In Luther’s course of instruction to his children and to all Evangelical Christians for 1533. (No date.) Erasmus An enemy of all religions and a special opponent of Christ, a perfect example and copy of Epicureus and Lucian. I, Martin Luther, write this with my own hand to my dearest son, Johannes, and through thee to all the children of the Holy Church of Christ. In this year Luther’s great work, begun on the Wartburg, was finished, and issued in six parts, under the title “Biblia, the whole Sacred

Scriptures. Martin Luther. Wittenberg, 1534.” The Reformation introduced into Wurtemburg by Philip of

Hesse, and into Pomerania through Dukes Barnim and Philip, the latter marrying John Frederick’s

sister. Bugenhagen compiled Confession of Faith in Low German dialect for Pomerania, a precious relic of Reformation times.