yourself.” An unexamined Christian lies like an unattended garden. Let your garden go unattended for a few months, and you […]


  . . . Well, here are some suggestions which anyone can follow and which, I am convinced, will result in a wonderfully improved Christian life. . . . 6. Bring your life into accord with the Sermon on the Mount and such other New Testament Scriptures as are designed to instruct us in the […]

Self-deception and How to Avoid It-A.W.Tozer

  OF ALL FORMS OF DECEPTION, self-deception is the most deadly, and of all deceived persons the self-deceived are the least likely to discover the fraud. The reason for this is simple. When a man is deceived by another he is deceived against his will. He is contending against an adversary and is temporarily the […]

Selective Scripture Screening 2-A.W.Tozer

  Heresy is not so much rejecting as selecting. The heretic simply selects the parts of the Scripture he wants to emphasize and lets the rest go. This is shown by the etymology of the word heresy and by the practice of the heretic. “Beware,” an editorial scribe of the fourteenth century warned his readers […]

Selective Scripture Screening-A.W.Tozer

  Heresy is not so much rejecting as selecting. The heretic simply selects the parts of the Scripture he wants to emphasize and lets the rest go. This is shown by the etymology of the word heresy and by the practice of the heretic. “Beware,” an editorial scribe of the fourteenth century warned his readers […]

Seeking God with ALL Our Heart-A.W.Tozer

  I have previously shown that any Christian who desires to may at any time experience a radical spiritual renaissance, and this altogether independent of the attitude of his fellow Christians. The important question now is, How? Well, here are some suggestions which anyone can follow and which, I am convinced, will result in a […]

Seeking Approval-A.W.Tozer

  Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. –2 Timothy 4:2 I cannot believe in the spirituality of any Christian man who keeps an eye open for the approval of others, whoever they may be. The man after God’s own heart must be […]


  We live in a mixed-up kind of world in which many people are not at all sure of what they believe or what they ought to believe. Some churches advertise that way-you do not have to believe anything: “just be a seeker after truth.” Some actually settle for poetry, siding with Edwin Markham who […]

Seekers After God-A.W.Tozer

  Seekers after God. Thanks be to God on high that these too are among us. They are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Their number is not large when counted against the millions who have forgotten their Maker, but taken together they are a goodly company and dear to […]

Seeker, Pretender, or In-the-Rut Disciple-A.W.Tozer

  . . . People in the rut never know when the last leaves are falling for them. Why are people in the rut? There are several possibilities. They may never have been truly converted at all, and this is one of our great problems now. We have a dozen ways of getting people into […]

Seeing with Compassion-A.W.Tozer

  “Excitement, perturbation, feeling.” These are states of mind we are all familiar with. In a world as violent and full of conflict as this these come and go, blaze up and die down in the average man’s bosom a hundred times a day. The normal man and woman will in the course of a […]

Seeing Ourselves in Peter-A.W.Tozer

  For some queer reason, we seem to love people more when they are not too perfect. In the presence of a faultless saint, the average one of us feels ill at ease. We are likely to be discouraged rather than inspired by the sight of a character too impeccable to be human. We draw […]

Saying Goodbye to the Rut-A.W.Tozer

  Jesus gives the story of the man who was covetous and lost his soul. So do not be covetous–be generous. Do not be stingy, but be free with your money. Do not be afraid–thank the Lord, trust Him and put fear away. These are examples of the constituted means of faith and obedience. We […]

Savior But Not Lord?-A.W.Tozer

  In the New Testament salvation and discipleship are so closely related as to be indivisible. They are not identical, but as with Siamese twins they are joined by a tie which can be severed only at the price of death. Yet they are being severed in evangelical circles today. In the working creed of […]


  God chose His only begotten Son as the channel for His grace and truth, for John witnesses that “grace and truth came by Jesus Christ!” The Law was given by Moses-but that was all that Moses could do. He could only “command” righteousness. In contrast, only Jesus Christ produces righteousness. All that Moses could […]

Satanic Diversion-A.W.Tozer

  Failing in his frontal attacks upon the child of God, Satan often turns to more subtle means of achieving his evil purpose. He resorts to devious methods in his attempt to divert the Christian from carrying out the task God has committed to him. He often succeeds by involving the saint in some other […]


  Too many Christian leaders, acting like enthusiastic promoters, are teaching that the essence of faith is this: “Come to Jesus-it will cost you nothing!” The price has all been paid – “it will cost you nothing!” Brethren, that is a dangerous half-truth. There is always a price connected with salvation and with discipleship. God’s […]

Sacrifice is No Substitute for Obedience-A.W.Tozer

  It is almost unbelievable how far we will go to avoid obeying God. We call Jesus “Lord” and beg Him to rejuvenate our souls, but we are careful to do not the things He says. When faced with a sin, a confession or a moral alteration in our life, we find it much easier […]

Running Toward the Goal-A.W.Tozer

  The true Christian, though he is in revolt against the world’s efforts to brainwash him, is no mere rebel for rebellion’s sake. He dissents from the world because he knows that it cannot make good on its promises. He has tasted the pleasures of society and he knows that they leave a bitter taste; […]


  The writer to the Hebrews gives us good New Testament counsel: “Let us run the race with patience.” The Holy Spirit here describes Christian believers as runners on the track, participants in the race which is the Christian life. He provides both strong warning and loving encouragement, for there is always the danger of […]

Room to Grow-A.W.Tozer

  This concept of the Christian life as a journey to be taken, a growth to be attained, is being lost to us through two widely separated modern errors. . . . The second error is found among us evangelicals. This error is the exact opposite of the liberal’s, which assumes spiritual life to be […]


  Would it startle you if I dared to say that the living God has never done anything in His universe apart from Jesus Christ? Christians seem to be woefully unaware of the full meaning and measure of the grace of God. Why should we question God’s provision when the Holy Spirit tells us through […]


  I hope some of you will agree with me that it is of far greater importance that we have better Christians than that we have more of them! If we have any spiritual concerns, our most pressing obligation is to do all in our power to obtain a revival that will result in a […]

Revival Conditions-A.W.Tozer

  Our mistake is that we want God to send revival on our terms. We want to get the power of God into our hands, to call it to us that it may work for us in promoting and furthering our kind of Christianity. We want still to be in charge, guiding the chariot through […]

Reverent Worship-A.W.Tozer

  Many of our popular songs and choruses in praise of Christ are hollow and unconvincing. Some are even shocking in their amorous endearments, and strike a reverent soul as being a kind of flattery offered to One with whom neither composer nor singer is acquainted. The whole thing is in the mood of the […]

Revelation is not Enough-A.W.Tozer

  THE key, the crux of this whole issue, is in verse 17. If any man is willing to do God’s will, he shall know. People marvelled at our Lord as He taught. They asked: “How knoweth this man letters having never learned?” ‘How does He know learning’, in other words, ‘never having studied in […]


  The resurrection of Christ and the fact of the empty tomb are not a part of this world’s complex and continuing mythologies. This is not a Santa Claus tale-it is history and it is a reality! The true church of Jesus Christ is necessarily founded upon the belief and the truth that there was […]


  Let us be confident, Christian brethren, that our power does not lie in the manger at Bethlehem nor in the relics of the Cross. True spiritual power resides in the victory of the mighty, resurrected Lord of glory, who could pronounce after spoiling death: “All power is given me in heaven and in earth.” […]


  Men and women who read and study the Scriptures for their literary beauty alone have missed the whole purpose for which they were given. God’s Word is not to be enjoyed as one might “enjoy” a Beethoven symphony or a poem by Wordsworth. The reason: the Bible demands immediate action, faith, surrender, committal. Until […]

Responding to the Wake-Up Call-A.W.Tozer

  There is also spiritual sleep. Notice Ephesians 5:14: “Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead.” This verse is often spoken to sinners, but it was not written to sinners. Ephesians was never written to sinners. It is not a message to sinners at all, but a message to one of the best churches […]


  Are we raising a whole generation of young men and women without any sensitivity to the voice of God’s Holy Spirit? I am on record, and I will be as long as I live, that I would rather lose a leg and hobble along throughout the rest of my life than to lose my […]


  The people of this world have always fussed and argued over this world’s resource-hope for life, health, financial prosperity, international peace and a set of favorable circumstances. These resources are good in their own way, but they have a fatal defect-they are uncertain and transitory! Today we have them; tomorrow they are gone. It […]

Resisting Monotony By Means of Variety-A.W.Tozer

  Some of the purest souls have written of the dangers of continuous spiritual exercises uninterrupted by lowlier considerations. Von Hugel speaks of the ?neutral cost? of prayer and advises that we should sometimes break off thoughts of heavenly things and go for a walk or dig in the garden. We have all known the […]

Repellent Personalities-A.W.Tozer

  Sometimes we Christians are opposed and persecuted for reasons other than our godliness. We like to think it is our spirituality that irritates people, when in reality, it may be our personality. True, the spirit of this world is opposed to the Spirit of God; he that is born after the flesh will persecute […]

Renewal Prayer-A.W.Tozer

  The children of the world are sometimes wiser than the children of light. . . . We have been offered the face of God and the glory of Christ. We have been offered holiness and righteousness and indwelling by the Spirit. We can have our prayers answered and have hell fear us because we […]

Remembering to Give Thanks-A.W.Tozer

  There is probably no such thing as a wholly thankless heart. Everyone at some time feels a sense of gratitude for benefits received. This seems to be instinctive, or if not instinctive then surely acquired at a very early age. That a great many persons fail in the degree of their thankfulness we all […]

Remembering the Forgotten-A.W.Tozer

  Gospel churches which mostly begin with the lowly are usually not content till they attain some degree of wealth and social acceptance. Then they gradually fall into classes, determined largely by the wealth and education of the members. The individuals that comprise the top layer of these various classes go on to become pillars […]

Religious Word-Rationing-A.W.Tozer

  Most religious people have been guilty of multiplying words as substitutes for worthy deeds, and of all such the writer of these lines is probably the worst offender. But because we have offended is not sufficient reason for our going on to repeat the offense. It is better that we face the whole thing […]

Religious Elitism-A.W.Tozer

  The question of numbers and their relation to success or failure in the work of the Lord is one that disturbs most Christians more than a little. On the question there are two opposing schools of thought. There are Christians, for instance, who dismiss the whole matter as being beneath them. These correspond to […]


  I think all of us meet Christian men and women who always seem to look on the gloomy side and are never able to do anything with life’s problems but grumble about them! I meet them often and when I do, I wonder: “Can these people be reading and trusting the same Bible I […]

Refusing to be Conformed to the Pattern of This World-A.W.Tozer

  Men are impressed with the message of the Church just as far and as long as she is different from themselves. When she seeks to be like them they no longer respect her. They believe (and rightly) that she is playing false to herself and to them. The moral jar that results when an […]

Reflecting on the Memoirs of Those Who Walked with God-A.W.Tozer

  . . . Why do the majority of present day Christians prefer shallow religious fiction? Or uninspired Bible talks that never get beyond the “first principles”? Or one-page daily devotions? Or watered-down Christian biography? . . . . . . present day evangelical Christianity is not producing saints. The whole concept of religious experience […]

Refiner’s Fire-A.W.Tozer

  Slowly you will discover God?s love in your suffering. Your heart will begin to approve the whole thing. You will learn from yourself what all the schools in the world could not teach you–the healing action of faith without supporting pleasure. You will feel and understand the ministry of the night; its power to […]

Recognizing the Witness of the Spirit-A.W.Tozer

  Again, the experience of the Spirit’s fullness coming upon the believer’s heart is often judged by the amount and quality of emotional charge that accompanies it. Some go so far as to declare bluntly that no one is filled with the Spirit who has not experienced certain physical phenomena, particularly the act of speaking […]

Recognizing Satans Strategic Initiative-A.W.Tozer

  Many times in history the Christians in various towns, cities and even whole countries have given up their defense for reasons wholly evil. Worldliness, sinful pleasures and personal ungodliness have often been the cause of the churchs disgraceful surrender to the enemy. Today, however, Satans strategy is different. Though he still uses the old […]

Recognizing Real Revival-A.W.Tozer

  There seems to be a notion abroad that if we talk enough and pray enough, revival will set in like a stock market boom or a winning streak on a baseball club. We appear to be waiting for some sweet chariot to swing low and carry us into the Big Rock Candy Mountain of […]

Receiving Life Through the Book of Life-A.W.Tozer

  Volumes could be written in praise of the Holy Bible without using one word too many. President Woodrow Wilson once said that the Bible is a book of such importance that no one unacquainted with it can be said to be an educated man, and one who is familiar with it can be said […]

Real Worship-A.W.Tozer

  If you do not have this fascination, it could be that you are but another Esau. What a tragedy to be born of the red clay and live and die and be buried in the red clay. Shakespeare said of Caesar, “That though he be the emperor yet give nature time and nature will […]

Reading that Incites Thinking-A.W.Tozer

  When the noted scholar Dr. Samuel Johnson visited the king, the two sat for a while before the fire in silence. Then the king said, “I suppose, Dr. Johnson, that you read a great deal.” “Yes, Sire,” replied Johnson, “but I think a great deal more.” One of the English poets–I believe it was […]

Read or Get Out of the Ministry-A.W.Tozer

  A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel. –Proverbs 1:5 When a very young minister, I asked the famous holiness preacher, Joseph H. Smith, whether he would recommend that I read widely in the secular field. He replied, “Young man, a bee can find nectar […]

Radical Conversion-A.W.Tozer

  Let a man but become, as the early Methodists would have said, soundly converted, and certain things will begin to happen in his life. He will experience a wonderful unification of personality and a turning about of the whole life toward God and heavenly things. Though he will undoubtedly suffer from the inward struggle […]

Radical Adjustment to the Jesus Way-A.W.Tozer

  . . . The truth is that the world does not know where it is going; it has not found life’s summum bonum; it is not qualified as a model for the members of society to follow. It is instead puzzled, frightened and frustrated. Generation follows generation into an uncertain future, completely beaten, disappointed […]

Quiet Zeal-A.W.Tozer

  There are a certain number of persons that cannot rest until they are making a great noise and stirring up a world of dust. Their temperament demands that they be always burnt up about something. Their type of mind forbids that they let their friends and neighbors alone until they have come over on […]


  I am convinced that anyone who brings up the question of consequences in the Christian life is only a mediocre and common Christian! I have known some who were interested in the deeper life, but began asking questions: “What will it cost me-in terms of time, in money, in effort, in the matter of […]

Pythagorus Three Classes of Humanity-A.W.Tozer

  The Greek philosopher Pythagoras is said to have divided men into three classes: 1. Seekers after knowledge. 2. Seekers after honor. 3. Seekers after gain. It would be interesting if not too edifying to look for Pythagoras three classes in modern society. 1. Seekers after knowledge. These are no longer called philosophers, lovers of […]

Putting Up With the Weaknesses of Others-A.W.Tozer

  The Apostle Paul wrote, “We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves” (Romans 15:1). He thus plainly accepts the fact that there will be infirm persons among the believing members of the spiritual community we call the local church. He tells us to bear […]

Pursuing Truth-A.W.Tozer

  One of the great religious thinkers of this century has pointed out a strange contradiction in the mental attitude of our times–our eager love of knowledge and our universal neglect of truth. That men love knowledge is too well demonstrated to need proof, if by knowledge we mean facts, know-how, statistics, technical information, scientific […]

Purity of Heart-A.W.Tozer

  On our farm in Pennsylvania there were cherry trees which were attacked by little parasites of some sort. A parasite would get into a little branch, pierce the bark and exude a gum. Then the branch would get a knot on it and bend. All over the trees were those little bent places with […]

Purifying Conceptions of God-A.W.Tozer

  . . . if superstition dishonors God, is it not an evil thing and is not the Christian who harbors it guilty of serious sin against the Majesty in the heavens? The answer to these questions is not as pat as we could desire it to be. An unqualified yes or no would both […]

Public Reading of Scripture-A.W.Tozer

  Til I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine. –1 Timothy 4:13 Of course we of this generation cannot know by firsthand experience how the Word of God was read in other times. But it would be hard to conceive of our fathers having done a poorer job than we do when […]

Public Bible-Reading as Part of Worship-A.W.Tozer

  To read the Bible well in public we must first love it. The voice, if it is free, unconsciously follows the emotional tone. Reverence cannot be simulated. No one who does not feel the deep solemnity of the Holy Word can properly express it. God will not allow His Book to become the plaything […]

Protesting Protestants-A.W.Tozer

  Our church is going to go the way of the gospel. We are not radicals nor fools. We do not fast 40 days. We dress like other people, drive vehicles and have modern homes. We are human and like to laugh. But we believe that God Almighty has not changed and that Jesus Christ […]

Prosperous, Comfortable and Spiritually Bored-A.W.Tozer

  The evangelical Christian need make no apology for his beliefs. They are in direct lineal descent from those of the apostles. He can check the tenets of his total creed against the life giving, transforming beliefs of church fathers both East and West, reformers, mystics, missionaries, saints and evangelists, and they will check out […]

Prophetic Preaching-A.W.Tozer

  If Christianity is to receive a rejuvenation, it must be by other means than any now being used. If the Church in the second half of this century is to recover from the injuries she suffered in the first half, there must appear a new type of preacher. The proper, ruler-of-the-synagogue type will never […]

Prophetic Preachers-A.W.Tozer

  Of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred…. –1 Chronicles 12:32 A prophet is one who knows his times and what God is trying to say to the people of his times…. Today we need prophetic preachers; not preachers […]


  Jesus did not promise any of us that consistent Christian living would be easy! He did not promise a release from daily problems and pressures. He did not promise to take us to our heavenly home on a fluffy pink cloud! We live our lives in the knowledge of the grace of God, but […]

Priceless Exchange-A.W.Tozer

  A great preacher whom I heard a few years ago said that the word “renew” in Isaiah 40:31 really meant “exchange”; so the text should read, “They that wait upon the Lord shall exchange their strength.” Oddly enough I do not now remember how he developed his sermon or just how he applied the […]

Prevailing Prayer-A.W.Tozer

  It is written that Christ died for our sins, and again it is written that “if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins” (1 John 1:9). These two texts are written of the same company of persons, namely Christians. We dare not compel the first text to […]

Pressing toward the Goal Ahead-A.W.Tozer

  We are not called to fellowship with nonexistence. We are called to things that exist in truth, to positive things, and it is as we become occupied with these that health comes to the soul. Spiritual life cannot feed on negatives. The man who is constantly reciting the evils of his unconverted days is […]

Pressing On! 2-A.W.Tozer

  Once while listening to a man reproach, disparage and scold an assembly of Christians with whom he was only slightly acquainted and whose personal lives he had no way of appraising, I asked myself some questions, the answers to which up to this point I have not received. Since they bear directly on the […]

Pressing On-A.W.Tozer

  The rapidity with which improvement is made in the life will depend altogether upon the degree of self-criticism we bring to our prayers and to the school of daily living. Let a man fall under the delusion that he has arrived, and all progress is stopped until he has seen his error and forsaken […]

Preparing Now for Then-A.W.Tozer

  . . . the Lord may soon return. I realize there is a lot that we do not know about prophecy, but most Christians are looking for the second coming of the Lord. They expect Him to come. They do not know when He will come, and the ones who claim they do, do […]

Preaching the Word-A.W.Tozer

  Again, the Christian minister must have a word from God for the teen-aged, the middle-aged and the very aged. He must speak to the scholar as well as to the ignorant; he must bring the living Word to the cultured man and woman and to the vulgarian who reads nothing but the sports page […]

Preachers Without Power-A.W.Tozer

  Now the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith, from which some, having strayed, have turned aside to idle talk, desiring to be teachers of the law, understanding neither what they say nor the things which they affirm. –1 Timothy 1:5-7 Another thing […]


  I reject the human insistence among us that Christ may sustain a divided relationship toward us in this life. I am aware that this is now so commonly preached that to oppose it or object to it means that you are sticking your neck out and you had best be prepared for what comes. […]

Praying Women-A.W.Tozer

  It might be a humbling experience for some of us men to be allowed to see just how much of lasting spiritual value is being done by the women of the churches. As in the days of His flesh, Christ still has devout women who follow Him gladly and minister unto Him. The masculine […]

Praying That Is Praying-A.W.Tozer

  Juliana of Norwich at the beginning of her wonderful Christian life addressed a prayer to her Savior and then added the wise words, “And this I ask without any condition.” It was that last sentence that gave power to the rest of her prayer and brought the answer in mighty poured-out floods as the […]


  John, in the sixth of Revelation, describes the most tragic, unavailing prayer meeting in the world’s history! Cries and groans, shouts and demands, moans and whisper – all will be heard in that coming Day of the Lord when the forces of judgment are released. Even the mountains and the islands will be removed […]

Prayerful Digestion of God’s Word-A.W.Tozer

  How then shall unbelief be cured and faith be strengthened? Surely not by straining to believe the Scriptures, as some do. Not by a frantic effort to believe the promises of God. Not by gritting our teeth and determining to exercise faith by an act of the will. All this has been tried–and it […]


  Lord, I have heard Thy voice and was afraid. Thou hast called me to an awesome task in a grave and perilous hour. Thou art about to shake all nations and the earth and also heaven, that the things that cannot be shaken may remain. Lord my Lord, Thou hast stooped to honor me […]

Prayer is No Substitute for Obedience-A.W.Tozer

  Granted that the man who seeks revival has stopped thinking in plurals and has narrowed his faith down to one single individual, himself, what then? How can he find that after which his soul is yearning? How can he cooperate with his hungers to the end that he may indeed be filled? He must […]


  It is time, 0 God, for Thee to work, for the enemy has entered into Thy pasture, and the sheep are torn and scattered. False shepherds abound who deny the danger and laugh at the perils which surround Thy flock. Lord Jesus, I come to Thee for spiritual preparation. Lay Thy hand upon me, […]

Prayer Changes the Man-A.W.Tozer

  And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My name, I will do it. –John 14:13-14 In all our praying, however, it is important that we keep in mind that God will not alter His eternal purposes […]

Prayer and Faith-A.W.Tozer

  It is . . . critically important that the Christian take full advantage of every provision God has made to save him from delusion. These are prayer, faith, constant meditation on the Scriptures, obedience, humility, hard, serious thought and the illumination of the Holy Spirit. 1. Prayer is not a sure fire protection against […]

Pray Without Ceasing-A.W.Tozer

  Pray without ceasing. –1 Thessalonians 5:17 I knew of an able preacher greatly used of the Lord in evangelism and Bible conferences. He was a busy, busy man. There came the occasion when someone frankly asked him, “Doctor, tell us about your prayer life. How do you pray? How much do you pray?” The […]

Pray Till You Pray-A.W.Tozer

  Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving. –Colossians 4:2 Dr. Moody Stuart, a great praying man of a past generation, once drew up a set of rules to guide him in his prayers. Among these rules is this one: “Pray till you pray.”… The habit of breaking off our prayers before […]

Praise Reporters-A.W.Tozer

  The irrepressible urge to share spiritual blessings can explain a great many religious phenomena. It even goes so far as to create a kind of vicarious transfer of interest from one person to another, so that the blessed soul would if necessary give up its own blessing that another might receive. Only thus can […]


  Christians habitually weep and pray over beautiful truth, only to draw back from that same truth when it comes to the difficult job of putting it into practice! Actually, the average church simply does not dare to check its practices against biblical precepts. It tolerates things that are diametrically opposed to the will of […]


  Only a person with a perfect knowledge of mankind could have dared to set forth the terms of discipleship that our Lord Jesus Christ expects of His followers. Only the Lord of men could have risked the effect of such rigorous demands: “Let him deny himself!” Can the Lord lay down such severe rules […]


  Science declares that nature abhors a vacuum. It should be happy knowledge to us, then, that the same principle is true in the kingdom of God-when you empty yourself, God Almighty rushes in! The Creator God who fills the universe and overflows into immensity can never be surrounded by that little thing we call […]


  A notable heresy has come into being throughout our evangelical Christian circle-the widely accepted concept that we humans can choose to accept Christ only because we need Him as Savior, and that we have the right to postpone our obedience to Him as long as we want to! The truth is that salvation apart […]

Pleasing Meditation-A.W.Tozer

  The worldly man can never rest. He must have ?somewhere to go?? and ?something to do.? This is a result of the fall, a symptom of a deep-lying disease, yet a blind religious leadership caters to this terrible restlessness instead of trying to cure it by the Word and the Spirit. If the many […]

Please Pray for Me-A.W.Tozer

  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing. […]


  When our faith becomes obedience to our Savior, then it is true faith, indeed! The difficulty we modem Christians face is not misunderstanding the Bible, but persuading our untamed hearts to accept its plain instruction. Our problem is to get the consent of our world-loving minds to make Jesus Lord in fact, as well […]

Peter: the Rock that Sank-A.W.Tozer

  Peter contained or has been accidentally associated with more contradictions than almost any other Bible character. He appeared to be a combination of courage and cowardice, reverence and disrespect, selfless devotion and dangerous self-love. Only Peter could solemnly swear that he would never desert Christ and then turn around and deny Him the first […]

Personally Weak but Strong in Him-A.W.Tozer

  After the exchange of sin for righteousness is that of wrath for acceptance. Then comes the exchange of death for life. Christ died for dead men that they might rise to be living men. Paul’s happy if somewhat involved testimony makes this clear: “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, […]

Personal Responsibility for Revival-A.W.Tozer

  That “glorious band, the chosen few, on whom the Spirit came” at Pentecost, were not wraiths nor were they composed of an extract of pure humanity dwelling on another plane. They were people. The names of some of them are listed by the Holy Spirit. Though it did not suit God’s purpose to furnish […]

Personal Identity-A.W.Tozer

  Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. –1 Timothy 4:12 This problem of personal identity not infrequently troubles the faithful minister. The congregation has called him as their pastor and teacher, but the members have a […]

Personal Holiness-A.W.Tozer

  But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.” –1 Peter 1:15-16 You cannot study the Bible diligently and earnestly without being struck by an obvious fact–the whole matter of personal holiness is highly important to God! […]

Personal Feeding on God’s Word-A.W.Tozer

  Oh, how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day. –Psalm 119:97 I remember James M. Gray, the noted Bible teacher, telling of a Christian brother, a Michigan farmer, whose spiritual life had suddenly blossomed until there was an overflowing of God’s presence. Many in the man’s community recognized the change […]

Personal Discipline-A.W.Tozer

  Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it. And everyone who competes for the prize is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a perishable crown, but we for an imperishable […]

Personal Creed in Development-A.W.Tozer

  Preaching Christ is generally, and correctly, held to be the purest, noblest ministry in which any man can engage; but preaching Christ includes a great deal more than talking about Christ in superlatives. It means more than giving vent to the religious love the speaker feels for the Person of Christ. Glowing love for […]

Personal Commitment to Growth-A.W.Tozer

  There comes a time when the true believer must take his stand on the oath and covenant of God and refuse to be shaken. He must lift high his happy affirmation, not in arrogance, but in faith and in deep humility. Perhaps his declaration of independence will go something like this: I am not […]

Persistence in Going On-A.W.Tozer

  Israel allowed themselves to settle down and became contented with circumstances that were all right, but which could and did break their spirit of adventure and cause them to accept the status quo as being final for them. Every once in a while through prophet, apostle or psalmist, God stretches out His hand and […]

Perpetual Spiritual Infancy-A.W.Tozer

  For some reason, religious activity and godliness do not always go together. To discover this, it is only necessary to observe the current religious scene. There is no lack of soul-winning effort surely, but many of the soul-winners give one the impression that they are little more than salesmen for a brand of Christianity […]

People Follow Leaders-A.W.Tozer

  Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ. –1 Corinthians 11:1 The history of Israel and Judah points up a truth taught clearly enough by all history, viz., that the masses are or soon will be what their leaders are. The kings set the moral pace for the people…. Whatever sort of man the […]

People Are What They Think About -A.W.Tozer

  Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life. –Proverbs 4:23 Every person is really what he or she secretly admires. If I can learn what you admire, I will know what you are, for people are what they think about when they are free to think about […]

Overflowing Hope-A.W.Tozer

  So strong, so beautiful is hope that it is scarcely possible to overpraise it. It is the divine alchemy that transmutes the base metal of adversity into gold. In the midst of death Paul could be bold and buoyant because he had firm confidence in the final outcome. “For we who are alive are […]

Overcome Distractions-A.W.Tozer

  But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. –Matthew 6:6 Among the enemies to devotion none is so harmful as distractions. Whatever excites the curiosity, […]


  The Christian doctrine of obedience to God and to His will is now largely neglected in modern religious circles, and many in our own congregations seem to feel that our obligation to obey has been discharged by the act of believing on Jesus Christ at the beginning of our Christian lives. We need to […]

Our Ultimate Teacher-A.W.Tozer

  When we think about spiritual things there is always danger that we think like men instead of like God. Theological truth cannot enter the mind as a separate substance or as an experience complete in itself. It must be grasped by the mind in an act of response; and the response is conditioned by […]

Our Ultimate Care-Giver-A.W.Tozer

  Unnecessary burdens are crushing the life out of people every day. Mental institutions are overflowing and psychiatrists are doing a rushing business because the burden of living is getting to be more than we can bear. Civilization has not made our lot easier except in things pertaining to the body; the burdens of the […]

Our Tragic Waste of Time-A.W.Tozer

  One thing taught large in the Holy Scriptures is that while God gives His gifts freely, He will require a strict accounting of them at the end of the road. Each man is personally responsible for his store, be it large or small, and will be required to explain his use of it before […]


  THE MOST CRITICAL NEED of the Church at this moment is men – the right kind of men, bold men. The talk is that we need revival, that we need a new baptism of the Holy Spirit – and God knows we must have both – but God will not revive mice. He will […]

Our Model Intercessor-A.W.Tozer

  Two other considerations may help us here. One is that our Lord did on at least one occasion pray for sinners. “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing,” was a request made to God on behalf of evil men. Is it not reasonable that if Christ prayed for sinners […]


  Certainly not all of the mystery of the Godhead can be known by man-but just as certainly, all that men can know of God in this life is revealed in Jesus Christ! When the Apostle Paul said with yearning, “That I may know Him,” he was not speaking of intellectual knowledge. Paul was speaking […]

Our Infinite Worth in Christ-A.W.Tozer

  No matter how insignificant he may have been before, a man becomes significant the moment he has had an encounter with the Son of God. When the Lord lays His hand upon a man, that man ceases at once to be ordinary. He immediately becomes extraordinary, and his life takes on cosmic significance. The […]


  Our lost race has always been prone to discount and reject the wonderful fact of the individual factor in the love of God. Far, far too many men and women in this world are convinced that God’s love for the world is just one big lump – and the individual is not involved. We […]


  Let me call it to your attention that the happiness of all moral creatures lies in the giving of obedience to God, the Creator. The psalmist cries out in Psalm 103:20: “Bless the Lord, ye his angels; that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word.” The angels […]

Our Grit and God’s Grace-A.W.Tozer

  I am cheered to know so many of you are with me on this. We are going to go to the New Testament and be Bible Christians. We are going to sell out to God and not the devil. We are going to pray more, read our Bible more and attend prayer meeting more. […]


  Have we modern men and women never given thought or meditation concerning the eternal nature of God? Who are we to imagine that we are “bailing out” the living God when we drop a $10 bill in the Sunday offering plate? Let us thank God for the reality of His causeless existence. Our God […]


  Our motives in the Christian life should be both right and genuine. God is the Faithful One. We are to love Him and serve Him because He is God-not because of the gracious things He does for us or for the rewards He promises us! However, it should be said that God does not […]

Our First Responsibility-A.W.Tozer

  I rise before the dawning of the morning, and cry for help; I hope in Your word. My eyes are awake through the night watches, that I may meditate on Your word. -Psalm 119:147-148 Briefly, the way to escape religion as a front is to make it a fount. See to it that we […]

Our Fear of Emotions-A.W.Tozer

  So he, leaping up, stood and walked and entered the temple with them– walking, leaping, and praising God. –Acts 3:8 One cause of the decline in the quality of religious experience among Christians these days is the neglect of the doctrine of the inward witness. Stamping our feet to start the circulation and blowing […]

Our Faith Reflects Our Concept of God-A.W.Tozer

  All things else being equal, the destiny of a man or nation may safely be predicted from the idea of God which that man or that nation holds. No nation can rise higher than its conception of God. While Rome held to her faith in the stern old gods of the Pantheon she remained […]

Our Ever Living Intercessor-A.W.Tozer

  Christ in His high priestly prayer specifically states, “I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me” (John 17:9). That is what He said; it only remains to learn by reverent comparison with other Scripture just what the words mean. To insist that by these words Christ meant that […]


  While we are right to thank God in appreciation for all of the great and good men in the history of the Christian church, we actually “follow” none of them. Our charter goes farther back and is from a higher source. They were rightly looked upon as leaders, but they were all servants of […]

On Pursuing Quality-A.W.Tozer

  The emphasis today in Christian circles appears to be on quantity, with a corresponding lack of emphasis on quality. Numbers, size and amount seem to be very nearly all that matters even among evangelicals. The size of the crowd, the number of converts, the size of the budget, the amount of the weekly collections: […]

On Knowing the Will of God-A.W.Tozer

  One of the problems most frequently encountered by serious-minded Christians is how to discover the will of God in a given situation. This is not a small matter. To countless thousands of Christians it is vitally important. Their peace of heart depends upon knowing that God is actually guiding them, and their failure to […]

On Being Trustworthy Investors-A.W.Tozer

  To each of us God has issued a certain store as it has pleased Him: to one more, to another less. And since God owes us nothing, anything He gives us may be put down to His unearned generosity. The man with a smaller store dare not complain against God for having given him […]

On Being Seekers and Servers of God-A.W.Tozer

  Sins of great magnitude may indicate an energy of soul which if turned in a right direction can lead far up the way toward spiritual perfection. Conversely, there is a meanness of soul that inhibits and restricts the scope and intensity of even the most common activities. When such a soul is converted, it […]

On Being Men and Women of God-A.W.Tozer

  “Your calling,” said Meister Eckhart to the clergy of his day, “cannot make you holy; but you can make it holy.” No matter how humble that calling may be, a holy man can make it a holy calling. A call to the ministry is not a call to be holy, as if the fact […]

On Being Inwardly Christian-A.W.Tozer

  Fellowship, committees and clubs are all right under the right circumstances, but this kind of an answer to that kind of a problem presupposes that those who give the answer have misuderstood the problem. There are three things they misunderstand. First, they misunderstand the nature of Christian faith. Christian faith is inward, not outward. […]

On Being Different -A.W.Tozer

  The Church’s mightiest influence is felt when she is different from the world in which she lives. Her power lies in her being different, rises with the degree in which she differs and sinks as the difference diminishes. This is so fully and clearly taught in the Scriptures and so well illustrated in Church […]

On Being Church-A.W.Tozer

  First, they misunderstand the nature of Christian faith. . . . Second, they misunderstand the nature of the church. You see, the church is a body of individuals united in Christ but having separate individual responsibilites. Thus the body is improved only as we improve the individuals that compose the body. The Holy Spirit […]

On Becoming More Lovable-A.W.Tozer

  God desires that all men should become Christlike, for in so doing they present larger and more perfect objects for the reception of His outpoured love. Conformity to the nature of Christ on the part of a redeemed man restores the image of God in the soul and thus makes it possible for God […]


  Then said I: “Ah, Lord God! Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.” –Jeremiah 1:6 To be articulate at certain times we are compelled to fall back upon “Oh!” or “O!”–a primitive exclamatory sound that is hardly a word at all and that scarcely admits of a definition…. In theology there is […]


  It is surely an erroneous supposition for humans to think or to believe that death will transform our attitude and dispositions. This is what I mean: if in this life we are not really comfortable talking and singing about heaven and its joy, I doubt that death will transform us into enthusiasts! If the […]

Obeying God-A.W.Tozer

  The second question is: How many are worthy to hear His voice? In Acts 13:46b Paul and Barnabas told the people, “Since you reject it . . . we now turn to the Gentiles.” This is a terrible judgment. But here is the gist of what I want to say: A radical and sweeping […]


  Let me caution you about the attitudes of some of the bubbly “happy! happy!” people in our congregations who will insist that the Word of God can never be anything but honey sweet! Fellow believers, when we digest, absorb and soak up the Word of the Lord, it becomes part and parcel of our […]

Not Asking for Anything-A.W.Tozer

  I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice and my supplications. Because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live. –Psalm 116:1-2 I think that some of the greatest prayer is prayer where you don’t say one single word or ask for […]


  Is the Lord Jesus Christ your most precious treasure in the whole world? If so, count yourself among “normal” Christians, rather than among “nominal” Christians! My old dictionary gives this definition as the meaning of nominal: Existing in name only, not real or actual; hence so small, slight, as to be hardly worth the […]

No Turning Back-A.W.Tozer

  With large blocks of evangelicals praying and preaching like Christians while they live and talk like worldlings, how much longer may we expect them to remain evangelical? Apostasy always begins with the conduct. First there is a wrong orientation of the life, a facing toward the lost world with yearning and enjoyment; later there […]


  Because we live in a period known as the age of God’s grace, it has become a popular thing to declare that the Ten Commandments are no longer valid, no longer relevant in our society. With that context, it has become apparent that Christian churches are not paying attention to the Ten Commandments. But […]

No Morality Without God-A.W.Tozer

  It has always seemed to me completely inconsistent that existentialism should deny the existence of God and then proceed to use the language of theism to persuade men to live right. The French writer, Jean-Paul Sartre, for instance, states frankly that he represents atheistic existentialism. ?If God does not exist,? he says, ?we find […]

No Looking Back-A.W.Tozer

  There is an art of forgetting, and every Christian should become skilled in it. Forgetting the things which are behind is a positive necessity if we are to become more than mere babes in Christ. If we cannot trust God to have dealt effectually with our past we may as well throw in the […]

No Light Without the Divine Enlightener-A.W.Tozer

  However unpopular we may become as a result, we must cling to the knowledge that all men are heretics by nature and can never know redeeming truth till they are enlightened from above by and through the inspired revelation we call the Scriptures. We are never kind to our neighbor when for the sake […]


  It is really a blessed thing in our Christian fellowship and in our congregations that God never asks whether it is a big church or a little church! A young pastor, when introduced to a well-known church leader, said, “You do not know me. I am the pastor of a little rural church.” I […]

New Testament Christianity and Ours-A.W.Tozer

  The cross is a symbol of the selfless, others-centered life of Christ, but it does not end there. Our Lord made it also a symbol of the normal Christian life. If any man will come after me, He said, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will […]


  Christian preachers and ministers ought to acknowledge, publicly and with humility, their great indebtedness to the apostles John and Paul. Study the Gospel of John and you will concur with me that John is surely the mystic of the New Testament! Explore the epistles of the Apostle Paul and you will also concur with […]


  Christian preachers and ministers ought to acknowledge, publicly and with humility, their great indebtedness to the apostles John and Paul. Study the Gospel of John and you will concur with me that John is surely the mystic of the New Testament! Explore the epistles of the Apostle Paul and you will also concur with […]

Much Every Way-A.W.Tozer

  Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You. –Jeremiah 32:17 When Tennyson wrote “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of,” he probably uttered a truth of vaster significance than even he understood. […]


  Contrary to much that is being said and practiced in churches, true worship is not something that we “do” in the hope of appearing to be religious! True worship must be a constant and consistent attitude or state of mind within the believer, a sustained and blessed acknowledgement of love and admiration. If we […]


  It is a fact that the New Testament message of good news, “Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures,” embraces a great deal more than an offer of free pardon. Surely it is a message of pardon-and for that may God be praised-but it is also a message of repentance! It is […]


  There have always been professing Christians who argue and insist: “I am all right-I worship in the name of Jesus.” They seem to believe that worship of God is based on a formula. They seem to think there is a kind of magic in saying the name of Jesus! Study the Bible carefully with […]

Moratorium on Activity-A.W.Tozer

  Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. –Psalm 139:23-24 I suppose my suggestion will not receive much serious attention, but I should like to suggest that we Bible-believing Christians announce […]

Moral Sleep-A.W.Tozer

  My aim is to awaken some from the rut. I know it is impossible to awaken everybody, but I hope to awaken some. I use the word awaken here advisedly and carefully because the Bible contains significant teaching gathered around the word sleep. There is first of all natural sleep. “He grants sleep to […]

Moral Physicians-A.W.Tozer

  In the previous chapter I said that truth should not be passed out indiscriminately, but suited to the circumstances and needs of the hearers. From the prophets we learn this and from the apostles, as well as from our Lord Himself. These were never bound by a mechanical religious ?curriculum? which dictated unintelligently that […]


  Though we do not have much of it in this age of spineless religion, there is nevertheless much in the Bible about the place of moral determination in the service of the Lord. The Old Testament tells us that “Jacob vowed a vow,” and Daniel “purposed in his heart.” Paul determined “not to know […]


  It is a fact in human history that men and women have never in any great numbers sought after truth. The young people who stream from our halls of learning each year confess to having no more than a passing and academic interest in truth. The majority admit that they go to college only […]

Model Christians-A.W.Tozer

  Then there is the removal of faults and abuses. Where are the faults and abuses? Look around at the religious scene and you will see the faults, the abuses and the desperate need for change. Where are the model saints? We ought to be raising model saints, the kind Christians could take as examples […]


  I believe that everything in the Bible is true, but to attempt to make the Bible a textbook for science is to misunderstand it completely and tragically! It has become a fairly popular practice for Bible teachers to claim to find in the Scriptures confirmation of almost every recent discovery made by science. Apparently […]

Misunderstood Salt-A.W.Tozer

  For choosing God as our one all absorbing interest we Christians are sometimes scorned or written off as hopelessly narrow-minded. But must we apologize? Must we apologize that we have chosen Christ as our career? That we deliberately will to walk with those who walk with God? That we have chosen eternity over time […]

Mistaking Word for Deed-A.W.Tozer

  The genuine philosopher, Epictetus used to say, was not one who had read Chrysippus and Diogenes and so could discourse learnedly on the teachings of these men, but one who had put their teachings into practice. Nothing else would satisfy him. He refused to call any man a philosopher who showed evidence of pride, […]

Mistaking Effect for Cause-A.W.Tozer

  No matter how sincere they may be, ministers without discernment are sure to err. Their conclusions are inevitably false because their reasoning is mechanical and without inspiration. I hear their error in our pulpits and read it in our religious periodicals; and it all sounds alike: revived churches engage in foreign missions; hence let […]

Misreading God’s Self-Revelation-A.W.Tozer

  We are all heretics by nature and take to error as instinctively as ducks take to water. This does not mean that natural theology is wholly false, for the heavens declare the glory of God and the visible universe shows His eternal power and Godhead. Add to these the presence in the human heart […]

Misinformed Zeal-A.W.Tozer

  Zeal, according to Webster, means ardor in the pursuit of anything; ardent and active interest; enthusiasm; fervor. Surely this should describe a Christian, and the better the Christian the more accurately it should apply. The devout soul should and will be fervent. He will pursue the things of God actively and be enthusiastic in […]

Mired in the “Rote” -A.W.Tozer

  . . . Everybody knows just what will happen, and this has become our deadliest enemy. We blame the devil, the “last days” and anything else we can think of, but the greatest enemy is not outside of us. It is within–it is an attitude of accepting things as they are. We believe that […]

Ministry Qualifications -A.W.Tozer

  Leadership requires vision, and whence will vision come except from hours spent in the presence of God in humble and fervent prayer? All things else being equal, a praying woman will know the will of God for the church far better than a prayerless man. We do not here advocate the turning of the […]


  Not all of the pooled efforts of any church can make a Christian out of a lost man! The Christian life begins with the individual; a soul has a saving encounter with God and the new life is born. All else being equal, every individual. Christian will find in the communion of a local […]

Ministry Methods-A.W.Tozer

  Once the prophet, the apostle, the reformer, saw a vision or heard a voice, or in later times had an encounter with God through the holy Scriptures and went out firm and sure to declare the Word of the Lord. Now we watch the world to get our next cue and when we have […]

Minds–Blind or Opened-A.W.Tozer

  Until the full light of God?s inspired Word floods down upon the religious landscape, almost everything is obscure and indistinct. The finest minds see things that are not there and fail to see the things that are. This inability to make out the details is a frustrating thing to persons of a strong religious […]

Mighty Deeds and Empty Words-A.W.Tozer

  Again, that world-shaking event, the crucifixion of Christ, is stated in four words, “There they crucified him.” One shudders to think what fanfare and buildup such a stupendous event would require if written by the shallow novelists or dramatists of our day. To represent such a solemn event on the stage would cost thousands […]


  A human being is never really aware of the great boundless sea of the mercy of God until by faith he comes across the threshold of the kingdom of God and recognizes it and identifies it! My father was 60 years old when he bowed before Jesus Christ and was born again. That was […]

Men Who Do Not Pray-A.W.Tozer

  Therefore, brethren, seek out from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. –Acts 6:3 Let us watch that we do not slide imperceptibly to a state where the women do the praying and the men run the churches. Men who […]

Men of Prayer-A.W.Tozer

  Prayer is not a work that can be allocated to one or another group in the church. it is everybody?s responsibility; it is everybody?s privilege. Prayer is the respiratory function of the church; without it we suffocate and die at last, like a living body deprived of the breath of life. Prayer knows no […]

Memorization Priority-A.W.Tozer

  Certain cultures have stressed memorization to a point where education consists largely in learning by rote a few of the classics. . . . About this two things may be said: One, that great skill in memorizing is found almost exclusively among peoples where books are scarce and where a certain limited few important […]

Membership in the Universal Church-A.W.Tozer

  Sometimes people come into the local church who have never come into the universal church. People join a church who have never been born into the true church. Some churches actually throw the doors open and say, “Now we’ll sing the closing hymn for those who want to unite with the church. Come to […]

Meditate Long and Often-A.W.Tozer

  I remember the days of old; I meditate on all Your works; I muse on the work of Your hands, I spread out my hands to You; my soul longs for You like a thirsty land. –Psalm 143:5-6 Among Christians of all ages and of varying shades of doctrinal emphasis there has been fairly […]


  Read your New Testament again and you will agree that mediocrity in the Christian life is not the highest that Jesus offers. Certainly God is not honored by our arrested spiritual development – our permanent half-way spiritual condition. We all know that the Bible tells us that we honor God by going on to […]

Media Manipulation-A.W.Tozer

  . . . advertising, at least in the United States, is the most powerful educational agent extant. Those who write the advertising copy probably do more to determine the way the average person thinks than the school and church combined. The reasons for this are two. One is that men may flee from the […]

Meaningless Words-A.W.Tozer

  At the risk of shocking some tender-minded persons, I venture to list here a few words and phrases that to millions of evangelical Christians have no longer an identifiable content and are used merely as religious sounds without any relation to reality. They have meaning, and they are good and sacred words, but they […]

Mature Living 2-A.W.Tozer

  The absence of spiritual devotion today is an omen and a portent. The modern church is all but contemptuous of the sober virtues–meekness, modesty, humility, quietness, obedience, self-effacement, patience. To be accepted now, religion must be in the popular mood. Consequently, much religious activity reeks with pride, display, self-assertion, self-promotion, love of gain and […]

Mature Living-A.W.Tozer

  The absence of spiritual devotion today is an omen and a portent. The modern church is all but contemptuous of the sober virtues–meekness, modesty, humility, quietness, obedience, self-effacement, patience. To be accepted now, religion must be in the popular mood. Consequently, much religious activity reeks with pride, display, self-assertion, self-promotion, love of gain and […]

Mastering Our Medium-A.W.Tozer

  God has honored human speech by using it as a medium through which to express His message of salvation, first in the inspired Scriptures and afterwards in a thousand languages and dialects among the nations of mankind. Language is the mighty organ upon which may be played the joyous oratorio of redemption for the […]

Marked by Christly Fragrance-A.W.Tozer

  I also long in the tender mercies of Christ that among us there may be the following: . . . 7. A presence of Christ that is as the fragrance of myrrh and aloes. When you become accustomed to the smell of His garments you will be spoiled for anything less. If we never […]

Marching in Place-A.W.Tozer

  God in His conscending love and kindness often sends a Moses, or maybe a Joshua or an Isaiah, or in latter times a Luther or Wesley to show us that the work of the Lord is not progressing. Times are bad in the kingdom and getting worse. The tendency is to settle into a […]


  God has made it plain that hell is a real place-a final abode for people who do not want to love God and serve Him! The sadness and the tragedy of this fact is that these are human beings, all dear to God because He created them in His own image. Of nothing else […]


  If you have ever given much thought to this present world in which we live, you have some idea of the power of interpretation. The world is a stable fact, quite unchanged by the passing of years, but how different is modern man’s view of the world from the view our fathers held. The […]


  We have listened throughout our lifetime to the continuing promises of peace and progress made by the educators and the legislators and the scientists, but so far they have failed to make good on any of them. Perhaps it is an ironic thought that fallen men, though they cannot fulfill their promises, are always […]


  The average person in the world today, without faith and without God and without hope, is engaged in a desperate personal search and struggle throughout his lifetime. He does not really know what he is doing here. He does not know where he is going. The sad commentary is that everything he is doing […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – What Men Live By-A.W.Tozer

  HUMAN LIFE HAS ITS CENTRAL CORE where lie the things men live by. These things are constant. They change not from age to age, but are the same among all races throughout the world always. Life also has its marginal zones where lie the things that are relatively unimportant. These change from generation to […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – True Faith Is Active. Not Passive-A.W.Tozer

  A CHRISTIAN IS ONE WHO BELIEVES on Jesus Christ as Lord. With this statement every evangelical agrees. Indeed there would appear to be nothing else to do, since the New Testament is crystal clear about the matter. This first acknowledgment of Christ as Lord and Saviour is usually followed by baptism and membership in […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – Three Faithful Wounds-A.W.Tozer

  FAITHFUL ARE THE WOUNDS OF A FRIEND, says the Holy Spirit in Proverbs 27:6. And lest we imagine that the preacher is the one who does the wounding, I want to read Job 5:17 and 18: “Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty: for […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – Three Degrees of Religious Knowledge-A.W.Tozer

  IN OUR KNOWLEDGE OF DIVINE THINGS three degrees may be distinguished: the knowledge furnished by reason, by faith and by spiritual experience respectively. These three degrees of knowledge correspond to the departments of the tabernacle in the ancient Levitical order: the outer court, the holy place and the holy of holies. Far in, beyond […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – There Is No Wisdom in Sin-A.W.Tozer

  THE WORLD HAS DIVIDED MEN into two classes, the stupid good people and the clever wicked ones. This false classification runs through much of the literature of the last centuries from the classics to the comic strip, from Shakespeare’s Polomus, who furnished his son with a set of good but dull moral platitudes, to […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – The Unknown Saints-A.W.Tozer

  WILLIAM WORDSWORTH IN A FINE PASSAGE states his belief that there are many more poets in the world than we suppose, “. . .men endowed with highest gifts, The vision and the faculty divine,” but who are unknown because they lacked or failed to cultivate the gift of versification. Then he sums up his […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – The Saint Must Walk Alone-A.W.Tozer

  MOST OF THE WORLD’S GREAT SOULS have been lonely. Loneliness seems to be one price the saint must pay for his saintliness. In the morning of the world (or should we say, in that strange darkness that came soon after the dawn of man’s creation) that pious soul, Enoch, walked with God and was […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – The Old Cross and the New-A.W.Tozer

  ALL UNANNOUNCED AND MOSTLY UNDETECTED there has come in modern times a new cross into popular evangelical circles. It is like the old cross, but different: the likenesses are superficial; the differences, fundamental. From this new cross has sprung a new philosophy of the Christian life, and from that new philosophy has come a […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – The Importance of Sound Doctrine-A.W.Tozer

  IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE to overemphasize the importance of sound doctrine in the life of a Christian. Right thinking about all spiritual matters is imperative if we would have right living. As men do not gather grapes of thorns nor figs of thistles, sound character does not grow out of unsound teaching. The word […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – The Cure for a Fretful Spirit-A.W.Tozer

  THE HOLY SPIRIT IN PSALM 37 admonishes us to beware of irritation in our religious lives: “Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.” The word “fret” comes to us from the Anglo-Saxon and carries with it such a variety of meanings as bring a rather pained […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – The Communion of Saints-A.W.Tozer

  “I believe in the communion of saints.”-Apostles’ Creed THESE WORDS WERE WRITTEN into the creed about the middle of the fifth century. It would be difficult if not altogether impossible for us at this late date to know exactly what was in the minds of the Church Fathers who introduced the words into the […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – The Church Cannot Die-A.W.Tozer

  THERE IS A NOTION ABROAD that Christianity is on its last legs, or possibly already dead and just too weak to lie down. This is confidently believed in Communist countries, and while spokesmen for the West are too polite to say so, one can hardly escape the feeling that they too believe the demise […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – The Call of Christ-A.W.Tozer

  TO BE CALLED TO FOLLOW CHRIST is a high honor; higher indeed than any honor men can bestow upon each other. Were all the nations of the earth to unite in one great federation and call a man to head that federation, that man would be honored above any other man that ever lived. […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – Temperament in the Christian Life-A.W.Tozer

  A CELEBRATED AMERICAN PREACHER once advanced the novel theory that the various denominations with their different doctrinal emphases served a useful purpose as gathering places for persons of similar temperaments. Christians, he suggested, tend to gravitate toward others of like mental types. Hence the denominations. Undoubtedly this is oversimplification carried to the point of […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – Religious Boredom-A.W.Tozer

  THAT THERE IS SOMETHING gravely wrong with evangelical Christianity today is not likely to be denied by any serious minded person acquainted with the facts. Just what is wrong is not so easy to determine. In examining the situation myself I find nature and reason in conflict within me, for I tend by temperament […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – Preface-A.W.Tozer

  THE SUPREME INTEREST in the life of A. W. Tozer was God: He who spoke and brought the world into being, Who justly rules over men and nations, yet deigns to make man His dwelling place. He believed that all that really matters is for man to be in right relationship with God, that […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – On the Origin and Nature of Things-A.W.Tozer

  THE CELEBRATED PRAYER of the great German astronomer, Kepler, has been a benediction to many: “O God, I thank Thee that Thou hast permitted me to think Thy thoughts after Thee.” This prayer is theologically sound because it acknowledges the priority of God in the universe. “In the beginning God” is undoubtedly the most […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – On Taking Too Much for Granted -A.W.Tozer

  ONCE MARY AND JOSEPH, with a number of friends and relatives, were traveling back home from Jerusalem and, supposing the young Jesus to be in the company, went a whole day’s journey before discovering that He had been left behind. Their fault was that they assumed that what they wanted to believe was so […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – On Breeding Spotted Mice-A.W.Tozer

  THE ASSOCIATED PRESS LATELY CARRIED an interesting if somewhat depressing story out of London about a certain British peer who had died just a few days short of his eighty-ninth birthday. Having been a man of means and position, it had presumably not been necessary for him to work for a living like the […]

Man – The Dwelling Place of God – In Praise of Dogmatism-A.W Tozer

  IT IS VITAL TO ANY UNDERSTANDING of ourselves and our fellowmen that we believe what is written in the Scriptures about human society, that it is fallen, alienated from God and in rebellion against His laws. In these days of togetherness when all men would brothers be for a’ that, even the true Christian […]

Man-The Dwelling place of God-How to Try the Spirits-A.W Tozer

  THESE ARE THE TIMES that try men’s souls. The Spirit has spoken expressly that in the latter times some should depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron. Those days are upon us and we cannot escape […]

Man-The Dwelling place of God-How to Make Spiritual Progress-A.W Tozer

  THE COMPLACENCY of CHRISTIANS is the scandal of Christianity. Time is short, and eternity is long. The end of all things is at hand. Man has proved himself morally unfit to manage the world in which he has been placed by the kindness of the Almighty. He has jockeyed himself to the edge of […]

Man-Dwelling place of God-God must be loved for Himself-A.W.Tozer

  GOD BEING WHO HE is must always be sought for Himself, never as a means toward something else. Whoever seeks other objects and not God is on his own; he may obtain those objects if he is able, but he will never have God. God is never found accidentally. “Ye shall seek me, and […]

Man-Dwelling place of God-Faith: The misunderstood doctrine-A.W.Tozer

  IN THE DIVINE SCHEME OF SALVATION the doctrine of faith is central. God addresses His words to faith, and where no faith is, no true revelation is possible. “Without faith it is impossible to please him.” Every benefit flowing from the atonement of Christ comes to the individual through the gateway of faith. Forgiveness, […]

Man-The Dwelling place of God-Dwelling place of God-A.W Tozer

  DEEP INSIDE EVERY MAN there is a private sanctum where dwells the mysterious essence of his being. This far-in reality is that in the man which is what it is of itself without reference to any other part of the man’s complex nature. It is the man’s “I Am,” a gift from the I […]

Man-The Dwelling place of God-Does God always answer prayer?-A.W Tozer

  CONTRARY TO POPULAR OPINION, the cultivation of a psychology of uncritical belief is not an unqualified good, and if carried too far it may be a positive evil. The whole world has been booby-trapped by the devil, and the deadliest trap of all is the religious one. Error never looks so innocent as when […]

Man-The Dwelling place of God-Choices reveal and make character-A.W Tozer

  INTO NINE WORDS, having altogether but eleven syllables, Luke packs a world of universal truth: “Being let go, they went to their own company” (Acts 4:23). Every normal man has a “company,” however small, where he feels at home and to which he will return when he is tired of being alone. The important […]

Man-The Dwelling place of God-Boasting or belittling-A.W Tozer

  WE ALL know how painful it is to be forced to listen to a confirmed boaster sound off on his favorite topic – himself. To be the captive of such a man even for a short time tries our patience to the utmost and puts a heavy strain upon our Christian charity. Boasting is […]

Man-The Dwelling place of God-A do it yourself education better than none-A.W Tozer

THIS IS WRITTEN FOR THOSE CHRISTIANS who may have missed a formal education. Let no one despair. A do-it-yourself education is better than none. It can be acquired by the proper use of our mental powers. Our intellectual activities in the order of their importance may be graded this way: first, cogitation; second, observation; third, […]

Making the most of today-A.W.Tozer

  Making the most of today We have little sympathy for the psychology expressed in the various “Back To” movements among Christians today. Our direction is not back, but forward. Few acts are as futile as sitting down and singing “Backward, turn backward, O Time, in thy flight.” We cannot turn the clock back. We […]

Most the most of opportunities-A.W.Tozer

  Most the most of opportunities God has also given us a wealth of opportunities. An opportunity may be defined as a providential circumstance which permits us to turn our time, our money and our talents to account. Of all gifts this is the most common, and it is the one which makes the other […]

Making the most of opportunity-A.W.Tozer

  Making the most of opportunity It is imperative not only that we Christians get out of our rut but that we get out now. You know if you are in. If you are not getting any prayers answered, or if your prayers are so vague you are not sure but what any answer might […]

Making God feel at home-A.W.Tozer

  Making God feel at home Once the heart is freed from its contrary impulses, Christ within becomes a wondrous experiential fact. The surrendered heart has no more controversy with God, so He can live in us congenial and uninhibited. Then He thinks His own thoughts in us: thoughts about ourselves, about Himself, about sinners […]

Make time to pray-A.W.Tozer

  Make time to pray “Am I faithful in prayer?” Ask yourself that. “Well, I’m busy,” you say. Yes, you are busy. So was the Lord Jesus. So was Martin Luther. Luther said, “In the morning I have so much work to do that I am going to have to pray longer today.” Are you […]

Masjesty and meekness-A.W.Tozer

  Masjesty and meekness When the prophets try to describe for me the attributes, the graces, the worthiness of the God who appeared to them and dealt with them, I feel that I can kneel down and follow their admonition: “He is thy Lord-worship thou Him!” They described Him as radiantly beautiful and fair. They […]

Lovingly truthful -A.W.Tozer

  Loving truthful Here are some questions I recommend you ask yourself. In quiet silence ask, “Am I always truthful and honest? I claim to be a Christian, and I believe that the root of the matter is in me and the seed of God is in my heart. I believe I am the Lord”s […]

Lovingly embracing truth-A.W.Tozer

  Loving embracing truth Now lest I be misunderstood and so succeed only in confusing things still further, let me assure my readers that I am and have always been a staunch advocate of theology, and regularly teach doctrine systematically in pursuance of my pastoral calling. I joyfully recognize that there is an outline of […]

Loving worship-A.W.Tozer

  Loving worship The love of Christ both wounds and heals, it fascinates and frightens, it kills and makes alive, it draws and repulses, it sobers and enraptures. There can be nothing more terrible or more wonderful than to be stricken with love for Christ so deeply that the whole being goes out in a […]

Loving obedience-A.W.Tozer

  Loving obedience The absence of the concept of discipleship from present-day Christianity leaves a vacuum which we instinctively try to fill with one or another substitute. I name a few.Pietism.By this I mean an enjoyable feeling of affection for the person of our Lord which is valued for itself and is wholly unrelated to […]

Loving God only-A.W.Tozer

  Loving God only The first and greatest commandment is to love God with every power of our entire being. Where love like that exists, there can be no place for a second object. Yet popular Christianity has as one of its most effective talking points the idea that God exists to help people to […]

Loving God and our neighbor-A.W.Tozer

  Love God and our neighbor The whole of true religion can be summed up in the spiritual love of Jesus. To love God and to love our neighbor was said by our Lord to be the fulfilling of the law and the prophets. All Christians believe that God reveals Himself as Christ; so the […]

Love without measure-A.W.Tozer

  Love without measure I once wrote something about how God loves us and how dear we are to Him. I was not sure I should put it down on paper-but God knows what I meant. I wrote: “The only eccentricity that I can discover in the heart of God is the fact that a […]

Love expressed in obedience 2 -A.W.Tozer

  Love expressed in obedience 2 No matter what I write here, thousands of pastors will continue to call their people to prayer in the forlorn hope that God will finally relent and send revival if only His people wear themselves out in intercession. To such people God must indeed appear to be a hard […]

Love expressed in obedience-A.W.Tozer

  Love expressed in obedience Our Lord told His disciples that love and obedience were organically united, that the keeping of His sayings would prove that we loved Him and the failure or refusal to keep them would prove that we did not. This is the true test of love, and we will be wise […]

Lost but not abandoned-A.W.Tozer

  Lost but not abandoned . . . The Advent established:. . . Third, God indeed spoke by the prophets. The priests and scribes who were versed in the Scriptures could inform the troubled Herod that the Christ was to be born in Bethlehem of Judaea. And thereafter the Old Testament came alive in Christ. […]

Lord , give me yourself-A.W.Tozer

  Lord , give me yourself Absalom dwelt two full years in Jerusalem and saw not the king’s face, though the king was his own father. Are there not many in the kingdom of God who have no awareness of God, who seem not to know that they have the right to sit at the […]

Lord of Righteousness-A.W.Tozer

  Lord of Righteousness In the midst of all the confusions of our day, it is important that we find out that Jesus Christ is the Lord of all righteousness and the Lord of all wisdom. Righteousness is not a word easily acceptable to lost men and women in a lost world. Outside of the […]

Looking beyond the created world to the Creator-A.W.Tozer

  Looking beyond the created world to the Cretor To persons brought up in the Judaeo-Christian tradition the thought that anyone should actually worship nature seems absurd, but we have only to step across into almost any of the cultures we call pagan to learn that such worship has been and still is common enough. […]

Looking at God-A.W.Tozer

  Looking at God Among Christians of all ages and of varying shades of doctrinal emphasis there has been fairly full agreement on one thing: They all believed that it was important that the Christian with serious spiritual aspirations should learn to meditate long and often on God. Let a Christian insist upon rising above […]

Longing for God-A.W.Tozer

  Longing for God As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God? –Psalm 42:1-2 O God, I have tasted Thy goodness, and it has both satisfied me and made me […]

Longing after God – A.W.Tozer

  Longing after God Now therefore, I pray, if I have found grace in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You and that I may find grace in Your sight…. –Exodus 33:13 Come near to the holy men and women of the past and you will soon feel the heat […]

Long before the Lord-A.W.Tozer

  Long before the Lord But whenever Moses went in before the Lord to speak with Him, he would take the veil off until he came out; and he would come out and speak to the children of Israel whatever he had been commanded. –Exodus 34:34 It is written of Moses that he “went in […]

Living for the will of God-A.W.Tozer

  Living for the will of God The temptation to gear our lives to social consequences is frightfully strong in a world like ours, but it must be overcome all the way down the line. The Christian businessman when faced with a moral choice must never ask, ?How much will this cost me?? The moment […]

Living with eternity’s values in view-A.W.Tozer

  Living with eternity’s values in view The spiritual man habitually makes eternity-judgments instead of time-judgments. By faith he rises above the tug of earth and the flow of time and learns to think and feel as one who has already left the world and gone to join the innumerable company of angels and the […]

Living that grieves the Spirit-A.W.Tozer

  Living that grieves the Spirit It is almost certain that sin is the cause of the rut, the circular grave in which so many people find themselves. Since only sin offends God, and sin is extremely deceitful, it can be present doing its deadly work while the people may not be aware of it […]

Living in joy and peace-A.W.Tozer

  Living in joy and peace There are areas in our lives where in our effort to be right we may go wrong, so wrong as to lead to spiritual deformity. To be specific let me name a few: 4. When we seek to be serious and become somber. The saints have always been serious, […]