Are you a Christian?
Every man  ever born has a dept they cannot pay and chains they cannot break! The dept they cannot pay is for what they have done against God by breaking His Holy law! All of us have sinned in God's eyes. We have all lied or stolen or dishonored our parents in some way. This may be small in our eyes, but in God's Holy eyes it is worthy of the eternal flames of Hell. No amount of good works, religion ,baptism, prayer, Bible reading or experiences could ever take away the punishment deserved for even one lie.

We have a dept against God we cannot pay. +- 2000 years back Jesus paid that dept. He took the Punishment we deserve by taking on himself every sin you ever did and facing God the Fathers wrath for that sin (this was much worse than the pain even of being whipped and crucified by man) . He died and rose again and now He is ever living for sinners to come to him for forgiveness.

 Every man has chains they cannot break. Every man ( Religious or Murderer) is like a man sitting in a chair.He is chained with his hands behind his back. You cannot set yourself free from a life of sin . That man on the chair can try again and again and the chains will hold. Some one has to come from the outside to set you free.The only person who can set you free is Jesus! The Bible says "If the Son therefore shall set you free you shall be free indeed"-John 08:36 God can forgive you for even the grossest of sins if you ask him to -because Jesus died for you and He can set you free from the Power of your life of sin. That life may be a life of deep sin , or a life of proud Religion which leads you to think you are good in spite of the fact that all have sinned and fallen short of God's standards. Because Jesus did everything on the cross all sinners have to do is to come to God in humility over your sinful heart and deads and  to ask Him to forgive them and set them free through Jesus Christ . Jesus then enters into your life and makes you a Child of God. He will not enter into someone who is NOT humbled over his/her sin. While one clings to good works or experiences as proof that you are right with God then you are not humbled/bankrupt. One must forget about these things and flee to God as a sinner and nothing better than a sinner for Him to forgive and set you free. John1:12 "As many as received Him("Jesus") to them gave he the power to become the sons of God"

If you know that Jesus is part of your life (the proof will not be  strange spiritual experiences or religious works, but  love for Jesus (and other christians who love and obey Jesus at any cost)  and a deep  desire to do his will-not  out of  mere fear ,but Gods love inside (Rom 5:05).

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