I do not usually do it like this, but these words of Oswald Chambers sticks to me “to make conscious freedom from sin by the atonement is a great error. No man knows what sin is until he is born again. The evidence that I am delivered from sin is that I know the real nature of sin in me. It takes the last reach of the atonement of Jesus Christ, that is, the impartation of His absolute perfection to make a man know what sin is…”

I can only be amazed and go wow AMEN!! And on the day of my salvation I saw my wretched self in sin before a Holy and Just God! Sinners don’t know what sin is—they call sin mistakes and do not know the seriousness of their crimes! It is only the pleasure of God’s Grace that is keeping them on earth and not let them fall in hell right away.

The evidence: I saw my ignorant self before God ‘cause He showed me thru’ His amazing Grace that I transgressed against Him!! How long will you still remain in your slumber? This is why we need the preaching of the law of God ‘cause the law shows us what sin is like. Paul said in Romans, I did not know sin was until the law showed me

We need His law to be a plough in our hardened hearts … this preaching of the effects of redemption (love–peace–joy) hardened our hearts and made us think we are right with God and made sinners repent for the wrong motive and that while they still did not see their sin before God. Wake up my friend judgment is coming and once it’s too late your pleading will be of no use and you will feel the wrath of an Angry God.

Hannes Grové