Confessing our Love - A.W Tozer

Confessing our Love

Consider with me the appealing Old Testament story of the beautiful young woman in the Song of Solomon. Deeply in love with the young shepherd, she is also actively sought out by the king, who demands her favor. She remains loyal to the simple shepherd, who gathers lilies and comes to seek her and calls to her through the lattice. In many ways, this is a beautiful picture of the Lord Jesus, of His love and care for His Bride, the Church. In the scriptural account, she does turn her loved one away with simple excuses. But condemned in heart, she rises to go out and search for him. As she seeks, she is asked: “What is he above others that you should seek him?” “Oh, he is altogether lovely,” she replies. “He came and called for me, and I had not the heart to go!” But at last she is able to confess, “I have found him whom my soul loveth!” He had been grieved but He was not far away. So it is with our Beloved-He is very near to us and He awaits our seeking!

A W Tozer