Do Not Worry!!!

Unknown is your future for you,
Where you will be and what you will do.
But trust the Lord and never fear,
For God is always so very near.

Consider the Lilies and how they grow,
Flowers so fragrant and white as snow.
They stand tall, so bright and bold,
Their beauty, so marvellous to behold.

God clothed them all in this array,
And cares for them each passing day.
Brings the dew and brings the showers
And all the sunshine for these flowers.

Consider the little birds, of the air,
They don’t have any worry or care.
Their heavenly Father cares for them all,
Whether they’re big or so very small.

By His hands, they are daily fed,
He provides all their food and bread.
For they neither toil, reap or sow,
Yet all their numbers, He does know.

And you my friend, do not fear
For God will be always so very near.
He will always stay close to you
He will always take care of you!!
    By Martha Petrusevich