Dear Lord, I neglected to witness.
      The cry of the lost I ignored.
But now I take up Thy commission
      To reach the unsaved, precious Lord.

Dear God when I should have been silent,
      I argued and spoke out of turn.
Thy truths I flung down in great anger;
      Nought could souls from me therefore learn.

Dear Lord, Thou hast held out obedience
      To me as I walked on life’s way,
But I did not grasp it; I loathed it,
      And wandered from Thee every day.

Ah Lord, this great sorrow and sickness,
      The suffering I must embrace,
Has made me embittered and angry.
      It shows clearly upon my face.

My child, you can let what I hold out
      Fall down to the ground and be lost,
Or take what I’ve placed on your pathway,
      Accepting the pain and the cost.

Yes, Lord, I will not let the burdens
      And callings fall down to the ground,
But rather allow them to make me
      A blessing wherever I’m found.

~Jenny Daniel