Ah Lord, I lost my confidence
      When sickness took her hold.
I doubted thy omnipotence;
      Pain made my trust grow cold.

I could not understand, dear Lord,
      Why I should suffer so,
And sensing my receding strength
       My state has laid me low.

The woman in the Bible times
      Was healed; the blind could see,
And thus it seems so cruel, dear Lord,
      That Thou dost not heal me.

But then I seemed to hear Thy voice
       Whispering in love,
“My arms are underneath you;
      My eyes watch from above.

“T’was love that chose your path of pain.
      It was the only way
That I could draw you closer;
      Embrace you every day.”

And thus I will not cast away
      My blessed confidence.
One day in God’s own heaven
      T’will all make perfect sense.

~Jenny Daniel