2008, revised Jan. 2, 2009


Lord, I was running far from you,
But here without you I can’t live,
Oh Lord, I’m coming back just now,
To you alone my life I’ll give.

There have been times that I have wandered,
I’ve tried to do things on my own,
But Jesus, how my life is worthless,
Unless My Lord by you, I’m known.

Dear Lord it’s more than I can do,
Within this world alone to stand,
I’m sorry that I ever tried,
To live without your tender hand.

Oh Lord, I come in full confession,
And falling down before your feet.
Without you Lord, I surely know,
My life is empty, incomplete.

Lord Jesus, now I come accepting,
Your mercy, tender loving grace,
Your arms around me, hold me tight,
I feel so calm in your embrace.

Here Lord with you, I’d like to stay,
Forever in this blessed place,
Yes Jesus, drinking in your mercy,
N’ gazin’ on your precious face.

There is no place I’d rather be,
Dear Lord, than here with you,
And resting in your pressence,
I know you’ll bring me through.