Once George Müller embarked upon a remarkable period of deceit and lies as he went from one hotel to another, often in the company of a woman, living a ‘playboy’ life, but with no money. After pawning valuable possessions and leaving his remaining belongings at one hotel as security, the law caught up with him and he ended up in prison. Even in prison George Müller told the most unbelievable lies to impress a fellow prisoner.

After a month in prison his father bailed him out, settled his debts and beat him. For a while George Müller tried to please his father and indeed, tried to change his ways. It was not long however, before he was in debt again and this time he concocted a story of having been robbed and was more than compensated by his sympathetic friends. Further, he managed to get some of his debts written off and payment of the remaining ones delayed. When his friends eventually discovered the truth this did not seriously concern him.

The last sinful escapade came when he was at Halle University studying theology. With three fellow students they forged papers and documents so that they could go on a vacation of worldly pleasure in Switzerland. George Müller even then managed to cheat his friends by having charge of the money and, through devious means, only paid two thirds of that paid by the others.

After the Swiss holiday one member of the party, Beta, who was an old friend and fellow student of George Müller told him of a prayer meeting which he often attended. George Müller expressed a desire to go with him and it was that meeting which was to change his whole life.

‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

It pleased God to teach George Müller something of that precious truth.

George Mueller